This transcript for Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3: Kibou no Tomodachi!


Yumeko, Keiko, Rena, Ringo, Mizuki, Era and Ann at the festival

Yumeko: Finally it's here! Famous Hikari Town festival!

Mizuki: A lot of people from other places, even those who aren't Japanese are here.

Rena: Festival in our town is very famous.

Ringo: I heared an Idol from Ogai Town will be here!

Mizuki: I'm sure we'll see a lot of interesting things here.

Yumeko: Look! Here is ice cream stand! And takoyaki too! They also have okonomiyaki. And is that famous Panpakapan bread shop?

Keiko: Every thing she see about this festival is food...

Rena: This really is like Yumeko-san!

Era: Why is Hikari Town festival so popoular anyway?

Mizuki: Hikari Town festival is very old. There are also a lot of things happening, also a lot of things that aren't usual for festivals. A lot of people come becouse of diffrent events that are happening.

Ann: How old is the festival?

Rena: We don't really know. But my grandmother told me, that her grandmother's grandomother had very famous ice cream stand here.

Ringo: It's even older than I thought it was!

Yumeko: ... and chocolatte, pancakes, cakes...

Keiko: She is still talking only about food. Yumeko, festival is about other things too, you know?

Yumeko: Look, Kei-chan, here are your favorite cupcakes!

Keiko: Where, where?

Rena: Looks like she is interested in food too...

(Rena, Ringo and Mizuki looks at each other and smiles)

Yumeko: Ok! We'll all have a lot of fun on the festival! I know something special will happen today!

After that opening is shown.

Time Girl and Time Shadows

Time Girl: (Flying in the sky with time shadows) Looks like humans are really enjoying this festival. And there is a lot of them too. Today is really right time to stop the time! Let's go Time Shadows! 

(Time shadows are landing on the earth)

Time Girl: Soon everything will stop... 

Yumeko, Keiko, Rena, Ringo and Mizuki meet Mana, Rikka, Alice, Makoto and Aguri.

Ringo: Ok, where are we going next?

Rena: Let's look around a bit, I'm sure we'll found something interesting.

Mizuki: Yes you are right. Let's go.

Keiko: I just noticed, where are Era and Ann?

Mizuki: They said they had something too do and went somewhere. But they didn't tell much about it. 

Keiko: Let's go then. Look this look intere.... 

Yumeko: Look everyone! There are flying cakes!

Keiko: Like something like that could be true... (slowly turns around) Wait they are really flying!

(Everyone turns around and see flying cakes too).

Rena: What is going on?

(Mizuki notice baby flying after cakes)

Mizuki: Is this flying baby making cakes fly?

(Rena, Keiko, Ringo and Yumeko now saw baby too)

Keiko: Thisi s really strange... Maybe Era and Ann will know something about this... Wait! Yumeko! Ringo! What are you two doing!

Yumeko: Chasing cakes!

Ringo: We are going to eat all of them!

Keiko: You both ate a lot already! 

Mizuki: You are talking, you ate as much as they did.

Keiko: Did I really?

(Yumeko and Ringo are still chasing cakes and baby when suddenly Yumeko trip over the stone)

???: Watch out!

(Mana suddenly appear and catch Yumeko so she didn't fall. When two of them see each other they look in each other's eyes for long time)

Mana: Are you all right?

Yumeko: Yes, thank you.

Mana: You're welcome. I'm Oogai First Middle School student council president Aida Mana. And you two are?

Yumeko: I'm Tsukino Yumeko. Nice too meet you!

Ringo: I'm Kiraki RIngo. 

Mana: Nice too meet you too! Wait Ai-chan! Come here!

(Baby flew to Mana and cakes fell on the ground)

???: Mana!

(Rikka, Alice, Makoto and Aguri came after Mana).

Rikka: Did you ran of and play Happy Prince again?

Mana: I found Ai-chan! And I found new friends. Thery are Tsukino Yumeko and Kiraki Ringo. Yumeko, Ringo-chan this are Hishikawa Rikka, Yotsuba Alice, Kenzaki Makoto and Madoka Aguri.

Yumeko: Nice too meet you.

Alice: Nice too meet you, Yumeko-chan, Ringo-chan.

Ringo: Kenzaki Makoto? You mean this idol from Oogai town Makopi?

Makoto: Well... Yes that's me.

Rikka: Don't try and change subject! You really are playing happy prince too much!

Keiko: Yumeko!

(Keiko, Rena and Mizuki finnaly came after Yumeko and Ringo).

Yumeko: Kei-chan!

Keiko: Why did you two just run after that flying cakes? Do you think about anything else but food?

Yumeko: I'm sorry they just look so delicious! Look Kei-chan this are Aida Mana, Hishikawa Rikka, Yotsuba Alice, Kenzaki Makoto and Madoka Aguri. This are my friends Akamura Keiko, Yamamoto Rena and Ayuzawa Mizuki.

Alice: Nice too meet you, everyone.

Keiko: Don't try to change subject!

Makoto: Why do I have feeling...

Aguri: I just saw this somewhere.

Alice: This two really are like Mana-chan and Rikka-chan.

(Mizuki notice Mana is holding baby from before)

Mizuki: Do you know this baby that made cakes fly?

Mana: Yes, her name is Ai-chan.

Ringo: She is so cute!

Yumeko: Yes she really is!

(Ai-chan smiles)

Rena: Her smile really make people happy!

Keiko: She really is... Wait that isn't the problem here!

Mizuki: How did this cakes flew?

Mana: Well, this is... How should I said it...

Alice: Look at the time. Doesn't Makoto's concert starts soon?

Mana: That's right Makopi, you can't be late. Let's go. (She turns to Yumeko, Keiko, Rena, Ringo and Mizuki). Do you want to come with us?

Ringo: Yes! Let's go! I really want to see Makopi's singing in live!

Yumeko: We are coming with you of course!

(All girls went to the place of Makoto's concert)

Pretty Cure ran in each other

Max Heart & Splash star

Nagisa: Now, where are we going next?

Honoka: If we look around I'm sure we'll find something interesting.

Hikari: It'll be nice to meet everyone here.

Honoka: Yes, this festival is so popoular that I'm sure they'll be here.

(Not far away Saki and Mai are walking)

Saki: Where are we going next?

Mai: Why don't we look around a bit. Maybe we'll meet everyone else.

Saki: Yes that would be great!

(Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari are walking and Nagisa notice Saki and Mai)

Nagisa: They are really here! Saki! Mai!

(Saki and Mai now notice Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari too)

Saki: Nagisa! Honoka! Hikari! (She ran to them and Nagisa and Saki hug each other) It's been really long we saw each other.

Nagisa: That's true! I can't believe it was so long!

(Nagisa and Saki continue with their talking. Mai looks at Honoka and Hikari)

Mai: Those two really never changes.

Honoka: You are right about that.

(Honoka, Mai and Hikari just look at each other and smiles)

Fresh, Heartcatch and Suite

(Hibiki, Kanade, Ellen and Ako are walking from other side Tsubomi, Erika, Itsuki and Yuri are coming and from third side, Love, Miki, Inori and Setsuna are coming suddenly the paths on which they are walking came together)

Hibiki: Tsubomi, Love, everyone!

Ako: You see, I told you we'll see others here.

Setsuna: When there is festival or party like that we always meet each other.

Ellen: You are really right about that.

Yuri: Looks like it'll be very energetic festival again.

Erika: You say that Yuri-san, but actually you are happier to see everyone else from us all.

Kanade: It's been very long since we saw each other but it's like nothing changed.

Love: Now we just have to met everyone else too and we'll get our happiness again!

Yes Pretty Cure 5 and Smile Pretty Cure

Miyuki: I wonder if we'll meet Mana-chan and others.

Reika: I'm sure we will.

Akane: All of us love festivals and parties so I'm sure they'll all be here.

Nao: Yes you are right.

(Just then Nozomi, Rin, Urara, Komachi, Karen and Kurumi came from the other side of path)

Yaoyi: Look, it's Nozomi-san and others!

Miyuki: They are really here! Nozomi! Everyone!

(Nozomi and others notice them now too)

Nozomi: Miyuki! Akane! Yaoyi! Nao! Reika!

Teams are soon together.

Rin: Just like I said - everyone is here for sure.

Karen: Well for now we only meet Miyuki, Akane, Yaoyi, Nao and Reika. It doesn't mean everyone else is here.

Komachi: But actually you are sure they are here too.

Miyuki: They are here, I'm sure of it. Because this festival is Ultra Happy!

Nozomi: Yes! We are going to find them! It's decided!

Makoto singinig song bird

(Mana, Rikka, Alice, Aguri, Yumeko, Keiko, Rena, Ringo and Mizuki are standind and watching the stage. Makoto will soon start to sing)

Ringo: I'll watch Makopi singing in live! It still feels like a dream.

Mana: I understand how do you feel. Makopi's ssinging just make you feel so good.

(Makoto comes on stage and start to sing)

While she is singing:

At the begining it shows her dancing as she always looks at begining of song. Then picture comes to Mana, Rikka, Alice, Aguri, Keiko, Rena and Mizuki who are just smiling, then it went to Ringo, her eyes are shining and she is very excited, then it shows Yumeko. At the begining song just moved her so she was just listening with open mouth but then she close them and smiles.

Then picture jumps to Fresh, Heartcatch and Suite team. It shows Hibiki, Tsubomi and Love talking with each other, then Kanade, Erika and Miki and Inori, Itsuki and Ako. At the end it shows Ellen, Yuri and Setsuna.

