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General Information
Home PlaceDark Aurora
GroupDarkness Generals
Anime Information
SeasonCosmic Haven☆Pretty Cure!
Cosmic Haven☆Pretty Cure Rainbow Sky!
First AppearanceCoHPC01
SeiyuuKaji Yūki
Norsel (ノルセル Noruseru?), alongside Volta and Togrem, is one of the Darkness Generals, as well as the main antagonist in Cosmic Haven☆Pretty Cure!. He wants to bring back the Dark Aurora, thus convinced Kreil to name the company that. Unknown to Kreil, Norsel is planning on using the Dark Aurora to have his wish fulfilled and not Kreil’s wish. He has the power to destroy what he touches every twenty minutes. After being purified, he goes by the name Yasui Motoyuki (安井元之 Yasui Motoyuki?).


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He is very selfish and never thinks of anything but himself. He is sarcastic to the point where almost every word that comes out of his mouth is sarcasm.


He has the ability to destroy anything he touches at will. This ability, however, has a time stamp, as he has to wait for twenty minutes before doing so again. After being purified, he had the ability to create force fields.


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