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Prism Power Pretty Cure!
RomajiPurizumu Pawā Purikyua!
General Information
Directed byLuminique Hale
Ahim de Famille (former)
StudioTOEI Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunBy 20??
List of Episodes
Opening SongShiawase Rainbow! Prism Power Pretty Cure!
Rainbow Rhapsody
Ending SongColourful Symphony
Rainbow Friends Forever
Eien ni Kagayaki
Series Info
Genre(s)Comedy, Drama, Shoujo, Adventure, Slice of life, Fantasy
SuccessorColorful Harmony
Candy Minimal

Prism Power Pretty Cure! (プリズムパワープリキュア!? loosely as short version as PuriPawa as the idol unit or called by others as PuriPawa Pretty Cure! or PriPower; Prism Force in Saban Brands dub) is a fan series formerly created by Ahim de Famille; but it was taken over to Luminique Hale, which this season is the starter of the Prism Power Pretty Cure! Series. This is a spin-off season to Shimmer Sensation Pretty Cure!, in which about a 13-year-old student, Aiiro Kira, who was the lead protagonist in the season who becoming a pretty cure along with the other Pretty Cures to save the Colorful World after Shimmer Sensation and the Crystallographic Kingdom, which it has a new villain who revives the Shadow Empire. The motifs of the season are colors, rainbows, jewels, idols, and elements while the sub-themes are music, dance, glitters, cards, fairytales, fashion, friendship, positivity, love, and magic.

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Speculations (from creator)

  • The Colorful Harmony Cures are also appeared. But only Hidama Akari and Midorikaze Keiko were made appearance as 6 years old in which this would be the tribute of the sequel after the end of the season.
  • Since in each episode, the transformation of the Cures changed to 4 to follow it by the color gradient.


Long Version

Fourty-eight Prism Gems were scattered and were missed due to a black goo turns into a mastermind named Black Demon, who revives the Shadow Empire and he can steals the colors and jewels to seal into darkness. The storage chest with a full of Prism Gems was already taken by Black Demon but the chest was broken which the Prism Gems are scattered and were missed. Therefore, the Colorful World was in danger and were destroyed.
First Arc
On the other hand in the land of Nijiirohoseki, the counterpart of Fantaisie Petillante, a 13-year old girl named Aiiro Kira, who was currently studying in Nijiirohoseki Middle School with her new friends. After her first day of school, a monster named Kurokongo who wants to get in danger! Kotenshi Lexther, a inhabitant of Colorful World who was escaped from Shadow Empire after he was abandoned. Niji-Iro tells to his inhabitants, Colorama and Spectrum to find the fourty-eight Prism Power pretty Cures. When Lexther was now in Nijiirohoseki, he was now found with Colorama and Spectrum. Yume was now running fast because she was in danger of a monster (Kurokongo). Actually, she was falling down across a man and a two mascots, Colorama founded a Pink Rubellite of Love and she tolds Kira to use a Prism Palette and she becomes Cure Amore! Yume was transformed pretty cure for the first time. Later, the pretty cure warriors will save the Colorful World against the evil.
Second Arc
The Cures recieved the idol form and there are created the idol unit group, PuriPawa, in which they can allow to sing and dance to purify the villains, or singing in the front of all people. Later, the another world of Colorful World, is Crystallographic Kingdom, who was living the new warriors, guardians, and allies; in which one of Cure wants to revive the Cure Arc-En-Ciel. Yukisora Dia, one of the inhabitants in the Crystallohraphic Kingdom, who was Kaori's biological sister and soonly wishes to revive Cure Arc-En-Ciel. Later, the history of Colorful World and Crystallographic Kingdom were revealed because there are targeted by the Shadow Empire.
Third Arc
Kotenshi Shirleen, a transfered student from Nijiirohoseki Middle School, in which would now to graduated. But she meets Mizumi and therefore both are rivals during their competitions. A few weeks later, a mysterious legendary Cure named Cure Infinte appears after saving Nika from a terrible attack from Kurokongo. Rina, Yami, and Ivy finding the identity of Cure Infinite, and Fuyu seens Shirleen as Cure Infinite. Shirleen was revealed her identity when the PuriPawa was destructed and she was the missing princess of Crystallographic Kingdom and she was now to Earth to save her brother, Lexther, who was trapped in Shadow Empire, but he was now living in Kira's, as he and Kira have developed.

Short Version

The Shadow Empire is back! He would became darker and bigger than before to destroy the Colorful World again. Also, the another location, Crystallographic Kingdom was now to target again! One day later, Colorama, Spectrum, and later, Kotenshi Lexther was now in Nijiirohoseki to find the fourty-eight Prism Gems. Aiiro Kira, a 13-year-old student from Nijiirohoseki Middle School, accidentally bumps from Lexther because of Kurokongo. And she was now to discover herself as a pretty Cure. Since she discovered the Prism Hem in order to transforms her into Cure Amore' she was shocked! Why Kira have powers and a superhero-like costume. Therefore, Kira was happening from the good and bad memories when she was now a pretty cure.


"The friendship between the Colorful World and the Crystallographic Kingdom will continue to save the whole universe and there are live in a peaceful, colorful life in the whole world."
Karafuru sekai to kesshōgakuteki ōkoku-kan no yūjō wa uchū zentai o hozon shite ikimasu to, karera wa zen sekai de heiwana, karafuruna seikatsu no naka de ikite imasu.

This is the legend that are told in the Colorful World and Crystallographic Kingdom after the happening in Shimmer Sensation and Cure Arc-En-Ciel's death. In which the fairies, animals, and humans unite, the lights of pure love will someday rise to screaming and they have becoming a long-time happinesses. However, the Shadow Empire was revived to destroyed these two worlds and the colorfully happiness turned into uncolored sadness. However, these two worlds united and they can find the Colorful Crystallographical Idols (also known as Pretty Cures) to save the two worlds against Black Demon and his generals from the Shadow Empire.

Fourty-eight 13-year-old girls shall be called.

To save the two worlds against the Shadow Empire,

And they will live in a peacefulness and happiness life.

  • Each of the girls need to possess the fourty-eight Elements and Colors as the Prism Gems to save the world.
  • Without them, the Colorful World, the Crystallographic Kingdom, and the whole universe will be destroyed until the people and animals were killed and there are getting to hell.
  • If they can't defeat Black Demon and Black King, the whole people and the whole universe will be destroyed.


Pretty Cures/PuriPawa

Main article: Prism Power Pretty Cure! / Cures

"Together! It's time to glimmering the harmony! Rainbow Crystal! Prism Power Pretty Cure!"
Issho ni! Sore wa chōwa o kasuka ni hikaru suru toki ga kimashita! Reinbō Kurisutaru! Purizumu Pawā Purikyua!