Then it shows Yes Pretty Cure 5 and Smile Pretty Cure team. Nozomi, Miyuki, Yaoyi, Kurumi and Urara are talking very energetic with each other, Rin, Akane and Nao are in talk about sports and Komachi, Karen, and Reika are also talking and smiling while looking at other cures.

Then it shows Splash Star and Max Heart team. Saki and Nagisa are sitting and eathing a lot of chocolate. Mai and Honoka looks at each other and smiles in way 'they are so similiar' Hikari smiles too.

It comes back to Makoto singing and Light and Doki Doki and 5 Lights team listening to her. At the end it shows her dance again and then song ends.

Time Shadows appear

(Mana, Rikka, Alice, Makoto, Aguri, Yumeko, Keiko, Rena, Ringo and Mizuki are walking on the street of festival)

Ringo: Makopi this was really the best stage I every saw!

Yumeko: Yes, you are right.

Rena: Makoto-san, you are really good singer. I felt a lot of love in your singing. 

Makoto: Thank you... But I'm not really that good.

Mana: Yes you are! You are just the best singer ever, Makopi!

(Suddenly strange shadows feel on the earth and turn in strange monsters. All girls look at them suprised)

Keiko: What are this monsters?

Aguri: They doesn't look like something I saw before.

Keiko: Is it normal for you to see monsters every day or what?

Mana: Monsters, nice too meet you, I'm Oogai First School Student Council President, Aida Mana.

Rikka: You just introducted yourself to monsters? Isn't it logical that they aren't our friends?

Makoto: What are you?

One of Time Shadows: We are Time Shadows.

Aguri: Time Shadows?

Time Shadow: That's right. We are here to do our mission.

Mizuki: Your mission?

Time Shadow: That's right. Let's go!

(All of monsters start to run around and people started to run away too. At the end only ten girls are still there).

5 Lights Pretty Cure and Doki Doki Pretty Cure transformation

Mana: Everyone came to enjoy festival and now you scared them all away!

Yumeko: We can't let you do as you like! Everyone!

Keiko: What are you saying! These girls are here!

Yumeko: But we have to stop this monster. We'll explain them later.

Mizuki: Yumeko is right, we have to do something.

Rena and Ringo: Yes!

Yumeko: Ok! Everyone, Let's go!

Yumeko, Keiko, Rena, Ringo and Mizuki: Pretty Cure! Light Change!

Cure Feeling: Heart of Hope, Cure Feeling!

Cure Flame: Fire of Courge, Cure Flame!

Cure Earth: Rose of Love, Cure Earth!

Cure Gold: Sun of Happiness, Cure Gold!

Cure Bubble: River of Intelligence, Cure Bubble!

All 5: Protect everyone's feelings. 5 Lights Pretty Cure!

(Transformation sequence end. Mana, Rikka, Alice, Makoto and Aguri are looking at 5 Lights Pretty Cure girls)

Makoto: 5 Lights Pretty Cure...

Alice: So Yumeko-chan and others are Pretty Cure.

(Mana looks very happy about it)

Aguri: We have to go too!

Mana: Yes. Let's go! Rikka, Alice, Makopi, Aguri-chan!

Mana, Rikka, Alice, Makoto: Pretty Cure! Love Link!

Aguri: Pretty Cure! Dress Up!

Cure Heart: Brimming with love! Cure Heart!

Cure Diamond: The light of wisdom! Cure Diamond!

Cure Rosetta: The warmth of the sun! Cure Rosetta!

Cure Sword: The blade of courage! Cure Sword!

Cure Ace: The trump card of love! Cure Ace!

All 5: Resonate! The beat of love! Doki Doki! Pretty Cure!

Cure Flame: Pretty Cure?

Cure Earth: There are other cures too?

Cure Heart: Let's go together 5 Lights Pretty Cure. Nice too meet you, we are Doki Doki Pretty Cure!

Cure Feeling: Yes, nice too meet you too!

Doki Doki Pretty Cure and 5 Lights Pretty Cure vs Time Shadows

Time Shadow: Pretty Cure? There are ten of them... That's a lot!

Cure Diamond: If you think 10 is too much then you'll have very bad suprise!

Time Shadow: We don't care how many of you are here! There are much more of us!

(Time shadows attack cures)

Cure Diamond: Pretty Cure! Diamond Shower!

(One of Time Shadows Freeze other Time Shadow send attack to where ten cures are standing)

Cure Rosetta: Pretty Cure! Rosetta Reflection!

(Attack is stoped and Time Shadows are still attacking cures)

Cure Sword: Pretty Cure! Sparkle Sword!

Cure Ace: Ace Mirror Flash!

Cure Heart: Pretty Cure! Heart Shoot!

(It looks like Time Shadows are defeated but then they stand up again)

Cure Diamond: It can't be!

Cure Sword: Our attacks aren't working!

Other Cures appear

Time Shadows: Looks like it's time to show you our real power!

???: Wait right here! (Cures and Time Shadows turn around there are 28 girls standing behind them)

Cure Heart: Everyone! 

Cure Flame: Are you saying all this girls are Pretty Cure too?

Nagisa: Everyone let's go!

Other 27 girls: Ok!

Nagisa and Honoka: Dual Aurora Wave!

Hikari: Luminous! Shining Stream!

Saki and Mai: Dual Spiritual Power!

Nozomi, Rin, Urara, Komachi, Karen: Pretty Cure! Metamorphose!

Kurumi: Skyrose Translate!

Love, Miki, Inori, Setsuna: Change! Pretty Cure! Beat Up!

Tsubomi, Erika, Itsuki, Yuri: Pretty Cure! Open My Heart!

Hibiki, Kanade, Ellen, Ako: Let's Play! Pretty Cure! Modulation!

Miyuki, Akane, Yaoyi, Nao, Reika: Pretty Cure! Smile Charge!

Cure Black: Emissary of Light, Cure Black!

Cure White: Emissary of Light, Cure White!

Shiny Luminous: Shining life, Shiny Luminous!

Cure Bloom: The gleaming golden flower, Cure Bloom!

Cure Egret: The sparkling silver wing, Cure Egret!

Cure Dream: The great power of hope, Cure Dream!

Cure Rouge: The red flame of passion, Cure Rouge!

Cure Lemonade: The effervescent scent of lemon, Cure Lemonade!

Cure Mint: The green earth of tranquility, Cure Mint!

Cure Aqua: The blue spring of intelligence, Cure Aqua!

Milky Rose: The blue rose is emblem of secrets! Milky Rose!

Cure Peach: The pink heart is the symbol of love. freshly-picked, Cure Peach!

Cure Berry: The blue heart is the symbol of hope. freshly-gathered, Cure Berry!

Cure Pine: The yellow heart is the sign of prayers. freshly- harvested, Cure Pine!

Cure Passion: The scarlett heart is the proof of happiness. freshly-ripene, Cure Passion!

Cure Blossom: The flower that blooms upon the earth, Cure Blossom!

Cure Marine: The flower that sways in the sea breeze, Cure Marine!

Cure Sunshine: The flower that bathes in the rays of the sun, Cure Sunshine! 

Cure Moonlight: The flower that gleams in the light of the moon, Cure Moonlight! 

Cure Melody: Strumming the wild tune, Cure Melody! 

Cure Rhythm: Strumming the tranquil tune, Cure Rhythm! 

Cure Beat: Strumming the soul's tune, Cure Beat! 

Cure Muse: Strumming the tune of the goddess, Cure Muse! 

Cure Happy: Twinkling and Shining, the light of the future! Cure Happy! 

Cure Sunny: The brilliant Sun! Hot-Blooded Power! Cure Sunny!

Cure Peace: Sparkling and Glittering! Rock,Paper,Scissors! Cure Peace! 

Cure March: Intense Courage! A straight-out Bout! Cure March! 

Cure Beauty: The snow, falling and gathering! A noble Heart! Cure Beauty! 

(5 Lights Pretty Cure is looking at 28 cures suprised) 

Cure Heart: Everyone let's go too! (jumps to the place where other 28 cures are standing) 

Cure Diamond, Rosetta, Sword, Ace: Ok! (Jumps after her. 5 Lights Pretty Cure doesn't say anything but jumps after them too)          

Cure Heart: Brimming with love! Cure Heart!

Cure Diamond: The light of wisdom! Cure Diamond!

Cure Rosetta: The warmth of the sun! Cure Rosetta!

Cure Sword: The blade of courage! Cure Sword!

Cure Ace: The trump card of love! Cure Ace!

Cure Feeling: Heart of Hope, Cure Feeling!

Cure Flame: Fire of Courge, Cure Flame!

Cure Earth: Rose of Love, Cure Earth!

Cure Gold: Sun of Happiness, Cure Gold!

Cure Bubble: River of Intelligence, Cure Bubble!

All Cures: All together Pretty Cure All Stars!

Cure Flame: Ok... Since when are there so many cures?

Cure Gold: Yes what is going on?

Cure Rhythm: I must say I undersstand your feelings very well.

Cure Pine: We were all suprised too.

Cure Marine: Yes I still remember how me and Blossom were suprised when we met everyone at fairy park.

Cure Lemonade: We really have a lot of amazing memories as Pretty Cure!

Cure Peace: But this number is really big... How many of us are here anyway?

Cure Rosetta: There is 38 Pretty Cure at the moment.

Cure Dream: That's amazing. And we thought there is a lot of us when we met each other for the first time and there was only 14 of us!

Cure Moonlight: We can continue this talk later. Don't forget we are in the middle of the battle!

Cure Dream: Now that you mention it I really forgot.

Time Girl Appear

Time Shadow: No matter how many of you are here we won't lose!

Other Time Shadow: But 38 is maybe still to many...

