Peace Rods (ピースロッド Pīsuroddo) is the FantasyClock☆Precure Cures main attack item. Each member has her own Peace Rod with a unique name for it.

To recieve them, each of the Cures had to complete one situation of their past, which they had long tried to suppress.


The rods are composed of a pearl base that has a wing-shaped attachment on the right. Tiny stars are etched onto the base, along with a single, slightly larger star residing above a large, fake gem. Beneath the mouth piece is a large heart-shaped window for the Cure to insert the Happiness Jewels. The handle glows to match the mouth piece, with the colors changing to fit the specific Cure using it. There is also a swirling piece in the middle with tiny glowing hearts etched on it.

Peace Rods

Heaven Baton

The Heaven Baton (ヘブンバトン Hebunbaton) is Cure Heaven's weapon. With it, she is able to perform Happiness Burst, the upgraded version of Lovely Heart Purification Punch. She received her weapon in episode 8 during her fight with the brainwashed Ayano.

Waves Stick

The Waves Stick (ウェイブスティック U~eibusutikku) is Cure Waves's weapon. With it, she is able to perform Frozen Dynamite, the upgraded version of Bubble Shower. She received her weapon in episode 10 while fighting her grandmother’s Disharmonizer on her parents anniversary of death.

Rosary Sword

The Rosary Sword (ロザリオソード Rozariosōdo) is Cure Rosary's weapon. With it, she is able to perform Rosary Illusion Wave, the upgraded version of Floral Hurricane. She received her weapon in episode 12 after facing her father’s Disharmonizer.

Spark Candle

The Spark Candle (スパークキャンドル Supākukyandoru) is Cure Spark's weapon. With it, she is able to perform Thunder Sonic, the upgraded version of Golden Burst. She received her weapon in episode 25.




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