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Raiko Yuzana.
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Raiko Yuzana
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Hey, my boyfriend will come to ME. Unlike you Paige.
—Yuzana in episode 12

Raiko Yuzana
Raiko Yuzana
English DubYuzana Raiko
SeasonCandy Crystal Precure Go!
GenderGirl ♀
Birthday DateJune 26
Eye ColorPink
Hair ColorGreen
OriginRainbow Hills
FamilyRaiko Sakura (Twin sister and fellow Cure)

Raiko Yuki (Baby sister)

Raiko Ichigo (Big sister)

Raiko Ichika (Mother)

Raiko Genki (Father)

First AppearanceCCPCG01
Voice ActorMiyama Karen (Japan)

Carrie Savage (Dub)

Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Limey
WeaponLollipop Harp
Form Change (s)Prism Limey (Upgrade)

Sparkle Limey (Ultra)

Theme ColorGreen (Yuzana)

Green and Yellow (Cure Limey

Raiko Yuzana (雷光ゆざな) is the fourth Cure to join the Candy Crystal Precure Go! Team. Her catch phrase is "As long as I can tie my hair up, I'm in! (私の髪を上げることができる限り、私はそれおやります!)"


Ever sense she was little, she has always been good friends with her twin sister, Sakura. They dont mind sharing with eachother, so they share a Lemon/Limeade stand. They trade posts every other day to make profit on both Lemonade and Limeade.


She does rhythmic gymnastics so she is very energetic. She tends to be very straightforward when it comes to laying down information to someone else. And when it comes to boys, she can't help talking about wanting a boyfriend despite the fact she can't have one until she is 18 years old.



She has long green hair tied into a ponytail by a pink scrunchy. Her bangs are very curly and have a green gem at the part. Her outfit is a simple green teeshirt and jean shorts. She also has green slip-on shoes.

Cure Limey

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Yuzana can mean many different things. But in this case, it means "Citrus fruit"

Limey means somthing that tastes and/or is like a lime.


"Pretty Cure! Limeade splash!" (Basic attack)


"Pretty Cure! Lime harp strum!" (Attack)


"Yummy Limeade! Cure Limey! Ready to serve!"



Transformations (CCPCG!)


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