Time Shadow: It's not! We will win... I hope....

Other Time Shadow: You hope?

Cure Diamond: I told you you'll have bad suprise if you think 10 is a lot!

Time Shadow: What's 38.... We could win if there was 1000 of you! Let's go Time Shadows.

(All time Shadows attacked cures)

Cure Mint: Pretty Cure Emerald Saucer!

Cure Sunshine: Sunflower Aegis!

Cure Rosetta: Pretty Cure Rosetta Reflection!

Cure Gold: Pretty Cure Double Shield!

(Attacks are stoped)

Cure Aqua: Pretty Cure Saphirre Arrow!

Cure Pine: Pretty Cure, Healing Prayer Fresh!

Cure Blossom: Blossom Shower!

Cure March: Pretty Cure March Shoot!

Cure Sunny: Pretty Cure Sunny Fire!

Cure Muse: Pretty Cure Shining Circle!

Cure Bubble: Pretty Cure Water Shower!

(Time Shadows feel on the floor. After thar mascots that aren't part of transformation items came)

Cure Feeling: Era, Ann!

Cure Peach: Everyone, where did you go?

Coco: We felt something was wrong-coco.

Era: Looks like we were right-ra.

(Time Shadows got up)

Time Shadows: That's nothing. We will win!

???: Looks like you have some troubles.

(Suddenly girl appear)

Time Girl: Looks like you have some troubles Time Shadows.

Time Shadow: That's not true. We will just defeat pretty cure and then do our mission.

Time Girl: It'll take too long. We'll just have to split work.

(Time Girl turn to Pretty Cure)

Cure Sword: Who are you?

Time Girl: My name is Time Girl.

Cure Moonlight: Time Girl?

Time Girl: Yes. That's me.

Cure Blossom: Were you the one who sent Time Shadows?

Time Girl: You are right. I send them to complete the mission. But I didn't thought Pretty Cure will interupt. 

Cure Peach: What are you planning? Why did you interupt everyone's fun on this festival?

Time Girl: I don't care about that festival. It's not my fault that humans had this festival just when I wanted to do my plan.

Cure Passion: What is that plan about which you were talking about for a while?

Cure Beat: Why did you send Time Shadowss to attack the Earth?

Time Girl: Interesting questions. My plan is only one. I will stop time on Earth forever.

Cure Mint: Stop the time...

Cure Beauty: Does that mean everything will just stop?

Time Girl: That's right. Everything. Cars, Planes, Rain, People.... Everything will be still forever.

Cure Dream: That can't be!

Cure Feeling: Everyone's future's will just disappear?

Time Girl: That's right. This world won't have any future anymore!

Cure Heart: We won't let you do that! 

Cure Happy: Everyone's smiles,

Cure Melody: everyone's feelings,

Cure Blossom: everyone's flowers,

Cure Peach: everyone's happiness,

Cure Dream: everyone's dreams.

Cure Bloom: We won't let you stole them!

Cure Black:  We will protect them!

Cure Feeling: That's right we won't lose to someone like you!

Pretty Cure gets separated

Time Girl: I won't let you interfere with my plan Pretty Cure!

(Time Girl makes five portals. Suddenly strange wind starts to blow)

Cure Happy: What's going on?

Cure Aqua: It can't be...

Cure Mint: They are going to seperate us again?

Cure Berry: Everyone hold on! We can't get seperated at time like this!

Cure White: That's right, if we aren't together we can't protect the Earth from time stop!

Cure Egret: We have to be stronger than this wind!

(Pretty Cure tried but wind was stronger. They were send to five portals)

Time Girl: Now that Pretty Cure are out of way I can do it. Time Shadows! Go after them and defeat them. Also take form of monsters they usually fight!

(Time Shadows went after Pretty Cure)

First Pretty Cure Group fell from the portal

(Cure Feeling, Cure Heart and Cure Happy fell from the portal)

Cure Heart: What is this place?

Cure Happy: Where is everyone else?

(Cure Peach, Cure Blossom and Cure Melody fell from the portal)

Cure Peach: What is this place?

Cure Blossom: Were we really separated again?

Cure Melody: Looks like it.

(Cure Black, Cure Bloom and Cure Dream fell from the portal)

Cure Black: What is this place?

Cure Feeling: You are third person that asked that.

Cure Dream: Where is everyone else?

Cure Bloom: Looks like we were separated again.

Cure Feeling: You are just saying same things... But I want to know answer to this questions too.

Cure Happy: So we all want know answers for same questions.

(They hear some noise and Time Shadows appear in front of them)

Cure Peach: Time Shadows!

Cure Heart: Where is everyone else? What is this place?

Time Shadow: You are in Past Garden.

Cure Dream: Past Garden?

Cure Black: What is Past Garden?

Time Shadow: It's the place you have to defeat something you already defeat!

(Time Shadow clap with its hands and suddenly all monsters pretty cure fought appear)

Cure Happy: There's to many of them! There's only 9 of us and there are so many monsters!

Cure Black: We'll do it somehow. We have to do something!

Cure Dream: That's right, we have to end this as soon as possible and join with others before it's to late.

Cure Heart: That's right! Everyone let's go!

Second Pretty Cure Group Fell

(Nine cures fell from portal in room with some chairs)

Cure Diamond: Where is everyone else?

Cure White: Looks like we were separated from Black and others again.

Cure Aqua: Wait! What are this chairs?

Cure Bubble: This place looks like classroom.

Cure 'Mint: Now that you mention it it really does.

Cure Egret: It remainds me on our classroom.

Cure Earth: Well I'm sure your classroom have something this classroom doesn't have.

Cure Egret: What?

Cure Earth: Door.

Cure Rhythm: Wait! If there is no door how will we get out?

Cure Beauty: Don't worry! If there is way in, there have to be way out too.

Cure Diamond: We have to find it and join Heart and others!

???: That won't happen!

(All cures turn around. There is Time Shadow)

Cure White: Time Shadow!

Time Shadow: Now class, time to sit down!

(All cures look at Time Shadow)

Cure Rhythm: What did you mean by that?

Time Shadow: When teacher said sit down class is about to start.

Cure Earth: So you are saying...

Time Shadow: Yes, nice too meet you, I'm Time Shadow-sensei. Now sit down class.

Cure Diamond: This isn't time for that. Who will even have Time Shadow for teacher?

Time Shadow: That's not the way to talk with your teacher! (It sends attack to Cure Diamond. Cure Diamond didn't except it so it hit her)

Cure Beauty: Diamond, are you all right?

Cure Diamond: I'll be ok... But I still don't really understand what is going on.

Cure Aqua: For now we should just sit down and see what it's he planing to do!

(Cures sit down)

Time Shadow: Now we are going to have test.

(Papers appear in front of cures. They read first quiestion. 'What is Time Shadow's favorite food?'

Cure Rhythm(ask Cure Beauty quiet): Do you know answer?

Time Shadow: That's bad girl! You have to answer quiestions yourself! (Sends attack to Cure Rhythm)

Cure Aqua: That's not fair! How are we supposed to know everything about Time Shadow profile? 

Time Shadow: If you would study you'll know answer. Bad girl! (Sends attack to Cure Aqua, but she expect it already)

Cure Aqua: Pretty Cure Saphirre Arrow! (She stoped attack)

Time Shadow:  Time over! All give back tests!

Cure Egret: We didn't even have it for two minutes!

Time Shadow (Looking at tests): You are all very bad! You all fail! (Send attack to all nine of them but they all move in right time)

Cure White: Just tell us how can we get out of here already!

Time Shadow: It's very hard, you won't be able to do it!

Cure Diamond: It doesn't mater just tell us!

Time Shadow: You can win if you answer all quiestions I'm going to give you in the quiez correct! 

Cure Mint: That doesn't sound hard.

Cure Bubble: It doesn't sound hard, but it'll be if quiestions will be about Time Shadows.

Cure Earth: But that's only chance to get out here!

Cure White: Are we going to try?

Other 8: Yes!

Cure White: As you see we are going to do it! Now give us first question!

Third group fell from the portal

(Cure Ace, Cure Sword, Cure Muse and Cure Beat fell from the portal)

Cure Sword: This place is...

Cure Ace: There are a lot of mirrors.

Cure Muse: Were we separated from others?

Cure Beat: Looks like it... Someone else is coming!

(Cure Moonlight, Cure Passion, Milky Rose and Shiny Luminous fell from the portal)

Cure Passion: There are really a lot of mirrors... 

Milky Rose: Looks like Time Girl seperated us.

Shiny Luminous: We have to hurry up an find others.

Cure Moonlight: We have to find way out first.

???: This won't be so easy!

(Time Shadow appear)

Cure Beat: Time Shadow!

Cure Passion: What did you mean? Do you know how can we get out of here?

Time Shadow: I do. But as I told you it won't be easy.

Cure Sword: What must we do?

Time Shadow: To get out you'll have to defeat yourselfs.

Cure Ace: Defeat ourselfs?

Cure Moonlight: What does that mean?

(Time Shadow clap with its hands and mirrorss disappear. Instead they appear on the beach. They Suddenly saw eight people who came there. When they come close they see that they look a lot like them)

Cure Sword: This are.... us?

Time Shadow: Let me introduce you to Shadow Cure's. They are your dark our past selfs. To get out here you must defeat them.

Cure Muse: Our dark, past selfs?

Time Shadow: That's right. This cures are your dark parts. Things you are worried about or what you used to be in past.

