Ribbon Precure! The Movie: Protect the Golden Ribbon! is the first made-up movie for the fan series Ribbon Precure! by CureKanade.



Pretty Cure

Risa Chine/Cure Ribbon- Risa is the shy and intelligent Cure and Twin of the duo. She wears a light green dress with a blue sash around her waist with a light green bow on the sash, the skirt has three ruffled layers which are light green, blue in the middle and then light green again with light green slip on shoes. She wears a light green headband with a blue bow on top and wears her hair out.

Misa Chine/ Cure Bow- Misa is the loud and sporty Cure and Twin of the duo. She wears a a white singlet with I Love Japan written in red on it, jean shorts and blue converses. She wears her hair up in a ponytail held by a dark blue hairband.






Movie Exclusive

Yumi- Yumi is the mysterious 13 year old girl who helps them out during the movie. She has dark blue hair and wears a light blue mini dress with black stoking underneath and wears light blue slip on shoes.

Yume- Yumi's pet mascot of dreams and is also mysterious. She gets sepperated along with the other mascots from Yumi and the Twins.