The Prism Power Pretty Cure! consists the fourty-eight Cures. In each Cure to have a jewel, element, and the color to save the two worlds. With the help of Prism Palette and the Prism Gems, they are allowed to transformed with the phrase, "Pretty Cure! Prism Power!". They can use the Prism Wand to create special attacks. However, an idol unit named PuriPawa, in which Cure to allow to use as an idol form. Also, they can sing and dance to purify the Kurokongos or doing their best at the front of the people.

Aiiro Kira (愛色きら?) / Cure Amore (キュアアモーレ?)
The lead protagonist, Kira has a beautiful smile and she loves to caring to other people. She is very bright, optimistic, and she has a warm-pleasant smile by other people. She was klutzy sometimes and loves studying. Kira lives in mansion with her family to take care her grandparents. As Cure Amore, she represents the pink Cure of love and she holds the pink Rubellite. Her Prism Power change is Lovely Angel (ラブリー エンジェル?).
Akaniji Shu (赤虹しゅ?) / Cure Flame (キュアフラム?)
One of the protagonists, Shu is a tomboyish member who can likes to create some funny jokes. She is the member of the basketball team because she is hyper and energetic. She is terrible at studies (esp. Math and Science) because she hates school and playing dolls and stufftoys. As Cure Flame, she represents the red Cure of fire and she holds the red Ruby. Her Prism Power change is Spicy Hop (スパイシーホップ?).
Tachibana Shai (橘しゃい?) / Cure Nymph (キュアニンフ?)
One of the protagonists, Shai is a cheerful girl who loves to read books like fairy tales and she is being dream to be a princess. She has a huge appetite and she loves glitters. Shai has a goofy-like attitude and she can going to garden or from heritage sites, to mansions, to castles, which she her dream is to be a princess. As Cure Nymph, she represents the orange Cure of light and she holds the orange Amber. Her Prism Power change is Honey Wing (ハニーウィング?).
Denshi Hotaru (電子ほたる?) / Cure Flash (キュアフラッシュ?)
One of the protagonists, is a gentle girl who loves cute things. She is very gentle, peaceful, and she is very cuddle. She is very gentle inside, but she is free spirited and tough outsude. Hotaru loves dolls, teddy bears, and stuff toys in which she has a large collection in her cabinet and likes to eat pastries. She is excellent at gymnastics. As Cure Flash, she represents the yellow Cure of electricity and she holds the yellow Topaz. Her Prism Power change is Samba Flash (サンバフラッシュ?).
Midorishida Shizen (緑羊歯しぜん?) / Cure Leaf (キュアリーフ?)
One of the protagonists, Shizen is a tsundere girl has a quiet personality, who loves to care plants. She was currently living in their garden beside the farm with her family. Shizen has a large plantation supply with her father because her family likes plants and trees, so they have a right to take care of it. She loves to create a bonsai and helping her family in a large garden. As Cure Leaf, she represents the green Cure of nature and she holds the green Emerald. Her Prism Power change is Refreshing Blossom (リフレッシングブロッソム?).
Fuyu Kori (冬こおり?) / Cure Cool (キュアクール?)
One of the protagonists, Kori is a mysterious girl who is half-Japanese half-Korean exchange member who has a cold personality. She has an inner problems and she can act a lot to control and teach some problems. She can distract and runs to cry alone if some people gets angry of her. She is been sensitive and always getting calm if she have friends who caring her. As Cure Cool, she represents the cyan Cure of ice/snow and she holds the cyan Turquoise. Her Prism Power change is Vanilla Ice (バニラアイス?).
Fukaikawa Mizumi (深井川みずうみ?) / Cure Seafoam (キュアシーフォーム?)
One of the protagonists, Mizumi is the most popular student and is the Student Council President of Nijiirohoseki Middle School who is admiring with her friends and students. She has a strong friendship with Yume, and is very smart and cool, but she is very strict. Her mother is a principal in the Middle School and she is very rich, which her family lives in big mansion. As Cure Seafoam, she represents the blue Cure of water and she holds the blue Sapphire. Her Prism Power change is Ocean Rebel (オーシャンレヴェル?).
Kokyokokyu Aria (交響曲アリア?) / Cure Harmony (キュアハーモニー?)
One of the protagonists, Aria is American-Asian member who is the singer in the shows. She has a strong passion of music and she likes to play musical instruments. She has a passion in dancing and singing when she wqs 7 years old. Before the series started, she was living with her family before in Fantaisie Petillante and the halfway of the first episode, she is living in Nijihoseki to meet her old and new relatives. She has a close friends with Ame as called the duo as Amearia and some friends called her as Rockstar. As Cure Harmony, she represents the purple Cure of music and she holds the purple Amethyst. Her Prism Power change is Dewberry Diva (デュベリーディーバ?).
Utsukushi Rina (美しリナ?) / Cure Velvet (キュアベルベット?)
One of the protagonists, Rina is the most famous member of the Prism Power Cures which she is extremely beautiful model who appears in magazines and fashion shows. Her appearance are purely "modelesque". She loves fashion and makeup and loves to wear outfits as usually. She seems always for looking a new trends and also like shopping. As Cure Velvet, she represents the magenta Cure of fashion and she holds the magenta Kunzite. Her Prism Power change is Ticklish Pose (ティクリッシュポーズ?).
Shuiro Daichi (朱色だいち?) / Cure Fierce (キュアフィアス?)
Daichi is the second tomboyish girl in which she has a big fan of volleyball and she is very strong and sexy. Daichi likes to eat spicy foods and she can even determined to becoming a famous player of the volleyball team. Unlike Shu, she is also good at studies and she likes funny jokes. She also loves sweets and cute things. As Cure Fierce, she represents the scarlet Cure of ground and she holds the crimson Garnet. Her Prism Power change is Vivid Strike (ビビッドストライク?).
Kajitsu Kinomi (果実きのみ?) / Cure Limerick (キュアリムリック?)
One of the protagonists, Kinomi is a girlish girl which she is very talented at any skills. She likes to create and wear her jewelries. Her family has a jewelry shop, which the prices of the jewelry are very expensive. Her friends called her as "Kira-chan", which she is very sweet. She can examinize the gemstones, pearls, and minerals; instead, she has a strong sense of Prism Gems to collect it. She can getting a quite clumsy and naglughty when she is in a pinch. As Cure Limerick, she represents the chartreuse Cure of glitters and she holds the chartreuse Peridot. Her Prism Power change is Lemonade Rush (レモネードラッシュ?).
Tengai Tsuki (天涯つき?) / Cure Horizon (キュアホライゾン?)
