Personal Information
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorRed
Home PlaceJewel Garden
RelativesGarnet (younger sister)
Anime Information
SeasonSolar Light! Pretty Cure

Solar Light! Pretty Cure - Another Story

Licht Aurora! Pretty Cure

First AppearanceSL!PC01

 Ruby is one of main fairies of first two seasons of Solar Light! Pretty Cure Series. She is Himura Akari's fairy partner and can help her to transform in Cure Soleil.


Ruby is bunny like fairy. She has white fur and red eyes. She wears red jewel around her neck. 


Ruby is cheerful fairy who is sometimes acting very childish. She loves to eat food especially sweets and food cooked by her partner Akari. Despite her childish personallity she can get very serious if she has to. 



Ruby can help Akari to transform in Cure Soleil. 


Himura Akari - Her Pretty Cure partner. Two of them are very close to each other. Ruby loves to eat food Akari cooks.

Emerald - Emerald often gets angry at Ruby because she is acting to childish and doesn't seem to take her fairy partner mission seriously enough. Two of them know each other for long time and are good friends.

Garnet Her younger sister. Ruby is very protective towards her and gets in responsible mode when she has to protect her. Garnet wishes she could do more to help Pretty Cure, Ruby and other faires.

Sapphire - Sapphire is eldest of this pretty cure generation fairies and is like older sister to Ruby, Emerald and Topaz.



Jewel Rainbow (along with Emerald, Topaz, Sapphire and Amethyst)


  • Ruby's appearance might be slightly similiar to Ruby from Jewelpet series.
    • They have the same name.
    • They both look like rabbit.
    • They both have white fur.
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