(Shadow Cures came and attack cures. They are still all at the same place but they can't watch others they are all busy with their dark selfs that attacked them)

Shadow Luminous: I'm diffrent than others. I don't understand some things that are normal for everyone... Why can't I just be normal. (talking while fighting with Shiny Luminous. She noticed that in past she used to sometimes think about that and stoped for a bit, Shadow Luminous used this moment to attack her)

Shadow Rose: Why must I fight with them? She is so childish someone like her can't be Pretty Cure! (While fighting with Milky Rose. She notice that she used to think like that about Nozomi and Shadow Rose use this moment to attack her)

Shadow Passion: I'm Shadow Passion. Or should I say Eas, servant of Moebius-sama! That's your real self, right? You want to make people sad, right? (Cure Passione remebers her past as Eas which give Shadow Passion chance to attack)

Shadow Moonlight: I lost Cologne and I failed as Pretty Cure, but I have to fight alone! I don't need partners! (Cure Moonlight remebers how she used to be depresed because this things and Shadow Moonlight had chance to attack)

Shadow Beat: Why was Hummy chosen to sing Melody of Happiness? I'll show her! I'll sing melody of sorrow and make all world sad! (Beat remebers her past and Shadow Beat attack)

Shadow Muse: I'm all alone, I can't fight with others they don't know my feelings, they don't know I can't fight my dad! (Shadow Muse attacked Muse)

Shadow Sword: I failed to protect Thrump Kingdom! I can't find princess, I'm all alone! (Sword remembers her past and Shadow Sword have chance to attack)

Shadow Ace: I can't win alone but others aren't strong enough. They have to get much stronger, they need much more training! (Ace remembers about her past and Shadow Ace have chance to attack)

(Time Shadow watch)

Time Shadow: They won't be able to defeat their past selfs they are running from!

Fourth Group fell from portal

(Cure Flame, Cure March and Cure Sunny fell from portal)

Cure Flame: This place looks like sports ground.

Cure March: You are right about that.

Cure Sunny: Well I'm good at sports so if we are doing something sports related I'm ok!

(Cure Sunshine, Cure Marine and Cure Rouge fell from the portal)

Cure Sunshine: This place is....?

Cure Rouge: It looks like sports ground...

Cure Flame: Yes, we noticed that too.

Cure Marine: Do you know why am I here?

Cure Sunny: What are you talking about?

Cure Marine: I was with blue cures last time!

Cure Flame:  Last time? Were you separate before?

Cure Rouge: Looks like this time we weren't separated by colour. 

Cure March: We don't have time to lose, we have to find exit and then others!

(Suddenly Time Shadow appear)

Cure Sunshine: Time Shadow!

Time Shadow: I heard you are looking for exit.

Cure Sunny: Do you know how can we get out here?

Time Shadow: Sure, you just have to win sports games and then you can go.

Cure Flame: That doesn't sound hard, I'm good at sports.

Cure Marine: That's right, we won't have any problem with this.

Cure Sunshine: But we don't know if he sets any traps! Games we play as cures are always full of cheating.

Cure Rouge: But this is only thing we can do!

Cure Sunny: That's right. Let's go everyone.

Time Shadow: So you are ready. Right. First game is socer. You can chose who will go. You need two members.

Cure March and Cure Rouge: If it's about socer I'm going! (They looked suprised at each other and then went after Time Shadow. Suddenly they appear at the place where they are going to play soccer).

Cure Rouge: Let's go March!

Cure March: Ok, Rouge!

Time Shadow: Now let's start game!

Fifth group fell from the portal

(Cure Lemonade, Cure Peace and Cure Gold fell from the portal)

Cure Lemonade: This place looks interesting!

Cure Peace: I have to agree with that.

Cure Gold: I agree too.... But wait, where are others?

(Cure Berry, Cure Pine and Cure Rosetta fell from portal)

Cure Pine: This place is....

Cure Rosetta: It looks very interesting!

Cure Pine: That's true!

Cure Berry: That's not the problem! We have to find exit and then join with others!

???: This won't be so easy!

(Time Shadow appear)

Cure Berry: Time Shadow!

Time Shadow: It's to hard to find exit. You won't find it.

Cure Rosetta: What are you talking about?

Time Shadow: You have to fin exit from this labyrinth if you want to get out, and that is very hard!

Cure Pine: No mater how hard it is we will join with everyone else!

Cure Berry: That's right.

Time Shadow: Good luck then, Pretty Cure! (He disappear)

Cure Peace: I must say thiss thing is still interesting!

Cure Lemonade and Cure Gold: Yes, you are right!

Cure Berry: I said this isn't problem already!


(The place where festival was is now totaly messed up. Mascot except Mepple, Mipple, Pollun, Flappy, Choppy, Sharuru, Raquel, Lance and Dabyi are hiding from Time Girl and some Time Shadows that stayed with her)

Candy: Where did Pretty Cure go-kuru?

Nuts: Looks like they were send to diffrent diamensions again-nuts.

Chypre: What can we do now-desue?

Tart: Only one who can stop Time Girl are Pretty Cure.

Syrup: But they aren't here-rupu.

Hummy: It's alright-nya. We just have to believe in Pretty Cure-nya!

Pop: That's right. Pretty Cure will come back for sure.

Ai: Ai! Ai!

Ann: But they don't have a lot of time-ann.

Coco: Time Shadows will try to stop time soon-coco.

Potpourri: Is there any way we can hold them on until Pretty Cure return?

Era: Maybe we can, but first we have to know how are they actually going to stop the time-ra.

Hummy: How are we going to find that out-nya?

Candy: Maybe we should go a bit closer to hear what are they talking about-kuru.

Tart: But that's too dangerous, they can notice us!

Coffret: But this is only thing we can do-desu!

Coco: Thet's true-coco.

Pop: Let's go everyone then.

(Mascots are trying to get closer to Time Girl and Time Shadows withouth them noticing them.

Leaders vs Monsters

(Pretty Cures are fighting monsters. They are good at it but there is no end to them)

Cure Black: There is no end of them!

Cure Bloom: If that goes on for much longer we won't be able to return in our world in the time

Cure Melody: We have to hurry up! We doesn't have much time to lose!

Cure Dream: We should do it quicklier!

Cure Peach: We have to do it in one shot!

Other 8: Yes!

Cure Peach: Pretty Cure Love Sunshine Fresh!

Cure Blossom: Pretty Cure Pink Forte Wave!

Cure Melody: Pretty Cure Music Rondo!

Cure Heart: Pretty Cure Heart Shoot!

Cure Happy: Pretty Cure Happy Shower!

(Cure Black and Bloom can't do any attack withaout White an Egret, so each of them just punch one of monsters very hard)

Cure Feeling: Pretty Cure Shining Heart!

Cure Dream: Pretty Cure Shooting Star!

(They defeat almost all of the monsters, only four more are left)

Cure Black: There are only four more until all of them! 

Cure Peach: This was much faster than I expected!

(Suddenly time shadow attack cures and each of monster attack two (and one three) cures)

Begining of the Quiz in second group

Time Shadow: Now let's start! First quiestion! What kinds of Akanbe exist?

Cure Diamond: Akanbe?

Cure Earth: So it's quiestion about monster again!

Cure Bubble: What should we do?

Cure Rhythm: This really is problem! We must find answer somehow...

Cure White: Yes you are right... Beauty?

(Beauty is standing her with closed eyes like she is thinking really hard about something)

Cure Egret: Looks like she is thinking about something. 

Cure Aqua: Could it be....

(Cure Beauty suddenly start talking)

Cure Beauty: Red nosed akanbe, blue nosed akabne, yellow nosed akanbe, super akanbe and hyper akanbe.

(Cure Beauty opens eyes and all other cures are staring at her).

Cure Beauty: This are kinds of akanbe we know!

(Other cures and time shadow are schoked)

Cure Rhythm: How did you know that?

Cure Beauty: Akanbe are monsters Smile Pretty Cure had to fight....

Cure Diamond: So that how it was...

Cure White: Looks like Time Shadow doesn't know much about us and what kind of monsters we fought!

(Time Shadow is standing quiet there)

Time Shadow: You... You were right! 

(Time Shadow gets attacked)

Cure Bubble: Now we have to hope other quiestions will be about monster we fought too!

Soccer in fourth team

Time Shadow: No let's explain the rules. The one who first gains 1 goal wins!

Cure Rouge: 1 goal...

Cure March: This doesn't sound too hard!

Other Cures: Let's go! March! Rouge!

(Game of soccer starts. Rouge have ball and went to the goal)

Cure Rouge: Go ball!

(Ball went in direction of goal)

Cure Sunny: She did it!

(When ball was jut about to went in goal suddenly goal moves all cures are staring at it)

Cure Sunshine: Goal... just moved!

Cure March: Hey! Goals in soccer doesn't move!

Cure Marine: That's right! You are cheating!

Time Shadow: I'm not! This is my sports world... I never said goal won't move!

Cure Flame: What are you saying? The sport I play is basketball, but I know very well that goals in soccer doesn't move!

Cure Rouge: This is mad! 

Cure March: Ok, I'm going next!

(Cure March shoot the ball. When it almoust went in goal suddenly hand appear)

Cure March: This time is... hand!

Cure Marine: Hey! Now you are really overdoing it!

Cure Flame: You are just cheating, cheating, cheating... I hope next game is basketball because I really have to show you that sports aren't that kind of thing!

Cure Sunshine: We won't get anywhere like this. March! Rouge! You have to think of sort of plan!

Cure Rouge: Sunshine is right. March we have to do something!

Cure March: I know but what?

(They are all thinking and about the same time remebers)

Cure Rouge: That's right! Goal is stoping ball...

Cure March: But if we make it tired!