One of the protagonists, Tsuki is a gentle girlish-boyish girl which some people were seem as the sensitive person who loves ice hockey and swimming. She has a short temper and keeps truly that she is always dreaming at night. It was revealed that Tsuki has a sleeping disorder in which she likes to seen the moon and the stars by the night to keep her wishes became a reality, even she is not sleepy. As Cure Horizon, she represents the indigo Cure of moon and she holds the indigo Spinel. Her Prism Power change is Twilight Dash (トワイライトダッシュ?).
Ryusei Ame (流星あめ?) / Cure Meteor (キュアメテオ?)
One of the protagonists, Ame is the talented but spoiled brat member which she is a close friend of Aria and she calls as the duo of Amearia. She is very determined to dance and sing. She is sparkly, talented, and called as the Popstar. Ame is seems a rich kid and she likes sushi. She has the strong sense of fashion and beauty because she is in pop culture. She has a big fan of K-Pop such as BTS, EXO, TWICE, and BLACKPINK. As Cure Meteor, she represents the violet Cure of stars and she holds the violet Tanzanite. Her Prism Power change is Crystal Harmony (クリスタルハーモニー?).
Junsei Momoka (純正ももか?) / Cure Sugar (キュアシュガー?)
One of the protagonists, The childish member who she is likes to candies, cakes, pastries, and creamy shakes. Momoka wants to be a patisserie of the confectionary shop. Her appearance was looks like a 10 years old so she was always teasdled and bullied by others. She loves to leap and likes to play jumping ropes. Later, she warms up after becoming pretty Cure because she is confused if she join the team to team or help her family. As Cure Sugar, she represents the peach Cure of sweets and she holds the peach Morganite. Her Prism Power change is Luscious Sugar (ラシャス・シュガー?).
Kasagawa Ran (笠川らん?) / Cure Parasol (キュアパラソル?)
One of the protagonists, Ran is the second girlish member who migrated in Paris, France. She speaks French and she has a boyfriend. Ran is very mature, and she is advising for some reasons. She has a full of love and the boys are liked her. She likes selfies and posted in social media to get more likes. Ran likes roses, flowers, perfumes and aesthetics. As Cure Parasol, she represents the coral Cure of flowers and she holds the coral Padparascha. Her Prism Power change is Playful Kiss (プレーフルキス?).
Tejinaji Kari (手品師かり?) / Cure Trick (キュアトリック?)
One of the protagonists, Kari is the tricky member in the team who likes to play magic cards and she has a "nerd" appearance, which she wears big eyeglasses. Kari is also as an innocent because her father was working as magician in the carnival so her dream to becoming a successful magician. She was getting upset sometimes when her magic was wrong, but she is very determined always even she try and try until it was success. As Cure Trick, she represents the teal Cure of magic and she holds the teal Jade. Her Prism Power change is Lucky Magician (ラッキーマジシャン?).
Nenriki Ido (念力移どう?) / Cure Corsair (キュアコルセア?)
One of the protagonists, Ido is reliable and independent Secretary in Nijiirohoseki Middle School. She is very straight-forward, sassy girl who dreams to be a captain in a luxury cruise ship. She was seems always to play hide and seek. She loves to play sailboats and creating paper boats that she has a collection in her box, even that captain of the ship is only for boys. As Cure Coraair, she represents the navy Cure of teleportation and she holds the navy Azurite. Her Prism Power change is Corsair Sailor (コルセアセーラー?).
Bakudan Sakura (爆弾さくら?) / Cure Anise (キュアアニス?)
One of the protagonists, Sakura is very hyper, energetic girl who is a member of the Karate Club and is the half-sister of Kogane who was very different at her similarities, especially her personality and appearance. She likes to play some jokes and she has a small temper with her half-sister. Although that she is hyper, she is loves to cooking and making pots. Sakura hates something girly and is very average in studies, being she is sleepy amd lazy during class hours. As Cure Anise, she represents the maroon Cure of explosions and she holds the maroon Siam. Her Prism Power change is Kimono Cherry (着物チェリー?).
Juryoku Koe (重力こえ?) / Cure Fleur (キュアフール?)
One of the protagonists, Koe is very independent girl who is the one of the Cures are the "Philosophers". She is noble and nice girl who thinks and calcultes easily to solve the problems. She is outspoken and has a strong of justice. She likes to create her bouquets in the garden. Koe loves to reading books and journals and she likes to create a novels and stories. As Cure Fleur, she represents the fuchsia Cure of gravity and she holds the fuchsia Ametrine. Her Prism Power change is Orchid Jazz (オーキッドジャズ?).
Uzumaku Kaze (渦巻くかぜ?) / Cure Cyclone (キュアサイクロン?)
One of the protagonists, A member who has a very "boyish" and she has a mix-up personality. Uzumake is very close to the tomboyish friends and the boys, but she is the strongest among the boyish Cures. She likes basketball and a Point Guard in the Sports Area. Sometimes, she likes cute things and she was definitely sweet. As Cure Cyclone, she represents the lime Cure of wind and she holds the lime Beryl. Her Prism Power change is Speedy Clover (スピーディークローバー?).
Kibonimichita Shumi (希望に満ちたしゅみ?) / Cure Hobby (キュアホビー?)
One of the protagonists, The crazy member of the the team who is spicy and cheery-like personality. She has many personalities and hobbies in which she can doing her excellence. She was getting nervous when her abilities were failed. She always participates in the competitions, even cultural, academicial and athletical and tries first, but always fails again. As Cure Hobby, she represents the periwinkle Cure of hope and she holds the periwinkle Amazonite. Her Prism Power change is Tip Tap Party (チップタップパーティー?).
Doteki Aya (動的あや?) / Cure Kinetic (キュアキネティック?)
One of the protagonists, Aya is very sparkly, lucky girl who was a member of a Cheerleading Club. She was very energetic but shy and a little bit daydreaming. She was full of energy and she can focus on her activities. She likes to take photos and loves to doing TikTok and Snapchat. Aya was too scared and has a fear of ghosts. As Cure Kinetic, she represents the tangerine Cure of magnets and she holds the tangerine Sunstone. Her Prism Power change is Sporty Break (スポーティブレーク?).
Densetsu Nika (伝説にか?) / Cure Fantasy (キュアファンタジー?)
One of the protagonists, Nika is an embarrassed member of the team in which she was always to dreams a lot of her memories. She is very sacred and praise girl who loves to read books and bibles. She was very serious and neat girl, who hates crowd places. She is also a faithful, calm, and loves to caring others. As Cure Fantasy, she represents the viridian Cure of healing and she holds the viridian Dioptase. Her Prism Power change is Cha Cha Peppermint (チャチャペパーミント?).
Yudoku Ivy (湯毒アイビー?) / Cure Spell (キュアスペル?)
One of the protagonists, Ivy is Tejinaji Kari's childhood friend, who has an expert in chemistry. She still wears glasses. However, she loves to experiment some poisonous materials, even if they want to see her experiments, she is aloof and being a shyness.As Cure Spell, she represents the canary Cure of poison and she holds the canary Jonquil. Her Prism Power change is Shimmery Twinkle (シマリー・トウィンクル?).
