Rerifu Chan is the pen name for MagicalGirlAnimeFan and the creator of the Rainbow Sweets Pretty Cure Series.

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Rerifu Chan
Rerīfu Chan
TitleCreator Of The Rainbow Sweets Pretty Cure Series
Birthday DateSeptember 20
Eye ColorOcean Blue
Hair ColorDirty Blonde
Home PlaceMaine, United States


Rerifu - Means Alivia in japanese

Dirty Blonde - Means Dark Brown

Fun Facts

  • She shares her zodiac sign with Shiny Luminous, Cure Blossom, Cure Beauty, Cure Diamond, and Cure Twinkle
  • She is left-handed
  • Her first fanseries was Wonderful Pretty Cure!
  • She got blocked on the Pretty Cure Wiki twice
  • She has yellow and black glasses
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