Pretty Cure All Stars Shining Hearts!Forever Friends!
プリキュアオールスターシャイニング·ハーツ フォーエバーフレンズ
SeriesFutari Wa Pretty Cure Max Heart

Futari Wa Pretty Cure Splash Star Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! Fresh Precure! Heartcatch! Precure! Suite Precure! Smile Precure! DokiDoki Pretty Cure! Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! Lovely Pretty Cure!

 Pretty Cure All Stars Shining Hearts! Forever Friends is a All Stars movie made by WhiteColor, and Lovely Pretty Cure! Make their appaerance in all stars series.


Miracle Shining Light Rosie falls on the stage.

Rosie: Hello!

People watching: Hello!!

Rosie: This is what I call a falling entrance, Love!

Love: Sorry! 

Rosie: Oh, well. This is the Miracle Shining Lights!

Nagisa appears from the nothing with one, too.

Nagisa: If you use one of these here, a big miracle will happen!

Rosie: Oh, boy...

Saki appears too.

Saki: But it have things that you can't do with this and...


Nagisa and Saki: S-Sorry...

Rosie:Oh, back to here, there is things you can't do with this miracle light!

Nagisa: First! Don't put the miracle light closer from your eye!



Saki: Oh, ok. Second, don't spin the miracle light with your finger like a crazy. You can hurt someone!

Love falls too.

Love: And third, you can't pull the miracle light from your friend.

All 4: The movie is starting!!

Meeting the cures, in a big picnic

Rosie: Eh? What is this?

Cherry: I really don't remember that in THIS park had a...

Jade: Big Picnic!

Nagisa: Hey, Megumi, are you waiting someone?

Megumi: No... why?

Nagisa: You know who are these girls?

Sam jumps off from Rosie's bag

Sam: I can't stay in your bag so much longer, ~mu!

Mepple: Sam??

Sam: Hey, Mepple!

Rosie: This... can't be...

All from Lovely Pretty Cure: EEH?? THESE GIRLS ARE PRETTY CURE TOO?

Nagisa: Pretty Cure? Who said that?

Nagisa looks at Mepple.

Mepple: Ihh...

Nagisa: You were lucky. These girls are Pretty Cure too. But...

Mepple: I understand!! -Mepo!

Rosie: I am Kibouno Rosie. And these girls here are Yukida Cherry, Kise Lola, Doukawa Jade and Mizuno Helena!

Yayoi: Did you say Kise Lola?

Lola: Yeah, why?

Yayoi: I am Kise Yayoi!

Lola: Really! Amazing!

Nagisa: And I am Misumi Nagisa.

Rosie: I see... tell me something: why it have so many Pretty Cures?

Nagisa: I don't know. But it's amazing, huh?

Rosie: Aham. 

The villains are back

Rosie: What is that?

All villains appears again

Nagisa: Oh no...

Saki: They are the people that we battled against!

Rosie: Okay... why Queen Hateful is here too?

Nozomi: I don't know.

Dark King: This time, we will win!

Mana: You say it everytime and everytime you lose against us.

Yuri: She is right.

Kurumi: We will win, like the other times!


Nagisa & Honoka: Dual Aurora Wave!

Hikari: Luminous! Shining Stream!

Saki & Mai: Dual Spiritual Power!

Nozomi, Rin, Urara, Komachi & Karen: Precure, Metamorphose!

Kurumi: Skyrose, translate!

Love, Miki, Inori & Setsuna: Change, Pretty Cure! Beat up!

Tsubomi,Erika, Itsuki & Yuri: Pretty Cure, Open My Heart!

Hibiki, Kanade, Ellen & Ako: Let's Play! Precure, Modulation!

Miyuki, Akane, Yayoi, Nao & Reika: Pretty Cure, Smile Charge!

Mana, Rikka, Alice & Makoto: Pretty Cure, Love Link!

Megumi, Hime & Yuko: Kawarunrun! Pretty Cure, Kururin Mirror Change!!

Rosie, Cherry, Lola, Jade & Helena: Pretty Cure, Bright Love!

They starts to transform and talk their speech.

All: All together! Pretty Cure All Stars!

