Episodes of Pride Wish Pretty Cure.

Episode # Title Villain Main Events
01 A serious nadeshiko as a pretty cure!? Cure Maguerite is born
Everything starts with Hazuki Kitano who transfers to school fifteen stars, by her personality she can not adapt to school and is stalked by Rikka who insists on being her friend, she does not feel comfortable with Rikka's friends and escapes, then on the way she meets Peter, a rabbit weather that is being pursued, the two become friends but are discovered by the evil organization that invokes a monster. While trying to protect Peter and considers him a friend, she reacts to Star Clock and becomes Cure Marguerite and defeat the monster.
02 I've been discovered?! I Want to be your friend!
Through a photo Rikka begins to suspect that Hazuki is a super heroine and becomes even more insist to being her friend taking her to meet her family. But it seems everything goes wrong and Hazuki fight with her, Rikka becomes very upset and ends up being captured by a member of the organization, and feelings are shown Hazuki tells her that she is a pretty cure, Rikka is very glad that she has decided to trust her and decides that she too had to become a pretty cure.
03 My training starts! What means is being a Pretty Cure?
Rikka insists that she wants to fight next to Hazuki as pretty cure and begins to train hard leaving Peter mad, and he explains that it's not what works, Rikka decides to ask Hazuki how she managed to become a pretty cure and she replies that do not know exactly but it's a hint to think what it really means to be a Pretty Cure.
04 A sweet pretty cure! The Born of Cure Sweet
Rikka start thinking right away about what means be a pretty cure while also receives faces a problem, the teacher of a kindergarten with this difficulty relating to her students right then Hazuki and Peter join her to help. In the garden of childhood Rikka learns more about what it might mean to be a Pretty Cure. In the battle Cure Marguerite seems to be having difficulty in defeat the monster since they are using children as a shield, then Rikka sees Hazuki effort to protect children and realizes the meaning of being a Cure, she reacts to the Star Clock and turns into Cure Sweet.
05 Let's work together as Pride Wish Pretty Cure!
Rikka has difficulty controlling her powers and so enlists the help of Hazuki, then combine to go to Hazuki's home to train, Rikka knows the dance school and also get to know the the family. In Hazuki's room Peter takes them to the Time Virtual World, a place where they could train in peace. In the battle after a disastrous start they can in order to work in a team as Pride Wish Pretty cure.
06 Club journalism VS the computer club'
The computer club wants to challenge the journalism club to see who gets the best raw. Rikka tries to convince Peter to let her do a story about the pretty cures, but he does not and leaves, then Rikka search another good story while discussing with the president of the computer club who confess to Hazuki that likes Rikka and want to call her attention. But a monster can get to stop all ... I wonder what will happen?
07 Let's make friends! Friendship strategy!
Hazuki still feels nervous about the presence of others but want to try to make friends, but her presence is so striking that students are afraid to talk to her, Rikka then tries to make others to be friends to be with Hazuki. Do evil organization comes with a powerful monster to disrupt the day.
08 Pretty Cure enter into a fight game?
Hazuki takes courage and Rikka asks if they would hang out in the weekend somewhere and Rikka accepted immediately, Hazuki planned to take her to a lot of places "chic and unusual" but Rikka then decides to take Hazuki and Peter for a fun ride in the city and go in a arcade, but a member of the organization takes the girls into a fighting game where our Pretty Cures will have to defeat 4 powerful enemies to get out of the game.
09 Rikka the great detective! Look for the books!
Everything starts with the concern of a classmate of our heroines. Taro is a boy who loves books and loves to stay in the library and think they are the only friends he has but note that some books start to get weird, Rikka then decides to find out what is happening.
10 Sisters discuss! Maiko wants attention
Maiko has begun making pranks at home and no one knows why, she is bad tempered and ignore Hazuki. Hazukia invites her to an ice cream, she accepts and is in good spirits until they meet with Rikka who asks Hazuki if she and her sister would not like to go up to the clothing store with her, but Maiko begins to say no and end just insulting Rikka leaving Hazuki irritates and makes her scream with her, Maiko gets frustrated, than startled and runs away in tears. Rikka then understands that Maiko perhaps longing to spend time with Hazuki, as always a monster arrives to disrupt.
11 Rikka super detective attacks again!'
A mystery surrounds the school, strange sounds in the school and something of value from school dissapears but Rikka the great detective reaches to solve the mystery.
12 Miyuki model spirit! The challenge of elegance!
The story begins with Hazuki walking down the aisle issuing her "aura of beauty/elegance aura" that leaves students impressed, she meets Rikka in the hallway and then comes a girl named Miyuki with her team of loyal followers, who boasts Miyuki, saying she was the most beautiful school and challenges Hazuki for a modeling contest. I wonder who will win?
13 Let's be pirates
The teacher talks about pirates life to her students leaving Rikka excited because she thinks that being a pirate and sail the seas would be really fun. A member of the organization also begins to be a fan of anime pirates because of "Pirates XRanger's" and see a commercial that showed where they are giving boats of the limited edition of the anime today, the evil decides to go there to get one. Rikka, Hazuki and Peter also decide to go and there will be a meeting that will bring many problems, why besides the evil monsters seem to be in love with Hazuki. Go Pirates Pride Wish pretty cure!.
14 Maiko Suspicions
Maiko begins to suspect that her sister is hiding something from her and spends the day following her. Will the secret of Hazuki and Rikka will be discovered?
15 Loving heart beat! Hazuki's love letters wave!
It's Valentines Day and it seems that Hazuki is being chased by boys and love letters that makes her nervous, a boy named Ryo, a cool boy in the school confesses Rikka that he would at least Hazuki read the love letter that he wrote for her. Rikka than decides to help him.