Shukumei Hoshiko (運命ほしこ?) / Cure Tiffany (キュアティファニー?)
One of the protagonists,Hoshiko is a playful and upbeat childhood friend of Kira. She loves to help others like her childhood sister. She stills wear her harlequin ring as her lucky charm. Her family runs in the Karate Dojo. She still loves family, friends, and her team mates and she loves to visit tea ceremonies and family gatherings. As Cure Tiffany, she represents the harlequin Cure of luck and she holds the harlequin Aventurine. Her Prism Power change is Spring Cloud 9 (スプリングクラウド9?).
Kyokko Akatsuki (極光あかつき?) / Cure Astral (キュアアストラル?)
One of the protagonists,Akatsuki is Ran's friend from Germany. She loves horseriding and she loves to create flower bouquets. She is a snuggle and a rosy-like appearance, as she is also a theater actress during Theater Classes. Her drean is to be an actress As Cure Astral, she represents the rose Cure of aurora and she holds the rose Poudretteite. Her Prism Power change is Cutie Rosette (キューティーローゼット?).
Oritsu Catherine (王立キャサリン?) / Cure Tiara (キュアティアラ?)
One of the protagonists, Cath is also one of the exchange students. She has a passion for decorating. She loves Barbie dolls and she loves to wear "princess" and "sparkle" because she has a British accent. She is sweet and simple, but always naughty when she wants to give dolls and toys froom her friends. As Cure Tiara, she represents the mauve Cure of cards and she holds the mauve Rhodonite. Her Prism Power change is Doki Doki Royale (ドキドキロイヤル?).
Shiryoku Nen (視力ねん?) / Cure Vision (キュアビジョン?)
One of the protagonists, Nen calls her as a "nurse" in the class. She is kind and smart also. But her family works as a opthalmologist. She is outgoing and helpful girl who has a little bit of shyness. She has a big addiction of pumpkins, but she hates chocolates. She also has a passion of gadgets. As Cure Vision, she represents the turquoise Cure of the sight and she holds the turquoise Labradorite. Her Prism Power change is Summer Tango (サマータンゴ?).
Genshi Shocho (原始しょうちょう?) / Cure Ring (キュアリング?)
One of the protagonists, Shocho is calm and quiet girl with a full of temper and eagerness. She has a strong friendship with Kari and was the big fan of the Harry Potter and Game of Thrones merchandises. Her parents are worked as a dentists. She appears first as an unfriendly and bullied transferee and somewhat of an insufferable know-it-all. As Cure Ring, she represents the plum Cure of emblem and she holds the plum Iolite. Her Prism Power change is Fruity Move (フルーティームーブ?).
Ginga Uchu (銀河うちゅう?) / Cure Spica (キュアスピカ?)
One of the protagonists, Uchu calls her "Dreamy" by her other friends. She dreams to be astronomer and loves to saw shooting stars at night. She hates studies and she has a big imagination about the stars and constellations. She loves lions, tigers amd other types of cats and she is get mad easilym As Cure Spica, she represents the denim Cure of space and she holds the denim Lapis Lazuli. Her Prism Power change is Milky Way Belle (ミルキーウェイベル?).
Maboroshi Muso (幻むそう?) / Cure Borealis (キュアボレアリス?)
One of the protagonists, Muso is a confident social media addict and a vlogger who soons to be a fashion designer. She is high spirited, cheerful girl who loves to drawing dresses. Her family owns a clothes company which it gains popular. She helps her parents always and has a spending time if she is present. She loves TikTok. As Cure Borealis, she represents the cadmium Cure of illusion and she holds the cadmium Ammolite. Her Prism Power change is Kagayaki Hana (輝き花?).
Kosui Fiore (香水フィオーレ?) / Cure Imari (キュアイマリ?)
As Cure Imari, she represents the olive Cure of perfume and she holds the olive Malachite. Her Prism Power change is LoLi Queen (ロリクィーン?).
Sokudo Miu (速度ミュウ?) / Cure Engine (キュアエンジン?)
As Cure Engine, she represents the vermillion Cure of speed and she holds the vermillion Carnelian. Her Prism Power change is Race Car Princess (レースカープリンセス?).
Egao Felice (笑顔フェリチェ?) / Cure Smile (キュアスマイル?)
As Cure Smile, she represents the thistle Cure of happiness and she holds the thistle Charoite. Her Prism Power change is Gummy Bear Spinner (グミクマスピナー?).
Hogo Tate (保護たて?) / Cure Shield (キュアシールド?)
As Cure Shield, she represents the mint Cure of protection and she holds the mint Diopside. Her Prism Power change is Strong Amulet (ストロングアミュレット?).
Kokuei Yami (黒影やみ?) / Cure Shadow (キュアシャドー?)
As Cure Shadow, she represents the black Cure of darkness and she holds the black Onyx. Her Prism Power change is Lolita Shadow (ロリータシャドー?).
Chikyu Kara (地球から?) / Cure Acrylic (キュアアクリル?)
As Cure Acrylic, she represents the brown Cure of earth and she holds the brown Tourmaline. Her Prism Power change is Mythic Fusion (ミシックフュージョン?).
Tachibana Chen (橘ちぇん?) / Cure Pixie (キュアピクシー?)
As Cure Pixie, she represents the sienna Cure of flight and she holds the sienna Citrine. Her Prism Power change is Lady Aurora (レディオーロラ?).
Sanso Shinju (酸素しんじゅ?) / Cure Chiffon (キュアシフォン?)
Her pretty Cure ego is , which she represents the beige Cure of telekinesis and she holds the beige Clinohumite. Her Prism Power change is Silky Batik (シルキーバティック?).
Mokuzai Gani (木材がに?) / Cure Oak (キュアオーク?)
As Cure Oak, she represents the sepia Cure of the wood and she holds the sepia Hessonite. Her Prism Power change is Cinderella Taylor (シンデレラテイラー?).
Gafu Kami (画布かみ?) / Cure Canvas (キュアカンバス?)
As Cure Canvas, she represents the ivory Cure of paper and she holds the ivory Smoky Quartz. Her Prism Power change is Painter Maiden (ペインターメイデン?).
Kinzoku Okane (金属おかね?) / Cure Krypton (キュアクリプトン?)
As Cure Krypton, she represents the tan Cure of metals and she holds the tan Chrysoberyl. Her Prism Power change is Metallic Devil (メタリックデビル?).
Hankyo Himei (反響ひめい?) / Cure Shout (キュアシャウト?)
As Cure Shout, she represents the slate Cure of echo and she holds the slate Hematite. Her Prism Power change is Rockin' Rio (ロッキンリオ?).
Yokai Yurei (妖怪ゆうれい?) / Cure Grudge (キュアグラッジ?)
As Cure Grudge, she represents the gray Cure of ghosts and she holds the gray Quartz. Her Prism Power change is Chuckie Vamp (チャッキーヴァンプ?).
Tengoku Kaori (天国かおり?) / Cure Heaven (キュアヘブン?)
As Cure Heaven, she represents the white Cure of sky and she holds the white Zircon. Her Prism Power change is Angelic Glimmer (アンジェリックグリマー?).
Bakudan Kogane (爆弾おうごん?) / Cure Sequin (キュアシークイン?)
As Cure Sequin, she represents the golden Cure of the sun and she holds the golden Chalcedony. Her Prism Power change is Ninja Spirit (忍者スピリット?).
Shirogane Kaede (白金ふう?) / Cure Reflect (キュアリフレクト?)
As Cure Reflect, she represents the silver Cure of mirrors and she holds the silver Opal. Her Prism Power change is Elegant Ballet (エレガントバレエ?).
Seido Mawari (青銅まわり?) / Cure Retro (キュアレトロ?)
As Cure Retro, she represents the bronze Cure of time and she holds the bronze Agate. Her Prism Power change is Copper Cheer (コパーチア?).

