Prism Pretty Cure! Merchandise
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Prism Pretty Cure! Logo

Here is a list of merchandise that has been produced for the Prism Pretty Cure! Series.

Arcade Game Card Collection

  • Prism Pretty Cure! McDonald's Card Collection

Cure Dolls

Main article: Cure Dolls

Cosplay Costumes

Main article: Cosplay Costumes


  • Cure Infinity keychain
  • Cure Cerise keychain
  • Cure Sparkle keychain
  • Cure Mystic keychain
  • Sullen keychain
  • Prism! rubber straps (10 designs)


  • Legendary Crystal
  • Prism Chest
  • Jewel Heart Icons
  • Prism! figures
  • Prism! chibi figures
  • Frore plush
  • Castor plush
  • Pollux plush


  • Prism Pretty Cure! Manga (Vol. 1)


  • Prism Pretty Cure! DVD Vol. 1
  • Blu-ray Volumes


  • Pillows
  • Calendar


  • Cure Infinity's shirt
  • Cure Cerise's shirt
  • Cure Sparkle's shirt
  • Cure Mystic's shirt
  • Prism Pretty Cure! shirt


  • PPC Tapestries

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