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Wah-?! Get away from me you stupid monkeys! Why can't you twins control your pets?!
—Ronnie, to Louis & Finn

Ronnie profile
Biographical Information
Season Pretty Cure Sparkle Stars: Carnival Chaos
Also known as Clown
Home Place Britain
Age 20
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Ethnicity British
Gender Male Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Light-Blue
Professional Status
Occupation Juggler (current)
Knife Thrower (previous)
Affiliation Pierrot's Circus
Personal Status
Hobbies Darts
Anime Pretty Cure Sparkle Stars: Carnival Chaos
Voice Actors

Ronnie is a character who appears in Pretty Cure Sparkle Stars: Carnival Chaos. He is the juggler of Pierrot's Circus, and sometimes does performances together with Rosa. Ronnie previously was a knife thrower but quit preforming the act after an unfortunate accident in the past.



Ronnie is a slim twenty-year-old man with small brown eyes and spiky light-blue hair that has a long fringe parted just above his right eye. He chooses to not wear make-up. He also wears a joker hat that is half yellow and green with a dark diamond pattern and two bells attached at the ends.

Ronnie's outfit consists of a light-blue ruffled collar running vertically down his chest along with a bow tied around his neck. Overtop he wears a puffy blue jacket with white sleeves and a black corset decorating with white button. Completing the look with blue shorts, blacks tights; one is black with white strips and the other is grey with black diamonds, and matching black shoes with a white ball on each toe. He sometimes carries three juggling pins of different colours and covered in stars, which he uses in his performances.


Ronnie is a short-tempered and prideful individual that lacks remorse. He is prone to violence, and often makes rude, sarcastic remarks towards anyone that annoys him. Ronnie harbors no qualms about killing other individuals, or even striking or threatening other members of the circus, specifically to the twins and their pet monkeys, which is jokingly called family love. Despite his tendency to anger easily, he is capable of making quick decisions and cares for the members of the circus, such as when he abandons attacking the Pretty Cure to protect Rosa. He is also perceptive and keen, as demonstrated by his ability to swiftly deduce the Pretty Cure's attack plan and take them out. 

Ronnie may bear some ill will towards Oliver, as he frequently shuns Oliver's attempts at conversation and hates his attitude towards Annabelle, whom is one of his childhood friends. He also shares a lot of quarrels with the twins and their pets. However, he cares deeply about Rosa, as he is almost always by her side, and is willing to listen to her problems.



Louis & Finn

Philipa & Banana


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  • Etymology
    • Ronnie - Ronald

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