(Rouge and March are shooting and shooting balls and goal is running away)

Cure Sunny: What are they doing?

Cure Marine: If it goes on like that we are going to be stuck here forever!

(Rouge and March are still shooting balls and goal is running away but it's slower and slower)

Cure Flame: Is it just me, or is goal getting tired?

Cure Sunny: Yes, you are right!

Cure Sunshine: So that's what they are trying to do!

(Rouge and March are still shooting balls and goal suddenly stops)

Cure March: Now!

(Cure Rouge is trying to shoot ball but it run away)

Cure Sunny: What?

Cure Marine: They finnaly stoped goal and now ball is running away?

Cure March: You aren't getting away! Rouge!

Cure Rouge: Yes!

(March and Rouge are running after ball)

Cure Rouge: Pretty Cure FIre Strike!

Cure March: Pretty Cure March Shoot!

(Both attacks hit ball and it fell in the goal)

Cure Rouge & Cure March: We did it! Goal!

Other cures: You did it!

Time Shadow: You won this time but you won't next time! Next game is basketball!

Cure Flame: Great! Then let me show you how to play basketball!

Fifth group finding way out of the labyrinth

(Girls are walking in the labyrinth. It doesn't look like they really know where they are going. Cure Berry suddenly stops)

Cure Berry: Does any of us actually know where are we going?

Cure Lemonade: Now that you mentioned it...

Cure Peace: I have no idea.

Cure Berry: Why am I not suprised...

(They come to the dead end)

Cure Rosetta: Looks like we are lost.

Cure Berry: We should think more about where are we going...

Cure Pine: Now we can't do anything else than turn around and go back...

(Cures turn around and came where there are three diffrent paths)

Cure Peace: Where should we go?

Cure Pine: We have no other choise but to chose one of them and return if it's wrong.

Cure Berry: But if we chose wrong one what is two of three chances how will we find way back?

(Girls are thinking when Cure Lemonade suddenly remebers)

Cure Lemonade: Leave that to me!

(Cures look at her suprised)

Cure Lemonade: Pretty Cure Prism Chain!

(She put it around the tree)

Cure Lemonade: Now we just have to walk after the chain if the path we chose is wrong!

Cure Peace: Good idea, Lemonade!

Cure Rosetta: Now which way should we go?

Cure Gold: I think right one is.... (she looks at all three of them) The middle one!

(Cures look at the middle path)

Cure Rosetta: Let's try this one then!

(Cures take the middle path, Lemonade is holding the chain in hands)

Cure Berry: I really hope you chose right path, Gold. We don't have time to try diffrent paths.

Cure Gold: Don't worry, I know this is right path!

Cure Berry: You know?

Cure Gold: I think it is... Well I hope it is!

Cure Berry: So you don't really know after all!

Cure Gold: I'm sorry... But no I really think this is right path!

Mascots vs Time Shadows and Time Girl

(Mascots are hidding behind stones close to Time Girl and Time Shadows and are trying to find out what are they going to do)

One of Time Shadows: Are you sure pretty cure won't find way out of the worlds?

Time Girl: Even if they find exit they'll be to late. With this crystal we can stop world in one minute.

(Time Girl shows crystal to Time Shadows fairies who are hidding behind stones are talkin very quietly)

Coco: This was...

Era: Time Crystal-ra!

Lullun: Time Crystal-lulu?

Hummy: What is Time Crystal-nya?

Pop: Time Crystal is crystal that have power of time.

Tart: We understand that from the name...

Nuts: Time Crystal holds very great powers of time. It control past, present and future. IIf it falls in wrong hands all times can get mixed up and time could stop to.

Ann: But it should be hidden somewhere where no one know where it is. It's wroten in a lot of books. How did they get it?

Syrup: What could this mean...

Moop: So if powers of this crystal they can stop time?

Foop: What can we do?

Candy: If they need crystal why don't we take the crystal?

Tart: But we can't just take the crystal... We are to small...

Ann: It's true, we can't touch it... But I know what can we do. Ai-chan! Chiffon!

Nuts: You are right! Ai-chan and Chiffon can do it!

Ai: Kyupiropa!

Chiffon: Kyua-kyua-puri-pu!

(Ai-chan and Chiffon use they powers to make crystal fly)

Time Girl: What is going on?

One of Time Shadows: It's coming from this way!

(Time Girl and Time Shadows find mascots)

Tart: That's bad! They found us!

Time Girl: Looks like this two flying babies are making crystal fly. Time Shadows! Stop them.

Hummy: Everyone!

All Mascotss except Chiffon and Ai: We won't let you stop them!

Cure Flame vs Time Shadow basketball

(Soccer place change to basketball place)

Time Shadow: Rules are simple. You have to get two points.

Cure Flame: So I have to hit basket once... Doesn't sound too hard.

Cure Sunshine: Just be careful Flame! We don't know how is he going to cheat!

Cure Flame: Then I'll just have to cheat back... Like March and Rouge did.

Cure March: We weren't cheating!

Cure Rouge: That's right! We hit ball with foot in goal! I don't see any cheating here!

Cure Flame: Well, I'm going to throw ball in basket with no cheating too!

Time Shadow: That's enough talking! Let's start.

(Cure Flame throw ball and it almost fell in basket when it suddenly turn around and hit ball. It came back in Flame's hands)

Cure Flame: What?!?

Cure March: He is cheating again after all!

Cure Marine: Basket hitting ball... First time I heard that!

Time Shadow: Too bad... You missed!

Cure Flame: How was that miss?!? Baskets in basketball doesn't throw ball back!

(Cure Flame is very angry)

Cure Flame: Alright! This time I'm hitting basket! You won't be able to hit it back!

(Cure Flame run to the basket and when she is very close to basket she jump and throw in the basket. Suddenly basket hit her and she fell on the floor!)

Cure Sunny: Flame!

Cure Rouge: Are you alright?

Cure Sunshine: You are going to far with cheating now!

Time Shadow: I'm not cheating! I never find infromation in basketball rules that basket can't attack player or hit back ball!

(Cure Flame stand up very angry)

Cure Flame: I won't let you make fun of basketball! 

(Cure Flame start running to the basket)

Cure Marine: Flame! What are you doing?

Cure Sunshine: It will just attack you back!

Cure Flame: I won't let it attack me!

(She came to the basket)

Cure Flame: Pretty Cure Firey Ball!

(She throw ball in basket and in fell in it)

Cure Flame: Here you are two points. It's my win!

Cure March & Cure Rouge & Cure Sunny: She did!

Cure Marine: Alright! We are on step closer from finding exit!

Third group fighting Shadow Cures

(Girls are fighting Shadow Cures. But they don't look like they have trouble anymore)

Shiny Luminous: I don't know what are you talking about. It's been very long since i thought like that! 

Milky Rose: That's right! I don't think about her like that anymore!

Cure Passion: I'm not Eas anymore! I began from the start and that happened long time ago!

Cure Moonlight: That's right. I'm still sad about Cologne sometimes... But I know he won't want me to worry about that all of the time. I have friends now!

Cure Beat: This aren't my real feelings! I think Hummy sung great melody of happiness!

Cure Muse: I'm not alone anymore! I have a lot of friends with me!

Cure Sword: That's ture. I failed that time. But it's diffrent know! Heart and others are with me! 

Cure Ace: That's right. I can't win alone. But there's nothing wrong with that! We just have to join our powers and our love and we can win.

All of them: We aren't worried about our past anymore!

Shadow Luminous: What are you saying?!?

Shadow Rose: You actually still think that don't you?!

Shadow Passion: Why are you lying to yourself?!

Shadow Moonlight: You are saying you don't care about him anymore?!

Shadow Beat: So you don't think you are good singer anymore?

Shadow Muse: You still think you are alone, don't you?

Shadow Sword: Future won't change past!

Shadow Ace: But others aren't strong enough!

Cure Passion: I undestand your feelings.

Cure Beat: You were born to feel like that.

Cure Sword: You don't have other choise!

Cure Moonlight: But you need another chance!

Shiny Luminous: Chance to live like normal girls!

Milky Rose: We will give you this power!

Shiny Luminous: Luminous! Heartiel action!

Milky Rose: Milky Rose Blizard!

Cure Passion: Pretty Cure Happiness Hurricane!

Cure Moonlight: Pretty Cure Silver Forte Wave!

Cure Beat: Pretty Cure Heartful Beat Lock!

Cure Muse: Pretty Cure Sparkling Shower!

Cure Sword: Pretty Cure Sparkle Sword!

Cure Ace: Please throb! Ace Shot! Boom!

(Attacks hit Shadow Cures and all of them smiles)

Shadow Cures: Thank You, Pretty Cure!

(After that they disappear)

Cure Muse: What do you think will happen to them?

Cure Passion: I'm sure they'll live new life. As normal girls.

Cure Moonlight: We defeated our dark selfs so we should get exit now, right?

Milky Rose: Time Shadow! We defeated Shadow Cures! Now where is exit!

(Exit appear but Time Shadow is standing in front of it)

Time Shadow: You aren't getting past her.

Cure Sword: Leave him to me.

(All Cures look at her)

Cure Sword: Sword Hurricane!

(Time Shadow is defeated)

Cure Ace: Now let's go meet others!

Fifth group in Labyrinth

(Cures are walking in labyrinth when suddenly they see strange light)

Cure Peace: I can see something?

Cure Lemonade: What is that strange light?

Cure Rosetta: It could be exit from labyrinth!

Cure Pine: I think it's it too!

Cure Berry: Looks like you were right after all, Gold.

Cure Gold: I've told you I know this is right path.

Cure Berry: You weren't really sure yourself.

