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Rainbow bird by happydanger-d342ow2
Personal Information
Hair ColorRainbow
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceColorful World
Anime Information
SeasonShimmer Sensation Pretty Cure!
Prism Power Pretty Cure!
Prism Power Pretty Cure! Colorful Harmony
First AppearanceShSnPC23
SeiyuuKaji Yuki (Shimmer Sensation Pretty Cure!)

Niji-Iro  (虹ー色 Niji-Iro) is one of the main mascots in Shimmer Sensation Pretty Cure!, Prism Power Pretty Cure!, and later in Prism Power Pretty Cure! Colorful Harmony. He is the main mascot which it was created by Ahim de Famille. He is the main inhabitant of the Colorful World. He was formerly Cure Arc-En-Ciel's partner.

General Information


Niji-Iro is a dangerous eagle with a heart-shaped rainbow jewel at his choker. He has blue eyes. He has wavy short, rainbow hair. His feathers are white and colorful.

In PuriPawa, as he appears in episode 4, granted to becoming a human forever, he has short, wavy blue hair with a yellow tinge and his eyes were blue. He always wears white long sleeves with rainbow-sequin sleeveless polo, khaki pants, and white leather shoes.


Niji-Iro seems mysterious and the most powerful mascot. He can collect the Magic Gems and later by Prism Gems. He is seems likes to train the lead Cures (Mojiretsu KorigashiAmaino Yume, and later, Hidama Akari) to save the Colorful World. He can struggle the enemies and the Shadow Empire to getting ressurected.



His name means to be "rainbow-colored" or "rainbow over color" because Niji (虹) means rainbow and Iro (色) means color.


Niji-Iro can fly and teleport about the past of the Colorful World. He can use a shield to protect.


  • He is the only mascot who appears from more than two seasons.
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