Otosaka Yuuji
Otosaka Yuuji
Personal Information
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBrown
Home PlaceNijimikushi
Anime Information
SeasonMajestic Pretty Cure!
SeiyuuTerashima Takuma

Otosaka Yuuji (乙坂勇二 Otosaka Yuuji) is one of the secondary characters of Majestic Pretty Cure! series. He's Sakura's childhood friend and classmate.


Yuuji has short dark brown hair with short bangs in a side split. He got brown eyes. Other than uniform, he usually seen wearing red polo shirt and jeans with sneakers.


Yuuji is a friendly and fun guy. He's very close with Aoyama. He become close pretty quickly with Tsubasa and Yoru. He always look out for Sakura, Akino and Himeji since they were little because they are close friends. As the only guy in the gang, he always see them as his younger sisters though he know that they're more mature at some times.


Childhood Friends

Since little, he went to a playgroup near his house. The playgroup just opened recently and when he enter, there's only four kids in the class. Three of them are girls and he's the only boy. But, he find that these girls are nice and become friends with them. They went to the same elementary school. He become very close with Aoyama later on. But, he's still very good friends with Sakura, Akino and Himeji. He never mind hanging out with them or accompany them to their practices, shoppings, etc.


He always had the mind of going abroad since entering middle school. He saw how his close childhood friends become mature and seemed like did not need his help like they used to. After knowing their identity as Pretty Cures, his decision on going abroad become clear. He want to study things that he could never done in Japan and come back as a successful person.


Hanano Sakura - Sakura is his childhood friend. He really cares about her and liked her since elementary school. He always look out for her and she's very dear to him.

Soyokaze Akino - Akino is his childhood friend who he always see as a rival and older sister at some times.

Azayaka Himeji - Himeji and Yuuji are close childhood friends since playgroup. They care about each other deeply.

Andou Aoyama - Aoyama is one of his best friends for a long time.

Yukimura Tsubasa - He become pretty close with him since he enrolled. Both are good friends to each other.


  • He will not continue his role in the sequel
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