Cure Pine: If this is really exit we have to get out quickly!

Cure Rosetta: That's right! We have to join everyone.

???: You aren't getting there!

(Time Shadow appear)

Time Shadow: I won't let you get out!

Cure Gold: That's what you think!

All six: We won't let you get in our way!

Quiz continue in second group

Cure White: Let's go everyone!

Others: Yes!

Time Shadow: What monsters use Dark Fall?

Cure Egret: Uzainna!

(Time Shadow gets attacked)

Time Shadow: Which monsters are created from peoples selfish thoughts?

Cure Diamond: It's Jikochuu!

(Time Shadow gets attacked)

Time Shadow: What is needed to summon Negatone?

Cure Rhythm: Note! 

(Time Shadow gets attacked)

Time Shadow: Who used Hoshina?

Cure Aqua: Eternal!

(Time Shadow gets attacked)

Time Shadow: Which monsters are created with mask?

Cure Mint: Kowaina!

(Time Shadow gets attacked)

Time Shadow: Who used Shadow?

Cure Earth and Cure Bubble: Kingdom of Darkness!

(Time Shadow gets attacked)

Time Shadow: What monster used Dusk Zone?

Cure White: Zakenna.

(Time Shadow gets attacked. It looked like it's too much for him)

Cure White: Is quiz over already?

Cure Egret: Does that mean we can join others now?

Time Shadow (very angry): You... did it....

(It disappeared and door from classroom appear)

Cure Bubble: Looks like it's exit!

Cure Beauty: Let's go everyone!

Cure Diamond: We have to met with Heart and others!

Sports in fourth group

Cure Sunny: Alright everyone! Let's show him what sport team can do!

Time Shadow: Next game is material arts!

Cure Sunshine: Leave it to me!

(It shows how Time Shadow tried to cheat and send attack to her but she used Sunfllower Aegis and then defeate him)

Time Shadow: Next one is volleball!

Cure Sunny: Alrgiht! It's Cure Sunny time!

(It shows how Cure Sunny hit her ball with Sunny Fire after it tried to run away and won)

Cure Marine: Alright It's only me left! And what kind of contest will be last game?

Time Shadow: Final game will be...

(All cures are waiting for answer)

Time Shadow: ... Fashion Desingning!

Cure Flame: Since when is that sport?

Cure March: That's right, you said it will be sport games only!

Time Shadow: I found out... You are all great at sports... So you need game that is not sports!

Cure Rouge: You said it'll be sport games at begining!

Cure Sunny: That's right! Fashion designing doesn't make any sense her!

Cure Sunshine: Everyone don't worry.

Cure March: Sunshine?

Cure Sunshine: For Marine, Fashion Designing is even better than sports!

Cure Marine: That's right! I'll create the best dress you can imagine!

(Time Shadow and Cure Marine are working at the end they both crate dresses and Cure Marine's is much better than time shadow's. then suddenly another time shadow appear and cut Cure Marine's dress)

Cure March: This time you went to far!

Time Shadow: Well no can use her dress now so victory is mine of course.

Cure Marine: I worked so hard to create dress.... I have reached my limit!

Cure Sunshine: I thought this was Blossom's line...

Cure Marine: Pretty Cure Blue Worte Wave!

(Attack hit Time Shadow's dress)

Cure Marine: Now no one can use your either!

(Cure Marine took her dress and repaired it quickly)

Cure Marine: Looks like it's my win!

Cure Rouge: Alright! We won all games! Now let us join others!

Time Shadow 1: That won't...

Time Shadow 2: ... Happen!

Cure Sunshine: We don't have time for this. Let's do this quickly!

Cure Rouge: Pretty Cure Fire Stirke!

Cure Marine: Pretty Cure Blue Forte Wave!

Cure Sunshine: Pretty Cure Golden Forte Burst!

Cure Sunny: Pretty Cure Sunny Fire!

Cure March: Pretty Cure March Shoot!

Cure Flame: Pretty Cure Fire Arrow!

(Attack defeat Time Shadows cures see door)

All six: We did it!

Cure Flame: We have to hurry up! Others are waiting for us!

Fifth team vs Time Shadow

Cure Berry: We can't lose time her. Let's all attack him at same time!

Cure Lemonade: Pretty Cure Lemonade Chain!

Cure Berry: Pretty Cure Espoir Shower Fresh!

Cure Pine: Pretty Cure Healing Prayer Fresh!

Cure Peace: Pretty Cure Peace Thunder

Cure Rosetta: Rosetta Ballon!

Cure Gold: Pretty Cure Double Boomerang!

(Time Shadow is defeated)

Cure Berry: Now hurry up everyone!

Leader Cures Defeat Final Monsters

(Each of four monters attack two cures (one of them three). Groups are Cure Dream and Cure Happy, Cure Peach an Cure Melody, Cure Heart and Cure Blossom and Cure Black, Cure Bloom and Cure Feeling)

Cure Dream: Happy let's defeat this monster quickly everyone else is waiting for us!

Cure Happy: I know! Your shooting star and my happy shower!

Cure Dream: Pretty Cure Shooting Star!

Cure Happy: Pretty Cure Happy Shower!

Cure Peach: Melody!

Cure Melody: I know let's finnish this quickly!

Cure Peach: Pretty Cure Love Sunshine Fresh!

Cure Melody: Pretty Cure Music Rondo!

Cure Heart: Let's go Blossom!

Cure Blossom: Yes! Marine and others are already waiting for us I'm sure.

Cure Heart: Heart Dynaminte

Cure Blossom: Pretty Cure Pink Forte Wave.

Cure Bloom: It's only ours monster left.

Cure Black: Feeling! I can't do any strong attacks if I'm not with White and Bloom can't do any strong attack if she isn't together with Egret. So we'll stop him and then use your attack on him!

Cure Feeling: I understand!

(Cure Black and Bloom attack monster they get him on the floor)

Cure Black and Cure Bloom: Now!

Cure Feeling: Pretty Cure Shining Heart!

(Four monsters are defeated)

Cure Peach: Finnaly! Now we can go meet others!

Time Shadow: I hope you didn't forget about me! And I'm not as weak as other monsters are.

Cure Black: We won't let you get in our way! Everyone! 

Other eight: Alright!

All nine: Pretty Cure! Leader Group Attack!

(They defeated Time Shadow)

Cure Black: Does this attack even exist?

Cure Feeling: We just used it so looks like it...

Cure Dream: We don't have time to chat! Others are waiting for us!

Mascots Running away and Pretty Cure return

Hummy: Everyone! Protect Ai-chan and Chiffon!

(Time Shadows are trying to get Ai-chan and Chiffon and mascots are trying to stop them. Fairies are maybe small but Time Shadows are so stupid that fairies are running away easily)

Time Girl: What are you doing! They are  so small and you can't win against them? How do you think will you win against pretty cure if you are that weak?

Time Shadow 1: You are saying! You just give us orders and don't do anything!

Time Shadow 2: We really don't have time for this. Just use our powers to destroy them all except two babies since they have crystals and we could destroy them two.

(Time Shadows are using their full powers and attack fairies it looks like it'll hit them but...)

???: Pretty Cure Double Shield!

???: Pretty Cure Rosetta Reflection!

???: Pretty Cure Emerald Saucer!

???: Sunflower Ageis!

(Attack is stoped and everyone turn around. All Cures are standing behind them)

All Mascots: Pretty Cure!

Mepple: Looks like we came just in time-mepo!

Mipple: I'm glad you are all ok-mipo!

(All Cures look at Time Girl and Time Shadows)

Cure Black: Separating us and trying to destroy our dear friends...

All Cures: We won't forgive you!

Time Shadow 3: Looks like your plan fail Time Girl...

Time Shadow 4: That happens if you don't do anything and just tell us to do everything and then think that you'll be the one who gets all praise from Dark Shaow-sama!

Cure Moonlight: Dark Shadow?

Time Shadow 5: Looks like you won't be his favorite this time...

Time Girl: Shut up! You were ones who couldn't win against fairies! Just attack all Pretty Cure already!

Time Shadow 6: Still giving us orders after that....

Time Shadow 7: Well but we really have to defeat pretty cure or we'll have troubles with Dark Shadow...

Time Shadow 8: We can always tell him that it was Time Girl that didn't do anything.

Time Shadow 9: Then what are we waiting for? Attack them!

(Each of Time Shadows attacked one team)

Cure Heart: Everyone!

Other 37: Yes!

Pretty Cure vs Final 9 time shadows

(Time Shadow 1 attack Max Heart team. Danzen Futari wa Pretty Cure starts playing three cures are fighting monsters)

Shiny Luminous: Luminous Heartiel Action!

(Time Shadow stops)

Shiny Luminous: Now! Black, White!

Cure Black: Black Thunder!

Cure White: White Thunder!

Cure White: Pretty Cure Beautiful Souls...

Cure Black: ... Shall crush your evil heart!

Cure Black and Cure White: Pretty Cure Marble Screw Max!

(Time Shadow 1 is defeated. It shows Bloom and Egret fighting Time Shadow 2 and Makaete Splash Star starts playing. Then they change to Cure Bright and Cure Windy)

Cure Windy: O spirits of light! Glitter of life!

Cure Bright: Lead these two hearts on the path of hope!

Cure Bright and Cure Windy: Pretty Cure Spiral Star Splash!

(Time Shadow 2 is defeated. After that it shows gogo team fighting Time Shadow 3 and Pretty Cure 5 Full Throtle Gogo start playing)

Cure Lemonade: Pretty Cure Prism Chain!

(Cure Lemonade stop Time Shadow 3)

Cure Mint: Pretty Cure Emerald Saucer!

