Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3 is MoonlightRainbow's first All Stars movie on this wiki. In movie appear all cures from Max Heart to Doki Doki and Also MoonlightRainbow's fan series 5 Lights Pretty Cure! It takes place after eight episode of 5 Lights Pretty Cure!

Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3: Kibou no Tomodachi!
All cures & light
プリキュアオールスターズ New Stage 3: 希望のお友達!
SeriesFutari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!

Fresh Pretty Cure!

Heartcatch Pretty Cure!

Suite Pretty Cure!

Smile Pretty Cure!

Doki Doki Pretty Cure!

5 Lights Pretty Cure!

Original ReleaseMarch 29, 2014


Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3 Kibou no Tomodachi! Transcript

Yumeko , Keiko , Rena , Ringo and Mizuki , went to the festival in Hikari town. Here they met Mana, Rikka, Alice, Makoto, Aguri and later other cures too. But their fun is interrupted by Time Girl, who want to stop the time forever. 38 Pretty Cures will fight to protect the time!


Pretty Cure


  • Mepple
  • Mipple
  • Pollun
  • Lulun
  • Flappy
  • Choppy
  • Moop
  • Foop
  • Coco
  • Natts
  • Syrup
  • Milk
  • Chiffon
  • Tarte
  • Chypre
  • Coffret
  • Potpourri
  • Hummy
  • Fairy Tones
  • Candy
  • Pop
  • Sharuru
  • Raquel
  • Lance
  • Davi
  • Ai
  • Era
  • Ann


Shadow Cures

  • Shadow Luminous
  • Shadow Rose
  • Shadow Passion
  • Shadow Moonlight
  • Shadow Beat
  • Shadow Muse
  • Shadow Sword
  • Shadow Ace


  • Zakenna
  • Uzainna
  • Kowaina
  • Hoshina
  • Nakewameke
  • Sorewatase
  • Desetarian
  • Negatone
  • Akanbe
  • Jikochuu
  • Shadow


Coming soon...


Pretty Cure were separated in five groups, but except leader group they aren't the same as they were in All Stars DX 3.

First Group

First group had to fight against Shadows and monsters from series and had to defeat them all to get out.

  • Cure Black
  • Cure Bloom/Cure Bright
  • Cure Dream
  • Cure Peach
  • Cure Blossom
  • Cure Melody
  • Cure Happy
  • Cure Heart
  • Cure Feeling

Second Group

Cures from second group were send to quiz room and had to answer all questions right to get out.

  • Cure White
  • Cure Egret/Cure Windy
  • Cure Mint
  • Cure Aqua
  • Cure Rhythm
  • Cure Beauty
  • Cure Diamond
  • Cure Earth
  • Cure Bubble

Third Group

Third group was send to world where they had to fight their dark selves Shadow Cures.

  • Shiny Luminous
  • Milky Rose
  • Cure Passion
  • Cure Moonlight
  • Cure Beat
  • Cure Muse
  • Cure Sword
  • Cure Ace

Fourth Group

Fourth Group was send to sports world, they have to win sports games to get out.

  • Cure Rouge
  • Cure Marine
  • Cure Sunshine
  • Cure Sunny
  • Cure March
  • Cure Flame

Fifth Group

Fifth Group was send to labyrinth, they had to find exit to get out.

  • Cure Lemonade
  • Cure Berry
  • Cure Pine
  • Cure Peace
  • Cure Rosetta
  • Cure Gold


Opening and Ending

Pretty Cure - Eien no tomodachi 2014 version  - opening

Pretty Cure Melody - ending

Insert Songs

  • DANZEN! Futari wa Pretty Cure 
  • Makasete★Splash☆Star★ 
  • Pretty Cure 5, Full Throttle Go Go! 
  • Let's! Fresh Pretty Cure! ~Hybrid ver~ 
  • Alright! Heartcatch Pretty Cure! 
  • La♪ La♪ La♪ Suite Pretty Cure♪ 
  • Let's Go! Smile Pretty Cure! 
  • Happy Go Lucky! Doki Doki! Pretty Cure 
  • Message of our 5 Lights.

Short specials

Short specials are short stories that appear on Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3 Kibou no Tomodachi DVD

Let's teach Mana how to sing! - In this special, Urara find out that Mana is awful at singing. That's why she decided that she will teach her to sing together with Makoto.

Rouge & Sunny & Flame - Rin, Akane and Keiko find out that they are a bit similar in their hobbies. They were just talking about sports they are playing when monster that is mix of Hoshina, Akanbe and Shadow attack them. Now three have to join their powers to defeat it.

Leader Pretty Cure Quiz Show - Leader Pretty Cure do Quiz show and ask children about cures and mascots of Pretty Cure groups and things that Pretty Cure did.

Yes! 5 Lights Pretty Cure is here! - Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and 5 Lights Pretty Cure! found out that reason they are/were fighting are similiar. Suddenly they are attacked by strange shadow and all of them transform together as Yes! 5 Lights Pretty Cure!

Mascots vs monster - All mascots are having tea party when they suddenly hear strange noise. They though they are attacked by monster and do plan to defeat it. When they though that it went away they checked what's going on and found out that noise was actually doing of Ai and Chiffon who were moving things when they were sleeping.

Shiny Rose - Shiny Luminous and Milky Rose both fight with Pretty Cure as warrior with Cure like powers. Now two of them have to defeat Hoshikenna mix of Zakenna and Hoshina.

Youngest Girls - Youngest cures, Ako, Aguri and Ringo were talking to each other and became good friends and also notice that Ringo is only one of them who appear at beginning of their seasons.



  • Unlike in New Stage and New Stage 2 movies all cures and mascots speak.
  • This is first New Stage movie that doesn't have ending of current season for ending. 
  • This is first New Stage movie in which cures from newest series appear in opening.
  • This is second All Stars movie to have mix of pretty cure openings for ending, first being pretty cure all stars dx 2.
  • This is second All Stars movie that introduce 5 new characters after New Stage 1.
  • This is fourth time leader cures from newest and previous series have eye contact when they first time met, after DX, DX3 and New Stage.
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