Oukyuu Haru
王宮 春
Ōkyū Haru
Personal Information
Birthday DateSeptember 15
Hair ColorChocolate brown
Eye ColorHoneydew green
RelativesOukyuu Ken (Father)
Oukyuu Rin
Anime Information
SeasonShining Line Pretty Cure
Oukyuu Haru (王宮 春 Ōkyū Haru?) is one of the characters in the series. He's a gifted violinst with a love of fluffy/soft things. Mayu may have a crush on him.



Haru has short chocolate brown hair and honeydew green eyes. He often covers them with round glasses with swirls on them. Halfway throught the series he switched to thin framed glasses.

Haru wears a wears a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up. He pairs it with blue pants and dress shoes.

In the winter, Haru wears a dark green jacket over a black hoodless sweater. He wears black pants and black boots. He pairs it with grey gloves and a pale green scarf Mayu made.


During the fall/winter seasons, Haru wears a black blazer over a white button up shirt. He wears dark grey pants. Around his neck is a grey tie. Due to the minor customizations the school allows, he wears brown dress shoes.

In the spring/summer seasons, Haru wears a short sleeve white shirt with silver buttons. His pants and shoes stay the same, but he doesn't wear his tie.


During concerts he wears a white button up under a dark grey suit. The back of the jacket is slightly longer. A light green vest is under the suit and he wears brown dress shoes. He wears thin framed glasses.


Haru is shown to be polite adn understanding but a bit hard to approach. He has a love for fluffy or soft things. He can be serious in certain situations, but never seems to enjoy it.



  • Oukyuu Ken: His father.
  • Oukyuu Rin: His mother.


  • Kino Mayu: Classmates. She is shown to have a crush on him. Haru has shown to like her as well, often playing with her hair and changing from his swirly glasses to his thin framed ones after hearing she finds his eyes pretty.





Oukuyuu (王宮): Ou (王) means king/royal while kyu (宮) means palace

Haru (春): Haru (春) means spring



  • Both his parents are famous violinists and has basically been forced to follow in their footsteps, though he doesn't seem to mind it.
  • Haru is a virgo
  • Haru wore glasses with swirls to hide the fact he was a violinst since he was embarraseed.
  • After learning that Mayu was a cure, he would often stand near her and played with her hair, saying it was soft.
  • Haru owns an American Eskimo Dog which is why he likes fluffy/soft things.
    • He named her Button.
  • Haru is bad at math.
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