Personal Information
Birthday DateAugust 9
Hair ColorChestnut
Eye ColorDark Orange
Home PlaceDiscord Kingdom
RelativesEris(twin sister)
Theme ColorBrown
Anime Information
First AppearanceHyPC02

Phobos (Fobosu フォボス?) is one of the main villians of the series Hyper Pretty Cure!. His best friend from his "enemies" was announced to be Segawa Hotaru.


Phobos is soft-spoken and is the only one who just turns his victim into Sensobots at once instead of saying sonething before. He doesn't give out a lot of opinions and always follows Eris around but sometimes it turns the other way around.


First Victim

Phobos went to earth to learn how to be open-minded as a suggestion by Eris. He then saw people fighting and turned them into a Sensobot without a word. When Sakura transformed into Cure Flora,he suddenly became speechless. As Flora finishes the Sensobot,he then vowed to return back and is very surprised because its the first time he spoke very loud. He then was embarrased and left quickly.


Like every Discordian,he has the power to summon Sensobots.

Mummy Abilities

As a mummy,he doesn't get hurt easily and is also very light weighted. He also has the ability to find the truth very easily.


Phobos: Phobos is the personification of fear in Greek mythology. It is also one of Mars' two large moons along with Deimos.


  • Although being male,Phobos has the highest voice pitch of the main villians.
  • He has many similar traits with Leona West from PriPara from the same voice actresses to having both twin daredevil sisters.
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