Colorful World

The "Colorful World" (カラフルな世界?) is the world of happiness, love, pop, dazzle, and courage. This is the city palace of the colors that besides the Fantasie Petillante.

Colorama (コロラマ?)
A puppy-like mascot who was one of Vivid's inhabitants. Along with Spectrum, he has to find the Prism Gems to save the world. He is very cheerful and lucky to Yume. He always ends his sentences with ~niji!.
Spectrum (スペクトラム?)
A bunny-like mascot who was one of Vivid's inhabitants. Along with Colorama, she has to find the Prism Gems to save the world. She is loveable, sweet, and gentle. She always ends her sentences with ~iro!.
Niji-Iro (虹色?)
The season's main mascot. He is one of the inhabitants in Colorful World who wants to reveal Cure Arc-En-Ciel's history. He is mysterious and most powerful mascot of all.
Kotenshi Shirleen (好天使シャーリーン?) / Cure Infinite (キュアインフィニット?)
The legendary Pretty Cure from Colorful World and Crystallographic Kingdom. A mysterious Cure who was appears from some episodes as a silhouette. As Cure Infinite, which she represents the white Cure of the universe and holds the Pearl and the Crystalline. Her Prism Power change is Infinity Sheen.
Kotenshi Lexther (好天使レクサー?) / Cure Spirit (キュアスピリット?)
Shirleen's brother, who was trapped in the Shadow Empire. After his sister becoming pretty cure, he was becoming an ally. As Cure Spirit, he represents the black Cure of integrity and holds the crystal. Her Prism Power change is Spirit Flame.
King Prism (キングプリズム?)
The King of Colorful World, and the husband of Queen Color, father of Prince Paint and Princess Jewel, and the stepfather to the Kotenshi siblings. He wishes to live peace and colorful world between the Colorful World and the Crystallographic Kingdom. However, he and his family became dark statues after starting a powerful invasion with Black Demon, leaving his stepsiblings, Niji-Iro, and the others to find the Prism Power Cures.
Queen Color (クイーンカラー?)
The Queen of the Colorful World, who was the wife of King Paint, the mother of Prince Paint and Princess Jewel and the stepmother of the Kotenshi siblings. She has a true impression for the rainbows. Later, she and her family became dark statues after starting the powerful invasion with Black Demon.
Prince Paint (プリンスペイント?)
The Prince of the Colorful World, the son of King Prism and Queen Color, sister of Princess Jewel, and the stepbrother of the Kotenshi siblings. He has a passion for painting colorful potraits and landscapes. He has a true feelings for Shirleen. However, he and his family became dark statues after starting a powerful invasion with Black Demon.
Princess Jewel (プリンセスジュエル?)
The Princess of the Colorful World, the daughter of King Prism and Queen Color, sister of Princess Jewel, and the stepsister of the Kotenshi siblings. She loves cute things. She teaches and cares the mascots (especially Spectrum). She loves cakes and sweets. However, he and his family became dark statues after starting a powerful invasion with Black Demon.
Mojiretsu Korigashi (文字列氷菓子?) / Cure Ribbon (キュアリッボンー?)
The leader of the Shimmer Sensation! Cures. As Cure Ribbon, she represents the color pink and her powers are related to healing and happiness. Her form change is Pinky Tutu (ピンキーチュチュ?).
Otogibanashi Hiragi (おとぎ話ヒイラギ?) / Cure Holly (キュアホリー?)
One of the Shimmer Sensation Cures. As Cure Holly, she represents the color cyan and her powers are related to skies. Her form change is Aquamarine Fandago (アクアマリンファンダンゴ?).
Netsuretsuna Kirameki (熱烈 きらめき?) / Cure Glow (キュアグロー?)
One of the Shimmer Sensation Cures. As Cure Glow, she represents the color yellow and her powers are related to light. Her form change is Creamy Carinosa (クリーミーカーリーノサ?).
Shinrin Matsu (森林待つ?) / Cure Forest (キュアフォレスト?)
One of the Shimmer Sensation Cures. As Cure Forest, she represents the color green and her powers are related to nature. Her form change is Carnation Waltz (カーネーションワルツ?).
Gassho Utano (合唱歌の?) / Cure Chorus (キュアコーラス?)
One of the Shimmer Sensation Cures. As Cure Chorus, she represents the color violet/purple and her powers are related to music. Her form change is Lavender Diva (ラベンダーヂーバ?).
Miraiji Tokei (未来じ時計?) / Cure Polarid (キュアポラロイド?)
One of the Shimmer Sensation Cures. As Cure Polaroid, she represents the color orange and her powers are related to time. Her form change is Tango Tangelo (タンゴタンジェロ?).
Fukai Kaiyo (深い海よ?) / Cure Ocean (キュアオシャンー?)
One of the Shimmer Sensation Cures. As Cure Ocean, she represents the color blue and her powers are related on water and ice. Her form change is Tahitian Dodger (タヒチアンードジャー?).
Bakufu Haretsu (爆風破裂?) / Cure Blast (キュアブラスト Kyua Burasuto?)
One of the Shimmer Sensation Cures. As Cure Blast, she represents the color red and her powers are related to fire. Her form change is Scarlet Hip-Hop (スカレッチーヒップホップ?).
Senkai Mawasu (旋回回す?) / Cure Swivel (キュアスイベル?)
One of the Shimmer Sensation Cures. As Cure Swivel, she represents the color peach and her powers are related to air. Her form change is Coral Cheer (コラルチアー?).
Shinjitsu Kan (真実感?) / Cure Truth (キュアトルト?)
One of the Shimmer Sensation Cures. As Cure Truth, she represents the color lime and her powers are related to feelings. Her form change is Minty Sakura (ミンチサクラ?).
Takino Kiri (滝の霧?) / Cure Mist (キュアミスト?)
One of the Shimmer Sensation Cures. As Cure Mist, she represents the color indigo and her powers are related to spells. Her form change is Periwrinkle Bolero (ペリウィンクルボレロ?).
Ryoku Denki (力電気?) / Cure Electron (キュアエレクツリンー?)
One of the Shimmer Sensation Cures. As Cure Electron, she represents the color cadmium and her powers are related to technology. Her form change is Dandelion Samba (ダンデリオンーサンバー?).
Vivid (ビビッド?)
He is one of the inhabitants in the Colorful World. He always ends her sentences with ~bido!.
Neon (ネオン?)
He is one of the inhabitants in the Colorful World. He always ends her sentences with ~eon!.
Pastel (パステル?)
She is one of the inhabitants in the Colorful World. She always ends her sentences with ~eru!.
Metallic (メタリック?)
She is one of the inhabitants in the Colorful World. She always ends her sentences with ~kira!.
Gothic (ゴシック?)
He is one of the inhabitants in the Colorful World. He always ends his sentences with ~shiku!.
Tropical (トロピカル?)
She is one of the inhabitants in the Colorful World. She always ends her sentences with ~karu!.
Classic (クラシック?)
He is one of the inhabitants in the Colorful World. He always ends his sentences with ~kura!.
Culture (カルチャー?)
He is one of the inhabitants in the Colorful World. He always ends his sentences with ~ucha!.
Elegant (エレガント?)
She is one of the inhabitants in the Colorful World. She always ends her sentences with ~ganto!.
Luxury (ラクシャリー?)
She is one of the inhabitants in the Colorful World. She always ends her sentences with ~shari!.
Bold (ボールド?)
He is one of the inhabitants in the Colorful World. He always ends his sentences with ~udo!.
Glimmer (グライマー?)
She is one of the inhabitants in the Colorful World. She always ends her sentences with ~ima!.
Tranquil (トランクィル?)
She is one of the inhabitants in the Colorful World. She always ends her sentences with ~kiru!.
Fluorscent (フルラーセント?)
He is one of the inhabitants in the Colorful World. He always ends his sentences with ~sento!.
Colorful Divas (カラフルな歌姫?)
The Colorful Divas are the angels which in each Shimmer Sensation Cure had recreations in each color:
Pink Diva (淡紅色歌姫?) - The recreation of Cure Ribbon. She represented the happiness.
Cyan Diva (水色歌姫?) - The recreation of Cure Holly. She represented the feathers.
Yellow Diva (黄色歌姫?) - The recreation of Cure Glow. She represented the sparkles.
Green Diva (緑歌姫?) - The recreation of Cure Forest. She represented the flowers.
Violet Diva (紫歌姫?) - The recreation of Cure Chorus. She represented the sounds.
Orange Diva (橙歌姫?) - The recreation of Cure Polaroid. She represented the numbers.
Blue Diva (青歌姫?) - The recreation of Cure Ocean. She represented the blizzards.
Red Diva (赤歌姫?) - The recreation of Cure Blast. She represented the flames.
Peach Diva (もも歌姫?) - The recreation of Cure Swivel. She represented the winds.
Lime Diva (ライム歌姫?) - The recreation of Cure Truth. She represented the feelings.
Indigo Diva (藍色歌姫?) - The recreation of Cure Mist. She represented the spells.
Cadmium Diva (カドミウム歌姫?) - The recreation of Cure Electron. She represented the thunders.
International Pretty Cures
Cures from different Countries.

