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Ozora Miwa
Ōzora Miwa
Personal Information
Home PlaceHosoka City
Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Dove
Theme Color     Pink (main)
     White (sub)
Anime Information
Ozora Miwa (大空美和 Ōzora Miwa?) is a main character of the Soar Pretty Cure! series. She is fascinated by the sky and dreams of using her own wings to fly. She transforms into the pink Legendary Warrior of the Sky, Cure Dove (キュアダブ Kyua Dabu?).

Her catchphrases are "Let's fly!" (飛ぼうよ! Tobou yo!?) and "The sky is calling me~!" (空が私を呼んでいるんです~! Sora ga watashi wo yondeiru ndesu~!?).






Miwa is a fourteen year old girl who dreams of being able to fly in the sky with her very own wings. Despite always having her head in the clouds, Miwa is very good with her studies. She dislikes seeing other people argue or fight, and even tries to stop Otoha and Noriko from arguing. She often wonders how she can bring peace back into the world. Even though her parents own a cafe, she is not very good at making her favourite drink - the chocolate milkshake. Miwa can sometimes be depicted to be quite clumsy or silly but it's revealed that she does have a serious side. However, she prefers to be silly and happy go lucky to lighten the mood.


  • Misora Otoha - Miwa has always been paired up with Otoha since she started attending Hosoka Middle School. When she first transforms with Otoha, she and Otoha both see it as a curse. But over the course of her battles against Twin Wingless, she eventually grows to care and look out for Otoha - without even realizing it as well!


Ozora (大空?): Ō (?) means 'big' or 'vast' while Zora (?) means 'sky'. When put together, her surname means 'big sky' [1] or 'vast sky', which alludes to the series theme - the sky.

Miwa (美和?): Mi (?) means 'beauty' [2] while Wa (?) means 'harmony'. When put together, her first name means 'beautiful harmony' [3].

Cure Dove means 'a pure white member of this species, used as a symbol of innocence, gentleness, tenderness, and peace.' [4]

Cure Dove

"The bird that is full of peace! Cure Dove!"
Tori wa heiwa no ippai! Kyua Dabu!

Cure Dove (キュアダブ?) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Miwa. To transform, Miwa must have Sola and her Pretty Crest, as well as having to say the phrase, Pretty Cure! Rising Transition!.

Transformation Sequence



Miwa's voice actor, Kayano Ai, has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Itō Shizuka, who voices Misora Otoha.



  • Miwa's birthday is July 19, making her zodiac a Cancer. Her birthday is on the same day as the Japanese Floating Lantern Festival.
  • Cure Dove is the first pink Cure to control the power of protection. 


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