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Cure Crimson holding the first Rainbow Tear

Rainbow Tears (レインボー涙 Reinbō Namida?, also called colored jewels by Scarlet and the others) are the items, the Cures from Sky Pretty Cure have to collect to gain their Heaven Crystals. They were first mentioned in episode 9. After the Cures collected all of the sacred Tears, the Heaven Crystals appear out of their power. The power of the Tears are gathered inside of the Rainbow Pact. Later in Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~ the Tears give Koshokukoi Rubellit and Murasakiiro Amethyst the power to transform into Pretty Cure.

List of Appearances

Episode Appearances Image
SkPC09 TearLight
SkPC10 TearBlue
SkPC11 TearGreen
SkPC12 TearOrange
SkPC13 TearRedTearsgold
SkPC14 Tearsgold
SkPC15 TearSmallRedTearSmallOrange
SkPC16 TearSmallYellow
SkPC17 TearSmallOrange
SkPC18 TearSmallGreen
SkPC19 TearSmallBlue
SkPC20 TearSmallLightTearSmallBlue
SkPC22 TearLight
SkPC23 TearSmallGreen
SkPC24 TearRed
SkPC25 TearSmallRedTearSmallYellowTearSmallOrange
SkPCRS01 TearPurpleTearPink
SkPCRS02 TearSmallPurpleTearSmallPink