Surrender, mortal!
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Personal Information
Birthday DateJanuary 1st
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorUnknown, possibly yellow
Home PlaceFresco Vista
RelativesMister Single (father, deceased)
Anime Information
SeasonYeah! Pretty Cure 5
First AppearanceYeaPC501
Voice ActorDan Markclass

Once (ウォンツ U~ontsu), also known as Ichido (一度 Ichido), is the main antagonist of Yeah! Pretty Cure 5. He doesn't want anybody to do anything more than once. He wants people to do new things and then die forever. He doesn't like the Pretty Cure because they are consistent on their goal to save the world.


Once has, hypocritcally, tried many ways to destroy the Pretty Cure, but I only know one of them. He has made the town into a weird rubber hose cartoon, where nobody can make the same face twice. However, Shiori has found a loophole. She can't make the same face twice, however, she can make any face she wants. So she eats a pepper, makes a big fire in her mouth, spreads the fire to the "rubber hose" Once used to make the town all loco, and everything's back to normal!


  • Nine is a cat named for its nine tails, and its nine lives. He is actually on his first life, so that's why Once owns him. The name he gave him was Uno but his true name given by Mother Nature is Nine.


  • Once is my oldest mortal character that I've ever made at the moment.
    • I mean, I didn't make his appearance, his faceclaim is actually Doctor McCatheter from the Real Ghostbusters.

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