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Bring your Friendship together to Unlock the Power!
—Main phrase from the website

SNUGGLEtto! Pretty Cure
RomajiSNUGGLEtto! Purikyua
General Information
Directed byLydia Rocky
StudioTOEI Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original Run2021
List of Episodes
Opening SongDream Game彡Game! SNUGGLEtto?Pretty Cure!
Ending SongBye For Now! Pretty彡Pretty Cure! SNUGGLE!
SNUGGLE♥HUG! Friendship Never Fails! (episode 38 & episode 39)
HUGtto! YELL FOR YOU (episode 40)
Series Info
Genre(s)Comedy, Drama, Shoujo, Adventure, Fantasy
Theme(s)Friendship, Happiness, Parenting, Future, Jobs, Life
PredecessorPetite✴Pretty Cure
SuccessorPower Girls Pretty Cure
Hearts Connected,Astro Stars, Miracle Feeling!

SNUGGLEtto! Pretty Cure (SNUGGLEっと!プリキュア?), referred to as SNUGGLE! Pretty Cure on the North American Toei Animation webpage, is a Japanese magical girl anime series produced by Toei Animation and the twentieth installment in Lydia Rocky's Pretty Cure franchise. It premiered on February 5, 2021, succeeding Petite✴Pretty Cure on its initial time slot. The themes and motifs of this season include friendship, life, and jobs.


SNUGGLEtto! Pretty Cure episodes


Pretty Cures

  • Nono Yume / Cure Charge / Cure Yell Future
  • Yakushiji Ichikawa / Cure Baby / Cure Ange Future
  • Kagayaki Kiko / Cure Peak / Cure Étoile Future
  • Aisaki Yua / Cure Belle / Cure Macherie Future
  • Aihara Amour / Cure Loving / Cure Amour Future


  • PriPri
  • Seina Syra
  • Faeria
  • Duma
  • Achu


Areyda World

  • Toji
  • Burakkumi


  • Happiness Hearts is the transformation device. To use it to transform, the girls need their respective transformation Mirai Crystal and need to yell the phrase, "Start! Friendship Ring Transformation!".
  • Mirai Crystals are the collectables of the season and also serve as transformation and attack trinkets. They contain Tomorrow Power and are the physical form of said power.
  • Kiratto Instruments are weapons the Cures gain in episode 11. Together, they are used to perform Heartact!.
    • Cure Charge's Instrument is the Kiratto Flute, which is used to perform Friendship Blast.
    • Cure Baby's Instrument is the Kiratto Lyre, which is used to perform Light Attack.
    • Cure Peak's Instrument is the Kiratto Mandolin, which is used to perform Vibrating Note.
    • Cure Belle and Cure Loving's Instruments are the Kiratto Twin Hearts Microphones, which is used to perform Twin Heart Vibrations.
  • PreHearts is a device the Cures gain in episode 32. They use it to transform into HUGtto Future Cures. To use it to transform, the girls need their Mirai Crystal and need to yell the phrase, "Future! Heart Kiratto!".
  • Mirai Braces are magical bracelets that the Cures gain in episode 30. They are used to perform HAPPINESS • STAR • SHOT. Additionally, they can temporarily transform ordinary people into Pretty Cures, even if they don't have their own Mirai Crystals.


  • Matsumatsunai City is the city the season takes place in.
  • Matsumatsunai Private Academy is the school the girls attend.


Please refer to the main page SNUGGLEtto! Pretty Cure Merchandise.


  • SNUGGLEtto! Pretty Cure is the second season where a duo appears mid-season; Cure Belle and Cure Loving.


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