Cure Aqua: Pretty Cure Saphirre Arrow!

Cure Rouge: Pretty Cure Fire Strike!

(Three attacks hit Time Shadow 3)

Milky Rose: Milky Rose Blizard!

Cure Dream: Pretty Cure Shooting Star!

(Time Shadow 3 is defeat. Now Fresh Pretty Cure is fighting Time Shadow 4 Let's Fresh Pretty Cure hybrid version starts playing)

Cure Peach: Soar, melody of love! Cure Stick, Peach Rod! 

Cure Berry: Echo, the rhythm of hope! Cure Stick, Berry Sword!

Cure Pine: Flutter, harmony of prayers! Cure Stick, Pine Flute!

Cure Passion: Sing, rhapsody of happiness! Passion Harp! 

Cure Peach & Cure Berry & Cure Pine: Nasty things, nasty things, fly away!

Cure Peach: Pretty Cure Love Sunshine...

Cure Berry: Espoir Shower...

Cure Pine: Healing Prayer...

Cure Peach & Cure Berry & Cure Pine: Fresh!

Cure Passion: Rage, storm of happiness! Pretty Cure Happiness Hurricane!

(Time Shadow 4 is defeated. Heartcatch Team is fighting Time Shadow 5 and Alright! Heartcatch Pretty Cure! starts playing)

Cure Blossom & Cure Marine & Cure Sunshine & Cure Moonlight: Gather, Power of Flowers!

Cure Blossom: Blossom Tact!

Cure Marine: Marine Tact!

Cure Sunshine: Shiny Tambourine!

Cure Moonlight: Moonlight Tact!

Cure Blossom & Cure Marine & Cure Sunshine & Cure Moonlight: Gather up! Power of two flowers!

Cure Sunshine and Cure Moonlight: Pretty Cure Floral Power Fortissimo!

Cure Blossom and Cure Marine: Pretty Cure Floral Power Fortissimo!

Cure Blossom & Cure Marine & Cure Sunshine & Cure Moonlight: Heartcatch!

(Time Shadow 5 is defeated. Suite Pretty Cure team is fightin Time Shadow 6 and Lala Suite Pretty Cure is playing)

Cure Melody: Let's play! Miraculous melody! Miracle Belltier!

Cure Rhythm: Let's engrave! Great rhythm! Fantastic Belltier!

Cure Beat: Line up! Soul of love! Love Guitar Rod!

Cure Muse: The Si note's shining melody.

Cure Melody & Cure Rhythm & Cure Beat: Fly forth, Tone Ring!

Cure Melody: Pretty Cure Music Rondo!

Cure Rhythm: Pretty Cure Music Rondo!

Cure Beat: Pretty Cure Heartful Beat Rock!

Cure Muse: Pretty Cure Sparkling Shower!

Cure Melody & Cure Rhythm & Cure Beat & Cure Muse: 3/4 beat! 1...2...3! Finale!

(Time Shadow 6 is defeated and Smile Pretty Cure is fighting Time Shadow 7 and Let's go Smile Pretty Cure is playing)

Cure Happy: Reach out Light of Hope!

Cure Sunny, Peace, March and Beauty: Soar to the Future!

Cure Happy & Cure Sunny & Cure Peace & Cure March & Cure Beauty: Pretty Cure Rainbow Burst!

Cure Happy: Sparkle!

Cure Happy & Cure Sunny & Cure Peace & Cure March & Cure Beauty: Happy Smile!

(Time Shadow 7 is defeated. Doki Doki Pretty Cure is fighting Time Shadow 8 and Happy go Lucky! Doki Doki Pretty Cure starts playing)

Cure Heart & Cure Diamond & Cure Rosetta & Cure Sword & Cure Ace: Magical Lovely Pad!

Cure Diamond & Cure Rosetta & Cure Sword & Cure Ace: We send our powers to Cure Heart!

Cure Heart: Pretty Cure Lovely Straight Flush!

(They defeat Time Shadow 7. Now only Time Shadow 8 is left and 5 Lights Pretty Cure are fighting it. Message of our five lights starts playing)

Cure Earth: Pretty Cure Natural Wave!

(Attack hit Time Shadow 8. Time Shadow 8 send attack to Cure Earth)

Cure Gold: Pretty Cure Double Shield!

(Attack is stoped. Gold jumps on one part of shield and still hold in hands other part)

Cure Gold: Pretty Cure Double Boomerang!

(Attack hit Time Shadow 8)

Cure Bubble: Pretty Cure Water Shower!

Cure Flame: Pretty Cure Fire Arrow!

(Attacks hit Time Shadow 8)

Cure Feeling: Pretty Cure Shining Heart!

(Time Shadow 8 is defeated and now only Time Girl is left)

Reaching Time Girl's heart

Cure Diamond: We finnaly defeated them.

Cure Bloom: Now only one left is...

(All Cures look at Time Girl)

Time Girl: You think you can defeat me? I'm much stronger than those stuipd monsters.

(Cures are still looking at Time Girl. Then Cure Feeling notice, that Time Girl looks sad)

Cure Feeling: Time Girl... Why do you want to stop time?

Time Girl: Why?

Cure Feeling: If you stop time and all people will stop, you'll be alone right?

(Cure Feeling starts walking closer to Time Girl)

Cure Feeling: If you'll be here alone and nothing will move won't you fell lonely? Won't you felt sad? Won't it be boring for you?

Time Girl: What are you talking about?! Me and Dark Shadow-sama will be still moving. He is only one I need!

Cure Feeling: This isn't what you real think, is it? 

Time Girl: Wh-what are you saying? Only one I need is Dark Shadow-sama. I won't be lonely if he is here!

Cure Feeling: Then why are you so sad? You are almost crying aren't you? 

Time Girl: I'm not sad... I don't know what are you talking about!

Cure Feeling: Yes you are! I can see it! When I look at you I see you are actually very sad! You don't really think stopping time is right thing to do!

Time Girl: Stop it! Stop talking to me like that! 

(Time Girl send attack to Cure Feeling)

Cure Flame: Feeling!

(Something stops attack. Cure Feeling look and see Cure Heart behind her. She is holding her Love Heart Arrow. She stopped attack)

Cure Feeling: Heart!

Cure Heart: Feeling is right! Place with stopped time would be boring. Even for you! And you know that!

(Time Girl attacked her but attack is stoped by Cure Happy)

Cure Happy: You don't really want to stop time. Real you knows that this is not what you really want.

(Time Girl attack again but is stopped by Cure Melody)

Cure Melody: You actually know that you'll stop too if time stops!

(Time Girl attack again but is stopped by Cure Blossom)

Cure Blossom: What's point in stopping time? You'll maybe stop too! It'll be bad thing for you too!

Time Girl: I don't care! It's all fo Dark Shadow-sama's sake!

(She attack Cure Blossom but is stoped by Cure Peach)

Cure Peach: You say you don't care but you know that's not true! You are sad about that! 

(Time Girl sends another attack but it's stopped by Cure Dream, Cure Bloom and Cure Black)

Cure Dream: Place with no hope and dreams... 

Cure Bloom: That's how place will look if time will stop!

Cure Black: Is that what you really want?

(Time Girl attack them but Cure Feeling stops attack)

Cure Feeling: You don't want that right? 

(Time Girl attack again but this time attack is stopped by other four cures from 5 Lights team)

Cure Feeling: Flame! Earth! Gold! Bubble!

Cure Flame: We understand what you are talking about, Feeling!

Cure Earth: And we also understand that you don't really want to stop time, Time Girl.

(Time Girl attack again but this time attack is stopped by Cure Beat and Cure Passion)

Cure Beat: You have to be honest with yourself! Do you really want to do it? 

Cure Passion: You can't destroy yourself like that!

(Time Girl attack again but it can be seen that she isn't sure if she really want to do that. This time attack is stopped by all other cures)

Cure Rhythm: Tell yourself the truth. What to you really want?

Cure Rosetta: What is your real self? What do you need to do? You have to find out that yourself!

(Time Girl finnaly stops. She starts crying)

Time Girl: I am Time Girl. Guardian of Time Crystal. I must watch it and protect it from bad people who wants to use it for bad things...

(But suddenly she starts shaking and stops crying)

Time Girl: That's right. My task is to stop time for Dark Shadow-sama's sake!

Cure Aqua: Did you see that, everyone?

Cure Beat: It looks like that Dark Shadow she is talking about is controling her. She isn't really bad person!

Cure Passion: But at the same time she won't allow herself to cry. She is hiding her real feelings from herself. I must say I understand that. 

Cure Muse: But how can we turn her to normal?

(Everyone looked at each other when Cure Feeling suddenly jumped to Time Girl)

Cure Flame: Feeling! What are you doing?!

Cure Feeling: Time Girl! Everyone's feelings... I'l deliver them to you!

(All Cures are looking at her)

Cure Feeling: Pretty Cure Shining Heart!

Cure Bubble: What is she doing?

Cure Pine: She isn't trying to defeat her is she?

Cure Flame: No that won't be like her...

Sharuru: I think she is doing opposite-sharu. She is trying to stop her from being controlled by Dark Shadow-sharu.

Cure Heart: Sharuru is right. I'm sure that's what she want to do. But we can't let her do that alone!

(Cure Heart ran after her)

Cure Diamond: Heart!

Cure Heart: I'll deliver you my sweet heart!

Time Girl: Are you two trying to defeat me alone? You really think you can do it?

Cure Feeling: We aren't trying to defat you!

Cure Heart: We want to deliver you everyone's feelings!

Cure Sword: What can we do? We can't just stand there in watch!

