Osamu Suzukawa

鈴川修 Suzukawa Osamu

Suzukawa Osamu
Personal Information
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorCocoa Brown
Home PlaceYūkibarano
RelativesMari Suzukawa (wife)

Imari Suzukawa (eldest daughter)

Izumi Suzukawa (youngest daughter)

Anime Information
SeasonFairytale Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceFPC11
SeiyuuTakuma Terashima

Osamu Suzukawa (鈴川修 Suzukawa Osamu) is a minor character who appears in Fairytale Pretty Cure!. He is the father to both Imari Suzukawa and Izumi Suzukawa and is the husband to Mari Suzukawa. He is the chef at their café "Bell-Bell Café".


He has messy dark brown hair and droopy cocoa-brown eyes with a four o’clock shadow. He wears an unbuttoned tan brown shirt with rolled up sleeves, pink t-shirt underneath, grey pants, heavy dark shoes, and tends to always wear his white chef apron.


Osamu is a light-hearted and easygoing man who cares deeply about his family. He tends to act very dramatic and always tries to act cool and hip in front of his kids, but often fails at this. Never the less, Osamu is comfortable in his skin and is very passionate about food and his work.


Mari Suzukawa - he deeply loves is wife and always takes the time to spoil her and cook her favourite dishes

Imari Suzukawa - he deeply loves Imari. He loves cooking with her and is very proud of her.

Izumi Suzukawa - he deeply loves Izumi. He loves seeing her smile and always tries to make her laugh.


Osamu: (修) means "discipline, study"


  • He always dreamed of opening up a family restaurant
  • He loves making all kinds of food and eating them to
  • Imari inherited his love of cooking
    • Osamu teached Imari how to cook
  • Imari inherited his easygoing-nature
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