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Rated Pretty Cure!

General Information
Director Sawaizumi Bloo
Series Info
Theme(s) Movie Ratings
Game Ratings
TV Ratings
Predecessor Super Galaxy Pretty Cure♥GoGo!
Successor Akumatizations Pretty Cure

Rated Pretty Cure! is a fanseries created by BlooTheWerdosGal and replaced by Super Galaxy Pretty Cure♥GoGo! in its same timeslot. The season's themes are movie ratings, game ratings and TV ratings.



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I can rate!

It's Elena Hinokawa. She is a star. She dreams to be an idol.


Oh no! I met Gingawa Lucile.


Pretty Cure


The team's themes are movie ratings, movies and jobs.
Hinokawa Elena
Elena starts as a star. She wishes to be an idol. As Cure G, she represents G. Her theme color is magenta.

Gingawa Lucile
Lucile is advanced to calculate easily and has a agile for her strength. She has a wide communication with peers but she can be quite a shy-type. As Cure M, she represents M. Her theme color is cyan.

Nashi Miramax
Miramax is a robot created by Elena and Lucile. As Cure R, she represents R. Her theme color is red.

Gojo Summer
Summer has a passion of painting. As Cure X, she represents X. Her theme color is black.

Amanohana Alice
Ashley's sister. As Cure GP, she represents GP. Her theme color is green.

Ginga Reina
Carina's sister. As Cure PG, she represents PG. Her theme color is yellow.

Nagareboshi Nina
Mariel's sister. As Cure PG-13, she represents PG-13. Her theme color is indigo.

Myojo Wenda
Imogen's sister. As Cure NC-17, she represents NC-17. Her theme color is mint.


The team's themes are game ratings, games and make up.
Janice Bubblesman
Janice loves video games, as so it seems. As Cure EC, she represents EC. Her theme color is light blue and her charm point is her lips.

Hannah Parker
Hannah is Janice's good friend, and a great friend of Miramax. As Cure E, she represents E. Her theme color is dark purple and her charm point is her cheeks.

Bloo Oshama
Bloo is a robot created by Janice and Hannah. She is great friends with Miramax. As Cure E10+, she represents E10+. Her theme color is mint, like Wenda, and her charm point is her eyes.

Gojo Julie
Julie is Summer's sister. As Cure T, she represents T. Her theme color is white and her charm point is her hair.

Hoshimiya Haruno
Ichigo's sister. Replacing Lucile. As Cure M, she represents M, like Lucile. Her theme color is cyan, like Lucile, and her charm point is her fingers and toes.

Kiriya Ami
Aoi's sister. As Cure AO, she represents AO. Her theme color is deep pink and her charm point is her nose.

Shibuki Amira
Ran's sister. As Cure RP, she represents RP. Her theme color is silver and her charm point is her ears.


The team's themes are TV ratings, TV shows and animals.
Hagoromo Sherri
Sherri started watching kid shows. As Cure Y, she represents Y. Her theme color is indigo, like Nina, and she is based off rabbits.

Hoshizora Michiya
Michiya was a little girl who loves TV. As Cure Y7, she represents Y7. Her theme color is green, like Alice, and she is based off squirrels.

Nashi Erroneously
Erroneously is Miramax's sister, the replacement of Elena, and a robot created by Sherri and Michiya. As Cure G, she represents G, like Elena. Her theme color is magenta, like Elena, and she is based off lions.

Amamiya Kelly
Kelly has a passion of painting, like Summer, and she replaces Reina. As Cure PG, she represents PG, like Reina. Her theme color is yellow, like Reina, and she is based off cats.

Hisakawa Aihara
Miramax’s childhood friend. As Cure SPG, she represents SPG. Her theme color is red, like Miramax, and she is based off dogs.

Yuuki Mia
Aine's sister. As Cure 14, she represents 14. Her theme color is red, like Miramax and Aihara, and she is based off pegasi.

Minato Akimbo
Mio's sister. Akimbo is a robot created by Mia. As Cure MA, she represents MA. Her theme color is black, like Summer, and she is based off unicorns.


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