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This page shows all references included in Infinity Mirai's main series; Prism Pretty Cure!.


  • Prism Pretty Cure! was created from Infinity Mirai's desire to create her own fan-made Pretty Cure series and since Mirai was bored and wanted to spend her time actually doing something.
  • The series was given the name "Prism Pretty Cure!" randomly at the top of her head.
  • The main themes were also based off of the series' name as jewels are another form of prisms.
  • The series suffered extreme changes after Infinity Mirai started figuring out how Japanese names worked (ex. Yukimura Aine was previously Yukino Aiko; both were first names).
  • The official rewrite of Prism Pretty Cure! was done on January 8, 2017 and will be mildly different from the previous version.


  • The main Pretty Cure cast are meant to resemble a fairytale character in some way or form.
  • The characters are also represented by a jewel that either represents their birth month or is just randomly assigned to them.
  • The main antagonists' names are based after meteors or a negative emotion.
  • Coincidently, the main cast in the series all have an i in their name somewhere.


  • Since Infinity Mirai wanted to include romantic interests in the series and especially likes the idea of the darkness loving the light and vice versa, she included Ichiro x Aine as one of the main possible ships. Although, she doesn't clearly state whether they will be official, it is pretty obvious with or without clarification.
  • She intends to create very dramatic yet very calm scenes regarding the characters' relationships: the average love triangles, secret shippings, friendships, childhood friends and opposites attract cliches.


  • The attack Schnee Spiral perfectly translates into "Snow Spiral" in English. The etymology behind the name is that Schnee is a german word alluding to Snow White's fairytale origin and Cure Infinity's snow-based powers; Spiral is then based off of the infinity symbol being continuous.


  • In the series, Jewel Hearts share a similar resemblance to Futari wa Pretty Cure's Prism Stones but are used and gained in completely different ways.


Openings & Duets

  • Bittersweet is based on the feelings where your unable to communicate your thoughts.

Endings & Duets

  • Shōrai ni Mukete is based on the importance of moving towards the future then grieving in the past.
  • What is your wish? is based on the tension of the current episodes and the desperation of fulfilling your wishes.


Voice Actors

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