Royale Dome (ロワイヤルドーム Rowaiyarudōmu) - The place where Aisu and Tsubasa usually held their live concert. This is one of the locations in Majestic Pretty Cure! Series. It's located in the city they lived in, Niji Mikushi.



The dome is very big. Its painted all white with some crystal-like roof/dome. It has four entrance, three entrance are for the audience and on each doors always has a place to put a banner/poster of the concert. The other door is a backstage door. Outside the dome always has a huge board with list of upcoming concerts. It also has a mini market that sells foods and drinks to eat outside and next to it is a market that sells snacks. The place always crowded with merchandise shops. Each shops sells different items based on item category or who's merchandise.


The dome is very big. The tribune seats are surrounding half of the dome and the festival section. The tribune seats are higher so people could see better. The stage is huge. It has color changing stage and a long fashion show stage that could be used or not. The stage is round and has many features. The backstage are consisted of many waiting rooms. Each rooms has mirrors and table for eating. It has a pretty fast access to the markets. The backstage also has a training room.


This place is used mostly by Yukimura Aisu and Yukimura Tsubasa for their live concerts. After they disband, Aisu still use this place for her concerts.



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