Queen Sora
ソラ 女王
Sora joō
Personal Information
Hair ColorBlue
Eye ColorPink
Home PlaceHigh Sky Kingdom
RelativesYukimura Aisu

Yukimura Tsubasa Yukimura Kiba Yukimura Subaru King Senri

Anime Information
SeasonMajestic Pretty Cure!
SeiyuuNoto Mamiko

Queen Sora (ソラ 女王 Sora joō) is a supporting character on Majestic Pretty Cure! series. She's mother of Yukimura Aisu.


She has pink eyes and blue hair. Her hair is very long and tied into a half pony tail.


She's very calm on the outside. But she's very strict to her children, in a good way. She always want her children to look and act the best as royalties. Though, she could forgot all of that when nobody's around except her husband and children.


Yukimura Aisu - Aisu is very close with her. As the only daughter, she and Aisu love to have private girls time.

Yukimura Tsubasa - She always trust Tsubasa. She know that no matter what, he will protect his siblings.

Yukimura Kiba - She used to be quite disagree of him being the lead knight as such young age when he could accomplish more. But she finally support him after seeing his hard work.

Yukimura Subaru - Subaru loves her very much and he often accompany her mother doing her duties.



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