Niji mikushi (虹未来市 Niji mikushi) is the hometown and main town of the main characters in Majestic Pretty Cure! series. This is home of all main cures and their classmates. This is also the town that main characters from High Sky Kingdom live temporarily. The name itself translated into "Rainbow Future City" which also somehow connected to the main theme of the series.


This town used to be a peaceful town until the destruction of High Sky Kingdom. Although had different effect, this town is targeted by Diabolos and her minions.


Main Characters

  • Hanano Sakura
  • Yukimura Aisu & Tsubasa (temporarily)
  • Soyokaze Akino
  • Azayaka Himeji
  • Tsukigawa Luna & Yoru (temporarily)

Minor Characters

  • Otosaka Yuuji
  • Classmates (Aoyama, Ayane, Kurumi, Mako, Shouta, Ken)


Sakura's Family

  • Hanano Haru (father)
  • Hanano Yuri (mother)

Akino's Family

  • Soyokaze Ryou (father)
  • Soyokaze Ichigo (mother)
  • Soyokaze Shouko (younger sister)
  • Soyokaze Kou (younger brother)
  • Soyokaze Sayuri (younger sister)
  • Soyokaze Kenta (younger brother)
  • Soyokaze Kiro (younger brother)

Himeji's Family

  • Azayaka Carol (mother)
  • Azayaka Minori (older sister)


  • Other Classmates from school
  • Shop owners


Sakura's House

Hanano Sakura and her family's home. her house is located the furthest among other main characters and she need to take a bus to school.

Akino's House

Soyokaze Akino and her family's home. Her house style is still a little bit japanese traditional styled and the closest to the school. Behind her house has a small narrow alley which right across it is the back door to Marmalade Cafe.

Himeji's House

Azayaka Himeji and her family's home. Her house is much closer to Sakura's House although in different blocks. Her house is very big (like a castle, Sakura said).

Aisu's / Luna's House

Aisu and Luna, along with their twin brothers, Tsubasa and Yoru, live in the same house. At first this is only 'Yukimura House' until Episode 26. Their house is in the middle of Akino and Himeji's house and very close to Royale Dome.

Avenir Academy

The school the main characters enroll. This has elementary school division, middle school division and high school division.

Marmalade Cafe

A Cafe owned by Akino's family and built directly across a narrow alley from their home.

Royale Dome

A dome where Aisu and Tsubasa performs. Located near their house.


  • The order of the main character's house by distance from school from the furthest is Sakura's, Himeji's, Aisu and Luna, then Akino.


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