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Prince Emilio
Ōji Emirio
Personal Information
Age14 (physically)

80 (real age)

Hair ColorDark blue
Eye ColorRed
Home PlaceVampire Kingdom
RelativesQueen Akeldama (mother)

King Orfeo (father)

Prince Orazio (younger brother)

Anime Information
SeasonJoyful Heart! Pretty Cure
First AppearanceJHPC01

Prince Emilio  (王子エミリオŌji Emirio) is the Prince of the Vampire Kingdom and one of the antagonists of Joyful Heart! Pretty Cure.


Prince Emilio has long, dark blue hair and unsettling red eyes.


For the most part, Emilio is rather calm and formal. Since he is of royalty and high status, he looks down on humans and those he consider peasants.

In battle, he is ruthless and malicious.


First Attack

Prince Emilio arrives in Aokawa Town in order to cause destruction to the human world. He targets Fukushima Katashi and uses his sorrow to create a Kanashimono. When Hashimoto Kiyoshi and Natsu arrive, Emilio orders the Kanashimono to attack them. However he is shocked when Kiyoshi transforms into Cure Joy and defeats his Kanashimono.



Prince Emilio can control dark mist, which will manipulate the sorrow and other negative emotions in a person's heart in order to create a Kanashimono.


Emilio (エミリオ) is the Spanish, Portuguese and Italian form of the old Roman cognomen Aemilianus, which was derived from the family name Aemilius coming from the Latin word “aemulus” meaning 'rival'.

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