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Radieux Éclat Académie
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The Radieux Éclat Académie (ラディューエクラアカデミー Radi~yū Ekura Akademī?) is a new location in The Unofficial 5th Season. The Radieux Éclat Académie is a boarding school in France, which is a well known school for fashion. Robin currently attends this school to fulfill her dream of having her own fashion brand.


The uniform of the Radieux Éclat Académie consists of a white shirt with a deep blue sweater over it. The sweater shows the logo of the school, which is a initial É as in Éclat. In audition, the students wear beige colored skirts (for girls) or beige colored pants (for boys). The pants can be either long or short, this varies, based on the season of the year. During winter seasons, the students are allowed to wear coats.



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