Personal Information
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorPink
Home PlaceHigh Sky Kingdom
Anime Information
SeasonMajestic Pretty Cure

Rosa (ローザ Rōza) is a character on Majestic Pretty Cure! Series. She's the fairy of spring and bonded with Hanano Sakura and gave her the power to become Cure Garden.


Rosa is a fairy with light skin, pink eyes and brown hair. Her hair is long and split in two sections and twisted. She wear a pink dress and have small pixie wings.

In her human form, her age is 13. She also have the same light skin and pink eyes. Her brown hair become slightly shorter and become curlier. She wear a white tee with some laces on it, pink checkered skirt and short lace socks with loafers. She also wear a flower shaped hair clip.


Rosa is fun and cheery. Like Sakura, she love helping others. She always try to do her best. After able to change into human form, she always try to help Sakura's student council work and told by Sakura that Rosa is her cousin, like others. Although, she could be a bit bossy sometimes and childish.


Rosa is latin for Rose which is a type of flower.


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