Azalea: Arienai.

Black: This is my line.


Iris: I don't know!

Dahlia: I believe in talking squirrels, I believe in talking squirrels!

Nuts: I am a talking squirrel -Natsu.

Dahlia: AAAAAAAH!!!!

Black: And when she yelled so loud?

Carnation: Since she borned.

Queen Hateful: So much talk!

Hateful make a wind what separes the cures

White: IT AGAIN?

Aqua: They like to do it, right?

Azalea: I don't wanna die!!

Bloom: And you NOT will gonna die! Or will?

Azalea: You aren't helping...

They are all separated.

Lead Cures

Black, Bloom, Dream, Peach and Blossom falls in a cinderella book.

Black: Where we are...

Dream: I knew, but I forgot...

All of the other leaders falls


Azalea: I wanna listen to the rest of my life, okay?

Bloom: We are into a Cinderella Story?

Azalea touchs Black

Azalea: Hey, Black...

Black: We are trying to think in something to leave out of here!

Azalea touchs again

Black: What's wrong?



Everyone starts to run

Black: I wanna be together with White again!!

Azalea: Everyone wants it. Now, RUN!

Blue, White and Green cures.

They fall into a Sleeping Beauty book.

Diamond: Where... we are...

Beauty: I don't know!

Iris: I don't wanna cut the talking here, but a Ankokudzura is here!

Beauty: And what in the world is that?

Carnation: Is this.

Carnation points to the monster.

Marine: Eh...

Mint: Run!!

Everybody starts to run.

Red, Yellow and Purple cures

They fall into a Beauty and a Beast book.

Rouge: What? Where is Dream and others?

Dahlia: Don't ask me THAT.

Moonlight: This looks...the beauty and a beast.

Sunny: It's true. 

Dahlia: Hey, someone asked for a giant monster?

Rosetta: No, why?

Dahlia: There is one in the big box! Run, people!

All of them starts to run. The monster was following them.

The Crystal Shoe, The Monster and The Lead Cures.

Black: Don't stop, go go go!

Azalea: It... stoped!

Everyone: EEH??

Bloom: Crystal... shoes...

Dream: What happens if we put one?

Bloom: Wait! It can be a trap!

???:If anyone of you wear this shoes, everyone here will die!

Bloom: It was a trap.

Blossom: And what happens if one of us wear the shoes?

???: The person is going to fall on a eternal sleep! I think!

Azalea: Without a chance!

Dream: Gave me.

Everyone: WHAT?

Dream: I am telling you, gave me this shoes!

Bloom gaves the shoes for Dream.

Dream: It doesn't fit. Hey, anyone here has the feet larger than mine?

Melody: Let me see.

Melody and the others were comparing the shoes, for see if it fits on someone's feet. But...

Azalea: Ih...

Dream: It fit in yours?

Azalea: No, but look at Black's feet!

Black: What?

They saw the shoes at left of Black's feet

Black: It- It fits well!

The White's tears

White: Hey, look! It stoped!

Iris: We're safe...

Egret: Not over yet!

???: I wanna see you cry and cry!

Diamond: Where you are?

???: Look, If you wanna know how the pink cures are, I can show you!

All: We want see them!

???: Okay, but first I will explain- If anyone cry, you will win a attack. If you try to don't see, you will win a attack. And here goes.

The blue cures were locked into walls and a big screen appears.

???: The pink cures, only one of them have to wear Crystal Shoes. But the person who wears this, will fall into a eternal sleep!

Diamond: I hope that the shoes doesn't fit any of them.

In the screen, Dream asks Bloom to gave her the shoes.

Aqua: Dream!!

Dream looks, but it doesn't fit.

Mint: That was close. 

And all of them were watching it. Then...

White: It can't be! 

White starts to cry. A sleep bomber attacked her.

White: What was that? 

???: Oh, I really forgot. The attack is for you sleep. If all of you sleep, you never will get out of there!

The big wolf's operation

Rosetta: This is a...big wolf?

Sunshine: Looks like that.

Luminous: Hey, if we are in the Beauty and the Beast...

~Coming Soon~

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