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Rainbow Crystal Fantasy (レインボークリスタルファンタジー Reinbō Kurisutaru Fantajī?) is the second group purification attack that all six Sky Cures together use. To use it, the Cures need to have their Heaven Crystals. They first used this attack in episode 43.


First the Cures shout: "We desire the infinite power of the rainbow!" Then around them a very strong whirlwind started. That wind is rainbow colored even includs the colors pink and purple. Then Crimson shouts: "Kingdom of miraculous colors!" "Lend us the power we desire!" Cyan finishes her senctence and then each of the Cures raise their arms to the sky. The crystals start glowing, very bright. Then all of then shout: "Miraculous rainbow!" And the wind turns into a big, very big rainbow resembling a tornado. The colors each Cure represents are still connected to their Heaven Crystal. Then the girls shout: "Pretty Color! Rainbow Crystal Fantasy!" and the rainbow tornado splits up in each color of the rainbow and attack the enemy. The colors surround the enemy and turn into rainbow colored sparkles.



All: 私たちは望むの無限虹力よ!
Cure Crimson: 奇跡色の王国!
Cure Cyan: 私たちが望む力を貸して!
All: 奇跡のレインボー!
All: プリカラー!レインボークリスタルファンタジー!


All: Watashitachi wa nozomu no mugen niji-ryoku yo!
Cure Crimson: Kiseki iro no ōkoku!
Cure Cyan: Watashitachi ga nozomu chikara o kashite!
All: Kiseki no reinbō!
All: Purikarā! Reinbō Kurisutaru Fantajī!


All: We desire the infinite power of the rainbow!
Cure Crimson: Kingdom of miraculous colors!
Cure Cyan: Lend us the power we desire!
All: Miraculous rainbow!
All: Pretty Color! Rainbow Crystal Fantasy!

Movie Version

In Holidays at Skyriver, the Cures use a different, but more powerful version of Rainbow Crystal Fantasy. This version includes two big rainbows and a sparkling white environment, as well as the Heaven Crystals and the royal tiara of Skyriver.


All: こころで奇跡虹!
All: 私たちが力貸して!
All: プリカラー!レインボークリスタルファンタジー!


All: Kokoro de kiseki niji!
All: Watashitachi ga chikara kashite!
All: Purikarā! Reinbō Kurisutaru Fantajī!


All: Miraculous Rainbow in our heart.
All: Lend us your power!
All: Pretty Color! Rainbow Crystal Fantasy!



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