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The Prism Chest (pronounced Pre-sim Chest) is a musical box-like item that is seen in Prism Pretty Cure!. It is a legendary item in the Aurorean Dynasty, and has the powerful ability to grant any wish its user desires. The Jewel Hearts purified in the series by the Pretty Cure are collected within the chest. The Prism Chest's true powers have yet to be revealed.


The Prism Chest white musical box with a golden frame and light-pink designs. Each corner contains a white crystal shaped like a heart as well as diamond shaped carvings. The front has five separate golden hearts that shape into a star. On top of the chest is a simple music note design, while the handle is shaped to resemble large pale-blue vines with roses and a single heart attached to it. A single line of violet circles around the middle of the chest.


  • The Prism Chest is similar to the Clover Box and Healings from its appearance.


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