Prince Tiefsee () is the main antagonist for the first half of Summer Melodies PreCure.

Prince Tiefsee/Shinkai Robin
/Shinkai Robin
Personal Information
Home PlaceDeep Sea Kingdom
Anime Information
SeasonSummer Melodies PreCure


Selfish and demanding leader of the deep sea kingdom. Has a lot of servants because he hates having to do things by himself and also is quite lazy. Sleeps a lot.

When undercover as Shinkai Robin, while he still hates doing anything at all, he gets motivated easily by Sairen and would do almost anything for her as he develops a crush on her.



He is the main antagonist for the first half of the season, sending his servants after the Cures.

He is the heir to the Deep Sea Kingdom, which is now in ruins (the only inhabitants are him and his servants). His goal is to flood the whole world so he can expand and rebuild his kingdom.

About halfway trough the series, all his servants are defeated and he decides to take action for the first time by visiting Sangoshō and looking for the Cures. It turns out he does not know who the Cures are or how they look like, which is why he doesn't recognize them when he runs into them. The girls try to befriend him, which results in him "transferring" to Sangoshō Middle School and living in Siren's house under the name Shinkai Robin. He also developes a crush on Sairen.

He ends up finding about their identities at the school's cultural festival but decides not to tell them. He isn't sure if he wants to fight anymore, mostly because of his crush.



Prince Tiefsee () - Tiefsee is the german word for "deep sea" (at least I hope)

Shinkai (深海) - Also means deep sea

Robin (ロビン) - Is a type of bird(?)



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