Queentet Pretty Cure!
Cure Queentet logo
クィーンテット プリキュア!
Ku~īntetto Purikyua!
General Information
DirectorCure Hearts
Original RunJuly 13, 2016 -
Opening SongKira Kira Queentet!
Ending SongCure Cure Queentet!
Series Info
PredecessorKirakira Pretty Cure!
Queentet Pretty Cure! (クィーンテット プリキュア! Ku~īntetto Purikyua!?) is the second Pretty Cure fanseries created by Cure Hearts. The series' motifs are music and instruments.


Queentet Pretty Cure! Episodes



Shirakase Yuki (白柏 ユキ Shirakase Yuki?)/ Cure Snow (キュア スノー Kyua Sunō?)

  • Yuki is a girl who is always full of self-confidence but sometimes she can be a little careless. She is very competitive and has a strong sense of justice. Her alter ego is Cure Snow and she uses bells as her instrument and weapon. Her theme colour is pink and white and her catchphrase as a Cure is "We are Queentet, just right here!" (「クイーンテット、華麗に登場よ!」 `Kuīntetto, karei ni tōjō yo!'?).

Touma Riko (當間 理子 Tōma Riko?)/ Cure Lycopene (キュア リコピン Kyua Rikopene?)

  • Riko is a quiet and diffident girl. She is usually standing behind the team watching them, but once she is turned on, nobody can stop her. Her alter ego is Cure Lycopene and she uses the tuning fork as her instrument and weapon. Her theme colour is red.

Hazuki Chika (葉月 チカ Hazuki Chika?)/ Cure Leaf (キュア リーフ Kyua Rīfu?)

  • Chika is a girl who is good-mannered and thoughtful of her friends. She loves gardening and takes cares of plants like they are friends of her home. However, when she becomes a member of Queentet, she learns about what true friendship is. Her alter ego is Cure Leaf and she uses the flute as her instrument and weapon. Her theme colour is green and a bit of yellow.

Kizaki Takane (鬼崎 タカネ Kizaki Takane?)/ Cure Sexy (キュア セクシー Kyua Sekushī?)

  • Takane is a girl who is full of dreams. In the beginning of the series, she was very aggressive, that she couldn't get along with the Queentet. But she has already came to life and is a soul of the team. She has a love for animals and dreams of becoming an idle. Her alter ego is Cure Sexy and she uses the xylophone as her instrument and weapon. Her theme colour is yellow and orange.

Higure Yoshino (日暮 ヨシノ Higure Yoshino?)/ Cure Twilight (キュア トワイライト Kyua Towairaito?)

  • Yoshino is a very helpful and largehearted girl so the Queentet can depend on her. She belong to the "Drama Club" in her school life and she love B-movies. Nobody knows her hidden weaknesses. Her alter ego is Cure Twilight and she uses the castanets has her instrument and weapons. Her theme colour is blue.


Midi (ミディ Midi?)

  • Midi is a fairy who came to Earth to restore peace for her world by collecting the legendary Steinberg Keys. She ends her sentences with "~midi".







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