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Red Rhythm (レッド リスム?) is a female school idol group in Starry Cosmic Love Pretty Cure that was formed in Shiromiya International School. Known for winning two consecutive Idol Royales, Red Rhythm made a name for themselves by combining the two contrasting concepts of cool and cute.


List of Members

Red Rhythm has a total of 5 members,


No copyright infringement intended. I do not own the songs in this list. Most of the songs are linked to go to Youtube.

Studio Albums

Title Year Songs Awards Won Originally Sung
Sugar Rush 2016 #Cookie Jar Idol Royale
Album of the Year

Idol Royale
Song of the Year
(#Cookie Jar)

2 Idol House
(Ice Cream Cake and
#Cookie Jar )
Red Velvet
Ice Cream Cake
Sunny Afternoon
Cherry on Top Made-up songs
Maple Syrup
Mix & Brew
Rainy Day
What Do You Want?
Rainbow Filling

Extended Plays


Title Year Awards Won First
Album Originally Sung By
Rookie 2015 Idol Royale
Song of The Year

1 Idol House

Rookie Red Velvet
Ice Cream Cake 2016 1 Idol House
Sugar Rush
#Cookie Jar Idol Royale
Song of The Year

1 Idol House


  • Red Rhythm is based on the KPOP group Red Velvet.
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