Surrender, mortal!
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Pretty Cure Nightmare Fantasy: Nanishiteruno, Deteike! (プリキュアナイトメアファンタジー:何してるの、出て行け!Purikyuanaitomeafantajī: Nanishiteruno, Deteike!) is the official movie of Pretty Cure Nightmare Fantasy.


Hahaha.... What-


Returning Characters

Movie-Exclusive Characters

  • Seymour Skinner - Is mad when he gets pranked on.
  • Cirno - Hires Roger and his clones to play a sick prank on Principal Skinner.
  • Spectral Winston - A cop. Yes, I know he's not a cop, but right here right now he's a cop.
  • Spectral Peter and Uraraka Ochako - Two FBI agents working for the FBI even though they shouldn't work for the FBI but they do work for the FBI because the FBI doesn't care about copyrighted characters in their squad for a fanfiction.
  • Cash Monies - Likes money so much that he encourages selling humans just as long as he gets the money.


  • Every character comes back here and now.
  • This is mostly from a dream but not really.
  • Just so you know, Jack fishes Mio to sell to a very wealthy man.

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