Cure Happy: Shall we go and help them?

Cure Moonlight: Wait! I think we have better way to help them. Everyone join your feelings and send them to Cure Feeling and Cure Heart!

Cure Ace: Our feelings as one?

Cure Sword: I understand. Everyone wants to deliver message this two want to, right?

(Cure Happy look at everyone and then smiles)

Cure Happy: You are right Moonlight. Everyone!

(All cures close their eyes and think about same things. From each of them comes light and went to Cure Feeling and Cure Heart's attack. Suddenly Miracle Lights appear and mascots are starting to wave with them. Cure Heart and Cure Feeling's attack finaly reach Time Girl but stops few centimetres before her. Pretty Cure voices are coming from it. Time Girl finaly remembers her real mission and isn't controlled by Dark Shadow anymore)

Time Girl: I'm sorry Pretty Cure... That Dark Shadow... Time Crystal... He controled me so easily... I really fail as Time Crystal Guardian... I made you so many trouble... I'm really sorry! Well at such big problem this won't be enough...

Cure Beat: Don't worry! We are all alright. And that could have happen to anyone.

Cure Heart: As for Time Crystal don't worry. (She jumps to where crystal is and take it and then came back to Time Girl) It's alright. We were able to protect it.

Time Girl: That's great! But still... I just cant forgive myself. I'll almost do with time crystal what I have to stop others from doing.

Cure Passion: Everyone do mistakes and everyone can repair them and start from begining.

Cure Dream: Don't worry! We will help you!

Time Girl: Why would you? After all I done to you?

Cure Feeling: Because we are pretty cure!

Cure Heart: You should understand that. You have to protect Time Crystal, we have to protect everyone's smiles. That's why we have to help you too. That's why we want to help you!

(Time Girl still looks worried but finally smiles.Then suddenly they hear some noise)

Dark Shadow appear

(Sky suddenly get all grey and black. Cures and Time Girl look in direction of what is happening. There is giant black thing)

Cure Aqua: What is this?

Time Girl: It's Dark Shadow.

Cure Berry: So this is the one who want's stop time.

Dark Shadow: Pretty Cure! You stole Time Girl from me, but that won't stop me!

(Before Cure Heart realised what is happening Dark Shadow took Time Crystal she was holding in her hands)

Dark Shadow: Now that Time Crysstal is mine no one can stop me!

Time Girl: What are we going to do?

Cure Dream: I won't give up. I'm pretty cure after all. We just have to take crystal back, that's all!

Cure Heart: Dream is right. We never give up!

Cure Feeling: That makes us Pretty Cure!

Cure Black: Let's go! Everyone!

Other Cures: Yes!

Cure Black: We'll get Time Crystal back!

Pretty Cure vs Dark Shadow

(Pretty Cure are fighting Dark Shadow)

Cure Berry: Pretty Cure Espoir Shower Fresh!

Cure Diamond: Diamond swirkle!

Cure Muse: Pretty Cure Shining Circle!

Cure Bloom and Cure Egret: Pretty Cure Twin Stream Splash!

Cure Rouge: Pretty Cure Fire Strike!

Cure Beauty: Pretty Cure Beauty Blizard!

Cure Moonlight: Pretty Cure Silver Forte Wave!

Cure Sword: Sword Hurricane!

Cure Flame: Pretty Cure Fire Arrow!

(Attacks hit Dark Shadow)

Cure Marine: You did it!

(But attacks didn't do anything to Dark Shadow.)

Dark Shadow: Is this all you can do? I'd excpet more from legendary warriors.

Cure Dream: Pretty Cure Shooting Star!

Cure Peach: Pretty Cure Love Sunshine Fresh!

Cure Blossom: Pretty Cure Pink Forte Wave!

Cure Melody: Pretty Cure Music Rondo!

Cure Happy: Pretty Cure Happy Shower!

Cure Heart: Heart Dynaminte!

Cure Feeling: Pretty Cure Shining Heart!

(Attack didn't work again)

Cure Sword: Our attacks don't work on him?

Dark Shadow: Looks like it's time for me to show my real power then! 

(Dark Shadow attacks cures. They all fell on floor and turn back to their normal forms)

Pretty Cure can't transform

Mana: It can't be!

Mai: Our transformation is gone!

Miyuki: Why? 

Mizuki: Star Module is broken!

Rikka: Cure Lovies too!

Kanade: Cure Module too!

Reika:  He must have broken our transformation items when he attacked us.

Saki: Flappy, are you sure you can't transform in your commune form?

Flappy: I'm trying but I just can't. I don't know why.

Choppy: I can't do this either.

Mipple: Me to!

Porun: I can't help Hikari transform.

Lance: We can transform in our commune forms, but if cure lovies are broken that won't help us.

(Mepple don't say anything but he looks like he is trying to do something but can't) 

Nagisa: Mepple?

Mepple: I will transform in my commune form. Pretty Cure have to transform.

Mipple: Don't try impossible!

Raquel: There must be way to transform pretty cure back!

Ann: If we us miracle light then maybe we...

(But before fairies could do that Dark Shadow destroyed all miracle lights)

Natts: Miracle Lights are...

Dabyi: If we don't have power of mriacle lights theres no way we could transform like that!

Nozomi: That can't be! You aren't saying we can't do anything!

Coco: Transformation items are broken and Mepple and others can't turn in commune form. Miracle Lights were our only hope, but now...

Makoto: That can't be! We couldn't protect anything!

Dabyi: Makoto...

Time Girl: I'm sorry. This is all my fault.

Mana: Don't give all fault to yourself Time Girl. There were Time Shadows too. And I was the one who had crystal in hands and Dark Shadow took it so easily. 

Time Girl: But you couldn't excpet him!

(All Cures are thinking about how they failed as Pretty Cure. Suddenly Yumeko stand up)

New miracle lights appear

Yumeko: I won't give up.

(All cures, mascots and time girl look at her)

Yumeko: Because I'm... Pretty Cure of hope. Heart of Hope, Cure Feeling. My duty as pretty cure of hope is to never give up!

(Nozomi and Mana stand up too)

Mana: You are right Yumeko.

Nozomi: There's no way we can give up! Even if our transformation items are broken we just have to find way to transform without them.

(Other leader cures stand up too)

Love: To protect everyone's happiness. This is our mission.

Tsubomi: We can't let them stop time!

Miyuki: That's right.

Saki: A lot of things happen to us before.

Hibiki: But we never give up!

Nagisa: That's why we can give up now. That's what makes us Pretty Cure!

(Other Cures stand up too)

All: There is no way we'll ever, ever, ever give up!

(Suddenly big light appear and some stuff is faling down on earth. It appears in mascots hand)

Coco: It's miracle lights!

Era: Everyone's heart that didn't give up gave birth to new miracle lights.

Nao: Does that mean..

Reika: We can transform in pretty cure again, right!

(Era takes Miracle Light)

Era: Everyone! Use this light to give pretty cure power!

All mascots: Give power to pretty cure! 

(They are saying this for long time. At the same time broken Pretty Cure items are alright again and fairies from Max Heart and Splash Star can transform in their commune form again. After that Pretty Cure transform. After they are transformed they are in new form called Kibou Pretty Cure)

Cure Feeling: This is...

Cure Diamond: Looks like we didn't only transform, we also get upgrade form.

All 38: Everyone, thank you!

Kibou no Pretty Cure vs Dark Shadow

Time Shadow: Pretty Cure transformed again... That's impossible.

Cure Heart: If we combine our powers nothing is imposibble.

Cure Dream: Everyone!

Other 37: Yes!

(Pretty Cure - Eien Tomodachi 2014 version starts playing)

Cure Black: Abundat Courage!

Cure White: Overflowing Hope!

Shiny Luminous: Together with the embrace of sparkling light!

Cure Black & Cure White: Extreme....

Shiny Luminous: .... Luminario!

Cure Egret: O light of spirits! Glitter of life!

Cure Bloom: Lead our two hearts on the path of hope!

Cure Egret & Cure Bloom: Pretty Cure Spiral Heart Splash!

Cure Dream: Let our five lights...

Cure Rouge & Cure Lemonade & Cure Mint & Cure Aqua: ... be ridden by courage.

Cure Dream & Cure Rouge & Cure Lemonade & Cure MInt & ​Cure Aqua: Pretty Cure Rainbow Rose Explosion!

Cure Passion: Happiness Leaf, set. Pine!

Cure Pine: Plus one! Prayer Leaf. Berry!

Cure Berry: Plus one! Espoir Leaf. Peach!

Cure Peach: Plus one! Lovely Leaf.

Cure Peach & Cure Berry & Cure Pine & Cure Passion: Lucky Clover Grand Finale!

Cure Blossom & Cure Marine & Cure Sunshine & Cure Moonlight: Blossom with pride, flowers! Pretty Cure Heartcatch Orchestra!

Cure Melody: Let's deliver!

Cure Melody & Cure Rhythm & Cure Beat & Cure Muse: The Symphony of Hope! Pretty Cure Suite Session Ensemble Crescendo!

Cure Happy: Deliver the light of hope!

Cure Sunny & Cure Peace & Cure March & Cure Beauty: Fly into the future shining with light!

Cure Happy & Cure Sunny & Cure Peace & Cure March & Cure Beauty: Pretty Cure Royal Rainbow Burst!

Cure Heart & Cure Diamond & Cure Rosetta & Cure Sword & Cure Ace: Pretty Cure Royal Lovely Straight Flush!

Cure Feeling & Cure Flame & Cure Earth & Cure Gold & Cure Bubble: Now join together power of five light! Pretty Cure 5 Lights Splash!

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