Crystallographic Kingdom

Yukisora Dia (雪空ダイア?)
The revival Cure Arc-En-Ciel who is Kaori's biological sister and the Pretty Cure Adviser. Dia is seems cold and she is close with Kira. She was also as the one of inhabitants in Crystallographic Kingdom. Her pretty Cure ego is Cure Arc-En-Ciel (キュアーアルカンシエル?), the pretty Cure of Colors.
Gemme (ジェム?)
The leader of the Crystallographic Kingdom.
Rubis (ルビス?)
The angelic warrior of fire. His human alias is Tsuyoshi Hono.
Saphir (サフィール?)
The angelic warrior of water. Her human alias is Fukui Mizu.
Emeraude (エメロード?)
The angelic warrior of earth. His human alias is Midorino Hane.
Amethyste (アメジスト?)
The angelic warrior of air. Her human alias is Fujiwara Yuki.
Topaze (トパーズ?)
The angelic warrior of light. His human alias is Pikako Ryoku.
Opale (オパール?)
The angelic warrior of nature. Her human alias is Hanada Sakura.
Crystal Guardians (クリスタルガーディアン?)
The guardians in the Crystallographic Kingdom.

Shadow Empire

The "Shadow Empire" (影の帝国?) is the team that consists the eight villains of death, sadness, anger, and evidence to destroy the entire universe. The six generals are the power of danger, fade, poison, sins, illusions, and the wrath.

Noirceur (黒さ?)
The primary antagonist who replaced Black Demon. Actually, she is one of Black Demon's assistant. She is very sensitive and she was gonna crying when the people were happy. She was replaced by Ombre. Later, she was noe married to Black King and they have a daughter named Princess Noir. Her name means "Blackness" in French.
Black Demon (黒い悪魔?)
The very main antagonist of the season. He is most powerful, deadly, and always getting anger. He hates happiness and colors so he loves sadness and darkness. He was officially replaced by Black King to continue his throne. He tries to destroy the Colorful World.

First Half

Uncolored Trio - The trio has own powers and they can grown spurt the Kurokongo against the pretty cures.
Kuruma (?)
The first general to appear. A male chubby member who can attacks the pretty cures and he can't attacked the Cures' powers. He loves to eat and he has a strong punch. He was always to be depressed and sometimes to be selfish. Later, it was revealed as Duke Kulay (クウェー公爵?).
Ayumu (歩む Ayumu?)
The second general to appear. A male handsome member who can use his screaming voice to adding more the Kurokongos. He is very handsome, but he was extremely stronger and he can use a teleport. Later, it was revealed as Paint (ペイント?).
Tsuko (ツコ Tsuko?)
The only female in the trio. She can revive the main Kurokongo and she can use her wand and a clips to destroy the pretty cures' powers. She is very mysterious and she seems like a cobra. She hates cute things. Later, it was revealed as Ciel (シエル?).
Darker Twins - These twins are monster-like siblings to spying themselves as pretty cure and they can use the balls to grown the Kurokongos.
Blur (ブラー Burā?)
He is Fade's twin and he can create a fog and explosion to poinsoned it. He seems diagnosed and a lonewolf because he hates happiness. He is seems getting sickness because of his personality. Later, it was revealed as Spill (スピル?).
Fade (フェード?)
She is Blur's twin and she can steal the colors with her black brush. She is likes a ghost and always geting distracted because she hates love and friendship. She is always stupid when she meets with Niji-Iro. Later, it was revealed as Splash (スプラッシュ?).
Kurokongo  (黒今後?)
The main monsters of the season. The name means "Black Future".

