The Prism Palette

The Prism Palette (プリズムパレット Purizumu Paretto?) is the main transformation device for the Cures in Prism Power Pretty Cure!. To activate, they will activate it when using the Prism Gems. They are allow the girls to transform once they shout "Pretty Cure! Prism Power!". The pact was based from Rainbow Compact.

Differences from the Rainbow Compact

The Prism Palette looks like a standard powder compact in a goldem yellow, with a pink ribbon set on top. A silvery piece with the "PrPwPC" emblem is set into the center of the Compact's lid. Inside, there is a recess for the Cures to insert Magic Gem pieces in to activate different powers, as well as a heart-shaped light in the colors of the rainbow from the Cure's theme color. And there had a molder from small coin-like and chip-like Magic Gems. There is also a golden heart-shaped piece with the Prism Gems mold at the below center, set into the center. Inside the top lid is a small rectangular mirror with golden sides.

In addition, other Prism Gems can also be inserted into the Prism Palette to grant the Cures additional abilities and items. Many of them create some styles, like costumes, forms, and accessories. Also placing special Magic Gem to it, it creates the Gemstone Microphones to Pretty Cures, and later performing group attacks Shimmering Sparkle, and afterwards Sparkling Rainbow Fantasia.



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