Pretty Cure All Stars Next Stage is an upcoming crossover special written by Exdeathmore, which takes place during the events of Lucky☆Pretty Cure!.


Sachiko and her friends win tickets to the grand opening of a new amusement park, Clover World. When they arrive, however, they become separated from each other! And to make matters worse, Merak is also there, planning to steal the Fortune Energy from everyone in the park, and commanding an army of old, familiar foes! It's up to the Lucky☆Pretty Cure! team, as well as some other familiar faces, to save both the park, and each other! Features appearances by Suite Pretty Cure♪, Smile Pretty Cure!, and Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.


Main Characters/Pretty Cure




  • The story takes place some time after episode 10 of Lucky☆Pretty Cure!.
  • Only 3 other Pretty Cure teams will be featured for reasons of both complexity and time.
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