Raiko Sakura
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Your dreams don't happen "When you grow up" they need to start now and grow.
—Sakura on episode 13

Raiko Sakura
Cure lemony.jpeg
Raiko Sakura
English Dub Sakura Raiko
Season Candy Crystal Precure Go!
Age 12
Gender Girl ♀
Birthday Date June 26
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Yellow
Origin Rainbow hills 🇯🇵
Family Raiko Yuzana (Twin Sister and fellow Cure)

Raiko Yuki (Baby sister)

Raiko Ichigo (Big sister)

Raiko Ichika (Mother)

Raiko Genki (Father)

First Appearance CCPCG01
Voice Actor Miyama Karen (Jpn)

Carrie Savage (Dub)

Pretty Cure
Alter Ego Cure Lemony
Weapon Lollipop Harp
Form Change (s) Prism Lemony (Upgrade)

Sparkle Lemony (Ultra)

Theme Color Yellow & light blue (Sakura)

Yellow & Lime green (Cure Lemony)

Raiko Sakura (雷光さくら) is the third Cure of the Candy Crystal Precure Go! team. She is a Cheerleader and her catch phrase is "Don't like it, love it! (それが好きはない、それを大好き!)"


Ever since she was a baby, she always liked sour things. So she decided to open a lemonade stand. Every-other day after school, she runs the stand to anyone who wants to buy it. Her main customers are kids on their way home from school.


She is a very energetic girl who loves lemonade. Often when she starts something, she trys her best to finish it. She is very protective of her family. She is a cheerleader so she is always active.



She has long yellow hair and curly bangs with a crystal at the part. She has a yellow long sleeve shirt and a yellow skirt. Lastly, She has yellow and blue tennis shoes with yellow bows.

Cure Lemony

She is has a short yellow puffy dress that has two layers. the top part has multi-colored candies and fades from yellow to green. The bottom part is yellow and peels up like a lemon peal. Her shoes are yellow sandals with yellow bows that fade into green.

Lemony's Hair

She has yellow curly bangs with a crystal at the part. Her Long curly hair is separated in to two sections. The first section curls around, and the second section curls around the first section. Lastly, she had a glass of lemonade with a green bow behind it as a head piece.


Raiko Yuzana (Twin sister and fellow Cure)

Raiko Yuki (Baby Sister)

Raiko Ichigo (Big Sister)

Raiko Ichika (Mother)

Raiko Genki (Father)


Sakura means "Cherry Blossom".

Lemony means somthing that tastes and/or is like lemons.


"Pretty Cure! Lemon🍋Drop!" (Basic attack)


"Pretty Cure! Lemon Harp strum!" (Attack)


"Yummy Lemonade! Cure Lemony! Ready to serve!" (Ending transformation phrase)



Transformations (CCPCG!)


  • Raiko Sakura is the First Cure to have a Twin Sister that is also a Cure.
  • Cure Lemony is the first Yellow Cure to be 12 years old.


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