PreHeartBooks (プリハートブックス PuriHātoBukkusu) are the items used for Imari SuzukawaTomoka Fukumoto, and Nijiko Ōmitsu to transform into their Cure forms in Fairytale Pretty Cure!. This requires the Pretty Cure care the feeling of love, hope, and courage in their hearts along with the trait (dreams, wisdom, etc.) that they represent. During the transformation, the girls open the PreHeartBooks and its pages flutter out and cover their bodies to form the clothes.

In Episode 4, it is revealed that it is possible for the girls to use the Fairytale Puppets they seal inside the PreHeartBooks to use their abilities to create a special attack that can turn the table on any battle.

In Episode 12, it is revealed that PreHeartBooks have a will of their own and will lock the Pretty Cure out if they aren't true to themselves, or aren't upholding love, hope, and courage that Pretty Cure represents. This was the case when Tomoka showed cowardice and lost the ability to transform.

In Episode 20, it is revealed that users of the PreHeartBook can communicate to each other through the pages of the book, almost like a phone, laptop, or walkie-talkie. No matter where they are, they are able to display a visual image of themselves and chat with each other.

In Episode 26, it is revealed that the PreHeartBook can camouflage itself into inanimate objects. Tomoka's PreHeartBook transformed itself into Tomoka's ribbon that she wore around her waist on her summer dress.


The three books are similar in appearance. They all differ in colour. Cure Fable's book is pink, Cure Mythical's book is blue, and Cure Enchant's is green. They are both hardcover that share shimmering ivory-coloured frame embellished with dazzling gold and white gems on the corners. The book front had golden designs with the Pretty Cure emblem in the center.


  • PreHeartBooks were the first books used as transformation items
  • PreHeartBooks were inspired and designed after spell books
  • PreHeartBooks allow anyone with a true, pure heart to open them
  • In Episode 21, Imari's PreHeartBook was destroyed
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