The Prism Wands (プリズムワンド Purizumu Wando?) are the main weapon in Prism Power Pretty Cure!. This weapon can be activated with Prism Gems to create more attacks. When in idol form, this can be used as a microphone to louder the Kurokongo.

This wand has a pink wand with a golden lining above the Prism Gems attachment with a clear giant gemstone above the wand. The giant gemstone has a circular glowing gemstone. When they are activated, the wand was glowing from the Cures' theme color.

When in idol form, the wand can be used as microphone. The wand was changing the color gradient to singing the Cures against the Kurokongos. Most notably, Kokyokokyu Aria and Ryusei Ame are the only Prism Power Cures were singing to purify the enemy.

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