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The Paladin of the Stars (星のパラディン Hoshi no Paradin?) is one of the most important and most powerful people all around the world of light. The Paladin of the stars is known as the trainer of the color guards, who live at Skyriver. Everytime a current Paladin of the Stars dies, destiny decides who the new Paladin will be and until the person finds out about his or her destiny, the world of light needs to live without one.

Powers and Abilities

The Paladin of the Stars is known to have the power over time and space, as they have the power to manipulate time. They can not just create portals to any world, they can also create portals to different times and visit the time, no matter how far this lays in the future or in the past. However, they are restricted to use that kind of power only in the biggest emergency, as the Aeon Taboo forbids time traveling. The Paladin of the Stars can also bring a person from the past to the presents; from the future to the present.

Another power of the Paladin of the Stars is to create more realistic and completely invisible planes. This is also a power a strong Kamonian can have, but the Paladin of the Stars has more possibilities with this. As his planes look like exact copies of the original world they live at and can only be destroyed by the one who created it or a person who is stronger than the Paladin of the Stars themselves.

Finally, as trainer for the color guards, the Paladin of the Stars is also able to use a part of the rainbow colors when it is needed. For example, the rainbow tears will float around the current Paladin of the Stars when they try to use the rainbow powers. As seen in the anime, the Paladin of the Stars is also well suited as Pretty Cure's couch. A Paladin of the Stars can also fight, using the powers of the stars or the rainbow, whatever needed. However, it is known that the strength of the stars is only the 5/10 of the strength of eternal light.

As in case for the current Paladin of The Stars, this numbers do not count as his powers as Paladin of the Stars are mixed with his normal Kamonian powers, which maximizes the power of magic all in all.

Known Paladins



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