Pixie Pretty Cure Movie:Mystery of the pixie of the courageous flames!
Eiga Pikushīpurikyuamūbī: Yūkan'na honō no pikushī no nazo!
SeriesPixie Pretty Cure
DirectorUser: Pretty Preppy2
OpeningFortune Lovely~
Insert SongKiraKira Blaze~Fairy Piece!
EndingHappy Day~Fairy Fun! (Movie Ver.)
Pixie Pretty Cure Movie: Mystery of the pixie of couragous flames! (ピクシープリキュアムービー:勇敢な炎のピクシーの謎!) is the official movie in the Pixie Pretty Cure series and the second movie. 


The girls are invited to attend a ball held in Pixie Land, to honor the well-doings of a Cure from the past who protected Pixie Land alongside Cure Gale long ago Cure Flare. During the ball, they meet a baby fire pixie by the name of Flicker who asks them for help as he discovered the ball is actually a trap in order to capture all pixies alike. So to prevent that from happening, the Cures must protect the disguise themselves as pixies in ordered to be captured as well, so when inside can find out who the villain is?

The soon discover that the villain, Cole had heard of Cure Flare and been slowly taking away her power until the day she passed away during the final battle, long ago and has now with the stolen power, trapped all pixie away in the dungeon of his castle. So now they shall stop him and take back Cure Flare's power.


Pretty Cures

Mimori Ran / Cure Bud

Akiki Kaede / Cure Sunbeam

Kitaumi Sango / Cure Tide

Osawa Kaze / Cure Gale




Movie Characters


Cure Flare

Major Events

  • The Cures becomes pixies and gain new identities:
    • Ran becomes Sprout.
    • Kaede becomes Gleam.
    • Sango becomes Maelstrom.
    • Kaze becomes Gust.
  • The Cures gain Supreme Fairy Form.
  • She gains the ability to perform the ultimate move, Miracle Fairy Reincarnation.
  • A Cure by the name of Cure Flare is introduced.
  • The Miracle Blaze Light appears for the first time.


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