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Rainbow Tempest
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Rainbow Tempest (レインボー・テンペスト Reinbō Tenpesuto?) is the second main finisher of Cure Avril. The attack replaces Cure Avril's first attack Mystic Reflector. In order to use the attack, she needs her Celestial Wand.



Cure Avril: 天の鮮やかな光!セレスティアルワンド!
Cure Avril: プリキュア!レインボー・テンペスト!


Cure Avril: Ama no azayakana hikari! Seresutiaru Wando!
Cure Avril: Purikyua! Reinbō tenpesuto!


Cure Avril: Vivid light of heaven! Celestial Wand!
Cure Avril: Pretty Cure! Rainbow Tempest

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