This page shows all references of Yousei A. Sina's first season of her main series; Sky Pretty Cure.


  • Sky Pretty Cure was created from the desire to create rainbow-themed Pretty Cure season. And as FairySina didn't find any better names, the series got the name "Sky Pretty Cure".
  • The theme of heaven/sky actually comes from the series title, since it at first was planed as any only rainbow season.
  • The final theme of jewels was added after creating the main character's names, such as Akahane Ruby or Aomizu Sapphire. FairySina decided to let every Cure have the name of a gemstone.
  • A few and also early elements of Sky Pretty Cure resemble the Yes! Pretty Cure 5 seasons of the canon series, that's because FairySina liked the story and used it model pattern for her series.


  • Basically, all the main cures of this season are based on FairySina's character traits, while also having own traits.
  • Cure Crimson and Cure Cyan's outfits were drawn to resemble each other, as well as resemble the Cure outfits of Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!
  • Coincidentally, Cure Scarlet shares her name with Scarlet, Ruby's fairy partner. However, Scarlet as well as the Sky Pretty Cure series has been created long time before Go! Princess Pretty Cure aired.
    • Cure Scarlet and Scarlet also both hold the power of fire, while their theme color is red.
  • Just like the Cures' names are based on Gemstones, the mascots' names are based on colors. And the villains' names are based on common bad things.


  • Since FairySina really likes the relationship between a villain that changes to the good side and one of the main protagonists, she included the "DiaLow" to the series.
    • In the beginning, it was intended to "fix" a ruined ship of hers, but she claims DiaLow, to be "more powerful than the one ever was".



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