Second Half

Black King (暗い王?)
The main villain in the second half. He also steals the Prism Gems to destroy the whole universe. He is the main boss of the Shadow Empire. But he is exremely angry, deadly, and most violent of all. He is the most powerful and very strongest of all. His powers are the danger, fade, poison, sins, illusions, and the wrath. Also, he is the second love interet of Noirceur and giving the birth named Princess Noir.
Dark (ダーク?)
The first general. He is very timid and his power is the danger. He is very bad, stupid, and he is likes to destroy the items. He can creates the disaters like storm, earthquake, etc.
Shadow (シャドー?)
The second general. His is very dangerous and his power is fade. He is the eldest. He is robot-like creature, which he creates the foggy items and he is the second-in command.
Hue (?)
The third general. She is very distant and her power is the the poisons. She is very serious and she hates cute, sweet, and colorful things. She wants to destroys the happiness and againsts the Cures.
Shade (シェード?)
The fourth general. He is very mature and his power is the sins. He likes to steals the feelings and he destroys it after a people was died.
Tint (チンート?)
The fifth general. She is very selfish and her power is the illusions. She loves to play violin and singing the sad songs. She is the youngest.
Retro (レトロ?)
The last and sixth general. He loves to kill people, destroys the colors, and his power is the wrath. He is the strongest and oldest of all. He is looks like a monster.
Ombre (オンブレ?)
The former Cure Arc-En-Ciel's evil counterpart, after she dies in a losses of her ability. She is the most powerful villain than in her human form. She is very bad and very mysterious. Later, it was revived after Black King revives the throne.
Kokushibyo (黒死病?)
The secondary monsters in the season. Kokushibiyo means "Black Death". In each Kokushibiyos were destroyed after it fights by Cures and it was became the Prism Gems in each episode.
Dusky Death Pretty Cure (ダスティ死プリキュア?)
The counterpart of the Prism Power Cures in which they are created by Ombre.


Yusuke Rama (ゆすけラマ?)
Mizumi's stepfather, who was close to Rai and he teaches about the pretty Cure history, along with Niji-Iro.
Kagura Ron (神楽論?)
The mentor of the Cures.
Nijiwa Kei (虹は系?)
The Cures' friend and the cousin of Ron. He is Aya and Momoka's childhood friend.
Mochidzuki Akira (望月明?)
The childhood friend of Kira, Hotaru, Kori, and Nika. He likes volleyball.
Okamura Reina (岡村レイナ?)
The best friend of the pretty cures. She, Akira, and Kei have a secrets about the pretty cure. And their childhood friends were also if Kira, Hotaru, Kori, and Nika's identity were only hid the secret.


Prism Palette (プリズムパレット?)
The transformation device of the Cures. The palette has a mirror and they can used as a brooch instead of hanging in the hip.
Prism Gems (プリズム宝石?)
The main collectable items in the season. The gems are truly like gemstones with a glowing vivid-colored gemstone at the center. It can be activated in Prism Palette.
Prism Wand (プリズムワンド?)
The main weapon of the season. Also, can be used as a microphone during their form changes and idol forms.
Colorful Scepter (カラフルセプター?)
Another attack and upgraded weapon of the season to upgrade the Glimmering Form and the Sparkling Form.
Infinity Necklace (インフィニティネックレス?)
Shirleen's favorite accesory since her mother's death and she is used as a hair accesory or brooch. By she is move-on to join the team and save her brother, this is her transformation item.
Infinity Saber (インフィニティセイバー?)
Cure Infinite's weapon. A sword-like weapon that she can stabbing the Kurokongos. Also, it was probably to Lexther's transformation item.
Sparkling Rainbow Dresser (スパークリング虹ドレッサー?)
The ultimate upgraded item who collects the Prism Gems and the Colourful Gems. Also, this can be used as the extremely power-up of the Sparkling Form.


Nijiirohoseki (虹色宝石 Nijiirohōseki?)
The homeplace of the Prism Power Cures that behinds the Colorful World and Crystallographic Kingdom besides Fantaisie Petillante. But it was targeted by the Shadow Empire.
Nijiirohoseki Middle School (虹色宝石中学校 Nijiirohōseki Chūgakkō?)
The boarding school of the Cures. Later, Shirleen was enrolled to study.
Pastel Candy Restaurant (パステルお菓子料理店 Pasuteru okashi ryōri-ten?)
The restaurant that Momoka's family is working.
VividImagination Park (鮮やかな想像力公園 Azayakana sōzō-ryoku kōen?)
The park that the Cures have bonding here. It has a fountain and a mansion (which Mizumi, Mawari, Catherine and Shumi leaves).
Crystallographic Kingdom (結晶王国 Kesshō ōkoku?)
The mysterious place beside the Colorful World and they collect the gemstones and magical powers.
Colorful World (カラフルな世界 Karafuruna Sekai?)
The mascots and allies' homeplace. But it was abandoned again by the Shadow Empire due to their comeback.
Shadow Empire (影の帝国 Kage no Teikoku?)
The villains' homeplace in which the Empire looks bigger and darker than before.

Forms/Power Ups

Prism Power Form
The main outifit of the Prism Power Cures. In each Prism Power Cure have own gradient from their theme color. Their hairstyle grows longer and brighter shade, tied in their hair accesories have a vivid-colored band with a heart-shaped gemstone at the ribbon. Their eyes are brighter shade. There have heart-shaped earrings and a choker. The dress have in light-colored with a short banded puffy sleeves, a Prism Power insignia-like gemstone, which it hangs Prism Palette at their white ribbon. The skirt have a little frills and ruffles, a small glittery meshed cloth around the waist, and a dark-colored small ribbon at the back. There have white ribbon with heart-shaped colored gemstone at their long gloves and thigh-high boots with a dark-colored lining.
Rainbow Live Form
The idol outfit of the Prism Power Cures. The form was very different. It was resemble from the Aikatsu! idol outfits.
Glimmering Form
The upgraded form of the Prism Power Cures. There have a long ribbon, light-colored appearance, a big ribbon at the center, and there have more frills and ruffles.
Sparkling Form
The ultimate upgrade form of the Prism Power Cures. This is more powerful and more designative than the Glimmering Form. There have big angel and fairy wings, the pretty cure form have more designative, frilly, white with light-colored details, and there have a Colorful Tiara. The Cures recieved this form from the movie (except for Cure Bliss to have a Colorful Tiara in which she wears to upgrade herself and her teammates {doesn't have a tiara}).


Main article: PreWings

A PreWings (プレウィングス? or PuriWings) is the power-up form which created by Shai and Chen. Their have wings with glowing light-colored glow and a bright-colored lining at their white clear glowing wings. Their details replaced by glowing beads and pearls and their cloth changed to glitters. Their hairstyles have a light-colored ombre. This power-up form have more powerful than the normal form. Only used since by the slightly mid-episodes by the main PuriPawa (sans Shirleen and Lexther, only from some episodes recieved) before their idol form recieved.



Main article: Prism Power Pretty Cure! / Music


Shiawase Rainbow! Prism Power Pretty Cure! (しあわせ虹!プリズムパワープリキュア!?)
The first opening of the season.
Rainbow Rhapsody (レインボーラプソディ?)
The second opening of the season.


