This is a list of One Maiden Pretty Cure episodes created by CureKanade.

List of "Episodes"

1. The only cure? Cure Maiden is born!

2. Wait one second! What do you mean I am the only Cure?!

3. Finally...The reason why Kotori is a Pretty Cure.

4. Searching for the Maidens.

5. Uh oh. Cure Maiden is identified.

6. Huh? Kisa wants to help me?!

7. Oh....I don't want to do your dirty work.

8. Yay! A maiden found!

9. Oh no! Maiden Karin is taken right in in front of us?

10. Kotori quits. I am the weakest Pretty Cure in the world.

11. Kotori, Kisa and Karin's fun day out.

12. Kotori defeated already? Karin's mysterious secret.

13. Karin shares her powers? How do you use them?