Nikaido Yuya
Nikaidou Yūya
Personal Information
Hair ColorDark green
Eye Colorgreen
Anime Information
SeasonSummer Melodies PreCure
First AppearanceSMPC Episode 22

Nikaido Yuya (二階堂雄也 Nikaidou Yūya) is a minor character in Summer Melodies Pretty Cure. He is one of Musubi's childhood friends.


He appears as very easy-going and lazy from an outside perspective but is actually very passionate about the things (and people) he cares about. He is actually a quite organized individual and likes cleaning. He has a talent for acting and likes doing it together with his father (who got him into it), and also likes to confuse people with it since they can't find out what his 'real personality' is. Is frequently seen together with Kokona, a friend of his, usually while messing with people (a hobby of theirs) or just having fun on their own.


Yuya has short dark green hair, green eyes and wears glasses. He is almost never seen without something to drink. (TBA)



Yuya (雄也) - (-depends on spelling-)

Nikaido (二階堂) - composed from nikai (二階) which means 2nd floor​ and dou (堂) which can either mean temple, shrine or majestic


Musubi, Kokona, Kaito, Yusuke - They are childhood friends and still want to form an unit, but they haven't seen each other in about ten years, with the exception of Kokona, who goes to school with him.


  • Pretty much blind without his glasses
  • Wants to get his driver's licence (for cars) as soon as possible, but actually has one for motorcycles
  • Has to be kept from breaking his glasses when he is angry or too fired up
  • (Secretly) works part-time in an office
  • Likes rolling around in his bed (which he has to 'clean' afterwards because he can't stand seeing it messy)
  • Gets cold easily but loves cold drinks
  • His name is similar to Kaidou Yuya, a character from Happiness Charge PreCure!, although that is only the name itself and not the spelling (in japanese)


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