16 Peter is lost? The search in the big city
Peter ends up getting lost in the city and our heroines try to find him before the evil organization or the dangers of the city.
17 A great fight! Rikka and her mother are confusing
Rikka and her mother end up arguing and Hazuki tries to reconcile them, but they are impossible, a monster attacks Rikka's mother and her brother and our heroines go to save them. But Rikka mother and Youta end up discovering that they are pretty cures.
18 AHH Mama let me be a Pretty cure!
Rikka mother don't want her to be a pretty cure and risk her life in dangerous battles. Perhaps the end of time?
19 A precious flower to me'
Our heroines know a girl name Hana who loves flowers and is in a dilemma between her duty of the garden club and the secret garden that she is caring for, Hazuki and Rikka decide to help.
20 My sister is the most young Pretty Cure in history!? Cure Holy is here!
Maiko worries about her big sister, she says that she would like to help her with the work of Pretty Cure and begins to fantasize as heroine but not too sure, Ichigo tries to animate it but the two end up arguing, a monster attacks Ichigo and Maiko decides to risk getting hurt and may even end up reacting with the Star Clock becoming Cure Holy.
21 Hazuki has a fever!?
Hazuki gets sick. Her sister and Rikka is responsible for her care while she and her sister mother is out.
22 Youta towards the goal!
Youta worried about this soccer tournament and is very insecure, our heroines can help it.
23 Woah! The new girl in school is a famous singer!
A famous singer named Sakura Utako transfers to the school of our heroines.
24 Ichigo dream!
The best friend of Maiko is trying to find a dream for herself and Maiko and the others try to help her.
25 Let's compete! Cake showdown
A classmate of Rikka says that he is the best chef in the world and begins to scold the members of the dessert club, so Rikka decides to enter a cake competition against him.
26 Maiko dream!
Maiko and the others decide to go to the new observatory of the city and Maiko meets a boy who wants to be an astronaut and not want to do surgery because he is afraid of dying without completing his dream, Maiko try to convinces him to do the surgery.
27 A beautiful festival! Memories in fireworks
Hazuki and the others decide to invite Sakura to the festival and they remember their great moments of their lives.
28 Who is who? Hazuki and Maiko change bodies!?
In this chapter Hazuki and Maiko find a strange object that make them change their bodies.
29 The great challenge of Hazuki
Hazuki meets an old rival of her mother who also has a daughter, the two will have to compete in a dance challenge with a specific theme, Hazuki is in doubt about the subject choose.
30 Cure Pain great power! Our hopes must reborn!
The first battle between Pride Wish Pretty Cure VS Cure Pain. Pride Wish Pretty Cure lost agains her and become a little traumatized.
31 Cure Pain is Sakura Utako?
In this chapter our heroines finds that Sakura Utako is Cure Pain and try to defeat her but she is still stronger than them. When all seems lost emerge two mysterious shadows that help.
32 The legendary Cure's appears! Cure Lily and Cure Scarlet
In this chapter we find that the mother of Hazuki and Maiko is Cure Scarlet and Sakura mother is Cure Lily, our heroines are joined with the legendary pretty cures to save Sakura.
33 What is most important to you? Rebirth as Cure Serenade
After being saved by all Pretty Cures discovered that Sakura is the last pretty cure and that can turn into a cure, but she is afraid of becoming Cure Pain and hurt people who she loves. Sakura reborn as Cure Serenade.
34 Let's go to the Time Kingdom! The time trial!
Our heroines, now all gathered, decide it's time to purchase a new power so Peter decides take them to the Time Kigndom.
35 North, South, East and West, this is our new power
Pride Wish Pretty Cure get a new power.
36 We are famous?! Pride Wish Pretty Cure number one fan!
The Cure's discover they are quite famous in the city and know two friends who are super fans of Pretty Cures and want to know them, now the secret can be at risk?
37 Doki Doki! Maiko first love letter!
Maiko receives her first love letter.
38 The union of the family!
All the Cures decide to participate in a festival in the park for families to strengthen family ties. Sakura gets a little afraid to participate since she do not want to disappoint her parents.
39 Cavities are dangerous!
Rikka need to go to the dentist but she is very scared.
40 Boo! A Halloween at midnight
The school will make a Halloween party but seems that ghosts begin to want to spoil the preparations, so Detective Rikka decides to take the case.
41 The mysterious legend in the lake! Time does not pass
The families of our heroines take their children for a ride two days on a mysterious lake, but they discover that the day is repeating itself.
42 Let's eat Okonomiyaki!
Our friends make a new friend named Soichiro that he sells Okonomiyaki almost destroyed so our friends decide to help him.
43 Cure Scarlet first love! A passion history!
The love story of Cure Scarlet.
44 A chrismas miracle! To my beloved friends!
It's Chrismas and Hazuki decide to make a present for her friends.
45 The time collapse! Pretty cure must to fight!
Our friends have the essences of time stolen and time begins to collapse.
46 The best mothers in the world! To protect our daughters
Our heroines decide to face their greatest enemy and Kitao sister mom and Sakira mom decide to help. Cure Scarlet and Cure Lily take the rides of the battle.
47 The final battle! We are Pride Wish Pretty Cure
It is time to face the ultimate enemy.
48 Time is our friend let's grow together
Pretty Cure Wish Pride Win the ultimate enemy and discover that he is a girl so scared. So they decide to save her heart.
49 The last transformation! For the time that we saved!
Our Pretty Cures turn back to their normal lives and decide to get together to say goodbye to their Pretty Cure forms but they discover that their story is not over yet.