Princess Kokona

プリンセスここな Purinsesu Kokona

Purinsesu Kokona
Personal Information
Hair ColorMagenta
Eye ColorViolet
Home PlaceDesolate Castle
RelativesKuroizado (father)
Theme ColorPurple
Anime Information
SeasonFairytale Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceFPC21
SeiyuuAi Kayano

Princess Kokona (プリンセスここな Purinsesu Kokona) is a supporting character in Fairytale Pretty Cure!. She is a real-life fairytale princess from the storybook "Kokona the Unbeloved Princess" who lives in Desolate Castle. She is Kuroizado's daughter.


Kokona is a short girl with a pale complexion. She has long, wavy magenta hair that locks that flows down her shoulders and a single lock of hair that is out of place. She also has violet-coloured eyes. She wears a silver tiara, silver necklace with purple jewels, and wears a light purple ball-gown dress with white sparkles.


Kokona is a polite, soft-spoken, and kind-hearted girl with a curious streak. Kokona also seems to be very naive and simple-minded, not realizing that Desolate Castle is more of a prison than a home.


Kuroizado - Kuroizado is Kokona's father. She cares deeply for her father, affectionately calling hims "Papa". She cares about his well-being and worries when he loses control. Kokona cares more for her father than herself, stating that if she left, she would make her papa sad and she couldn't handle to the source of her father's sadness.

Imari Suzukawa - Imari found Kokona when she followed her beautiful singing voice. Kokona was surprised by her friendly-nature and could easily open up to her. Kokona was even more surprised when Imari voices that she cares about her even though they had only just met and that it's a Pretty Cure's responsibility to care about everyone. When Kokona learned that Imari is her enemy, she is shown to be very sad.


Kokona: (ここな) means "heart and greens"


  • Kokona is the second character as a relative to the main villain, the first being Regina.
  • Kokona is the first only character to be a princess from a fairytale.
  • Kokona's fairytale "Kokona the Unbeloved Princess" is not a real fairytale.


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