Pretty Cure Mix!: Celebrate! The Exciting Happy Birthday Adventure! is a movie for Pretty Cure Mix! season and the second movie by Cure Lucky.



Pretty Cure

  • Mai Homura (舞 ほむら)/ Cure Rush (キュアラッシュ)
    • Choleric Cure. The smartest student in her class, disliked by others. She is very active and hot-blooded girl and the leader of the team. Even it's so, it was too hard for Homura to find common ground with the other Cures. Her theme colour is indigo, and she controls the lightning.
  • Kimino Haruka (君野 はるか)/ Cure Flight (キュアフライト)
    • Phlegmatic Cure. Haruka becomes a Cure together with Homura. She is a very sporty member of soccer team and unlike Homura, she is bad at her studies and very lazy. So Homura has to teach her after lessons, what is actually useless. Her theme colour is sea green, and she controls the wind.
  • Misaki Momoko (美咲 ももこ)/ Cure Fantastic (キュアファンタスティック)
    • Sanguine Cure. Third member of the team and the friendliest of all 4 Cures, who makes a coherence and understanding between other Cures. She always helps others, even if it's not necessary. Her theme colour is pink, and she controls the space.
  • Natsume Hikari (夏樹 ひかり)/ Cure Beam (キュアビーム)
    • Melancholiac Cure. Momoko's best friend. She is slightly shy and becomes the fourth Cure in the team. Hikari is a girl, who always worries and has a problem in communication. Because when people are talking to her she is unfriendly and rude. Her theme colour is yellow, and she controls the light.


  • Homura's energetic fairy partner.
  • Shiyo
    • Haruka's sleepy fairy partner.
  • Soto
    • Momoko's funny fairy partner.
  • Moto
    • Hikari's pessimistic fairy partner.