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"Phlox belongs to Chinatsu Kiseki"
Phlox belongs to Chinatsu Kiseki. Please don't edit this page without her permission! Otherwise she'll be very upset ;(
SeasonFloretta Pretty Cure!
Home PlaceFloratina
Eye Color Orchid
Hair Color Lemon
First AppearanceFlPC01
Voice ActorTomatsu Haruka
Pretty Cure partnerFloretta Pretty Cure! Team
Theme Color Purple
Phlox (プロクース Purokūsu?) is the lead mascot in Floretta Pretty Cure!. Phlox is a small flower fairy who has been tasked to find the legendary Pretty Cure by Tulip, the princess of Floratina. Phlox can also take on human form where she is known as Hidekawa Julie (秀川ジュリー Hidekawa jurī?).


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Phox is a small humanoid fairy with long orchid hair tied into twintails and lemon eyes. Her attire consists of a purple butterfly-like like dress with yellow highlights and wears purple slip-on shoes. She also has butterfly-like wings




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Phlox is a North American plant that typically has dense clusters of colorful scented flowers, widely grown as a rock-garden or border plant.



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