Colourful Symphony (カラフルシンフォニー?)
The first ending of the season.
Rainbow Friends Forever (永遠に虹の友人?)
The second ending of the season.
Eien ni Kagayaki (永遠に輝く?)
The third ending of the season.


Main article: Prism Power Pretty Cure! / Episodes



Main article: Prism Power Pretty Cure! / Merchandise


  • By the unknown or updated All/Dream Stars movie, only six Cures are appear in. Because PuriPawa was too many. I been rather as:
Kira, Shu, Hotaru, Shizen, Mizumi, and Aria
Kira, Hotaru, Kori, Ame, Hane, and Aya
Kira, Shai, Hotaru, Kinomi, Kori, and Ame
Kira, Hotaru, Ame, Momoka, Ido, and Nika
Kira, Hotaru, Shizen, Mizumi, Ame and Aya
They can't complete the PuriPawa team without Kira.
  • Adding allies and idols would be added to joining up and noted as part of the team or not. But if should be as Pretty Cures or non-Cures.
  • Shirleen and Lexther's theme colors are in invert. Shirleen's theme color was white, pink, blue, and yellow; while Lexther's theme color was black, red, green, and purple.
  • When the creator adds more Cures, the civilian and Cure names are finding from their specific mood, element, or changing the translate. My Cures' Cure name are not based from color and gemstone to avoid confusion from Sky Pretty Cure and other rainbow jewel themed Series. Kinomi's name was Cure Limerick, being the only Cure was named by the color.
    • Unlike the former season, only color and gemstone represented by each Cure.
  • The major changes from the names and their Cure names are:
Amaino Yume / Cure Bliss to Aiiro Kira / Cure Amore
Atsui Akai / Cure Hot to Akaniji Shu / Cure Flame
Denki Kiiro / Cure Atom to Denshi Hotaru / Cure Flash
Kosetsu Fuyu / Cure Winter to Fuyu Kori / Cure Cool
Kantan Raku / Cure Pristine to Tengai Tsuki / Cure Horizon
Keikoseino Kagayaku / Cure Neon to Tejinaji Kari / Cure Trick
  • Prism Power Pretty Cure! have four leaders from their members.
1st Team (led by Cure Amore): Flame, Nymph, Flash, Leaf, Cool, Bubble, and Harmony
2nd Team (led by Cure Velvet): Cyclone, Fierce, Hobby, Meteor, Sugar, Trick, and Kinetic
3rd Team (led by Cure Parasol): Bomb, Pixie, Fantasy, Corsair, Fleur, Horizon, and Limerick
4th Team (led by Cure Heaven): Shadow, Acrylic, Chiffon, Grudge, Retro, Sequin, and Reflect


  • Prism Power Pretty Cure! marks as the largest team of the Pretty Cures in this wiki.
    • This season for the total of ?? Pretty Cures (if you count Diamond, Shirleen, Lexther, and the Shimmer Sensation and Colorful Harmony Cures).
  • The team was composed by more than 48 pretty Cures. Since the colors are in a gradient of rainbow and/or, the the first Color of the season was pink, in which Kira is the leader of the team.
  • Prism Power Pretty Cure! is the first season to have based off from the former season.
    • Also, the sequel was not succeeding the season because this would be have as a new generation, but it has based off on Shimmer Sensation and there are more in romantic theme.
  • Prism Power Pretty Cure! is the third season after Futari wa Pretty Cure and Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! to have an eye and hair color doesn't change when transformed.
  • Prism Power Pretty Cure! has shared some similarities with Aikatsu!:
    • Their form-changes are same from the coords.
    • Both have officially themes are idols and music also.
    • Both have the main protagonists were more than 20s.
    • Both have lead protagonists (Kira and Hoshimiya Ichigo) and both have same theme colors.
    • Both have same voice actors. The main Cures are same as the Aikatsu! Idol's voice actors.
  • Prism Power Pretty Cure! is the fifth season after Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash StarFresh Pretty Cure!Smile Pretty Cure!, and Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! to have a same age of Cures.
    • Prism Power Pretty Cure! is the first season to have a same age but there are not fourteen (14) years old. Instead, there are thirteen (13) years old.
  • Prism Power Pretty Cure! is the fourth season after Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!Go! Princess Pretty Cure, and Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! to have a form-change and fashion motif.
  • Prism Power Pretty Cure! shares some similarities with Infinity Mirai's Prism Pretty Cure!:
    • Both have same names. (Prism Pretty Cure! - Prism Power Pretty Cure!)
    • The lead Cures (Kira and Aine) have same similarities and there are also good at studying.
    • The blue Cures (Mizumi and Miho) are same similarities and there are both Student Council President.
    • The red Cures (Shu and Erina) have powers of fire and there are tomboyish.
    • Both have the Cures were same colors, personalities, and powers were same. (Amore and Infinity are pink Cures and there have powers of love, Flame and Cerise are red Cures and there have powers of fire, and Bubble and Mystic are the blue Cures and there have the powers of water).
    • Both have jewels as the main theme and the subs are music.
    • Both have the same name from the villain's homeplace. (Shadow Empire - Shadow Kingdom).
    • Both have none of the villains are not die.
  • Like Sky Pretty Cure and Shining Jewels Pretty Cure, both have themes of colors, gemstones, and rainbows.
  • This season has a very large simiarities with Sky Pretty Cure:
    • Both have same Cures by specific power (not counting Shirosora Diamond and Murasakiiro Amethyst, both have different powers because Kori was ice and Aria was music).
    • Both have male ally, which in love with other Cure (Lexther and Kuraisoba Quartz).
      • In Lexther's case, he was actually falling in love with the lead Cure.
    • Both have collecting the jewels to recieve the power (Rainbow Tears and Prism Gems).
    • Both have wing as their power-up form.
  • If PuriPawa was adding a romantic theme because of their relationship (Kira and Lexther), this is the third season after Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! and HappinessCharge Pretty Cure! to have a romantic theme.


Prism Power Pretty Cure! Colorful Harmony


Main article: Prism Power Pretty Cure! / Gallery


Note: PuriPawa was still in randomed theme as their sub-theme. I will made this rainbow jewel Pretty Cure season in a clean and neat idea. Unless I have no stealing information and ideas in my series (especially for my characters and options which was not copied from other seasons and the Cures' names are not color and gemstone). Please do not edit without permission or stealing some information.


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Sparkle Love Pika☆Pika! Etoile♥LoveSparkl!ng WorldPuZzLe M!r@GeAncient TrinityAngel HeartPastel LoveHoL!Fi€$+@
Beyond the Scene HoPe WoRlDMikrokosmosUniverSTARPretty Cure: Love YourselfSpring DayMagic Shop
La Elemagica Prismatic☆DreamDreamTopia (Come True) • MAGI: School of Oz
Other Enchanteur SeriesAlto Astral!Star DarlingsPrism Power SeriesCandy Minimal
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